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When Sungwoo commanded with an angry face, Sukyung ran into the room hurriedly.

But when she closed the door behind her, she felt safe enough to reconsider her situation.


Sukyung had to admit that Sungwoo was right.

If he knew what her body looked like, it would make it easier for him to recommend the right kind of clothes to her.

But to stand in front of him in a bikini


No, never!


She didn’t think she could do it, especially since this man must’ve been used to seeing beautiful bodies of models…


“If you want to look gorgeous in front of your brother, you better hurry up and change.

If not, I’m happy to let you go.

We can pretend that this never happened.”


When Sukyung heard Sungwoo’s threat, she gasped.

His voice sounded so close.

Was he standing right outside the door


She hated to admit it, but Sungwoo was right.

She needed to think about Jaewon.

If she could look beautiful to him, then… she certainly could wear a bikini.

After all, everyone wore bikinis nowadays, right In fact, it was in style now.

Wearing a one-piece was so yesterday.

This wasn’t the beach, but who cares If this was going to help her look better in front of Jaewon, then she was perfectly willing to do it.


Biting her lip, Sukying picked up the bikini nearest to her and placed it on top of her.

It looked like it would fit her, but it looked a little too revealing.

She looked through a few others, but they all looked the same.

In the end, Sukyung picked a simple black piece rather than the flowery one. 


After she changed, Sukyung looked down at herself.

Muffin top belly and chubby thighs… There was nowhere to hide.

They were out in the open, making her sigh deeply.

But… it couldn’t be helped.

If this is what Sungwoo wanted to see, then he was going to get what he wanted.


Her hands shook as she reached for the doorknob.

She opened the door and peeked out.

Sungwoo seemed to be drawing something on his sketchbook.

She quietly walked out and covered her chest area with her arms by crossing them.

Without even breathing, she watched him.


Sungwoo glanced up at her and frowned again.


“Put your arms down.”


After a long hesitation, Sukyung did as he ordered.

She felt too exposed.

How could anyone make a bikini so small Both the top and the bottom piece were not big enough to cover her body.

Her belly looked even bigger than usual because of the tight band.


Sungwoo stood up suddenly, making her jump.

She almost ran back into the room because she was so anxious.


“I told you to be still.”


Sungwoo walked up to her slowly.

Sukyung glanced at him nervously and slouched her shoulders.

His face remained blank as if he was looking at an item at a department store.

He looked at her up and down as he circled her.

The room was very warm, but Sukyung began to tremble.


Sungwoo was looking at her so closely that his hair grazed her arm gently.

When she shivered and slouched further, Sungwoo grabbed her shoulders from behind.

Sukyung gasped in shock.


“Straighten your shoulders.

I can’t see your body clearly if you’re slouching like that.”

“B…but you already saw everything.

Y…you need to see more”


It felt like her heart was about to jump out from her chest.

Her voice didn’t sound like her own because it trembled so much.

Instead of answering her, Sungwoo continued to circle her.

When he stood behind her, Sukyung breathed in and out deeply.

For some reason, she was beginning to feel calmer. 


Was she secretly worried that he was going to jump her if she was in a bikini She almost laughed at herself for thinking such a ridiculous thought.

Why would a hot man want someone like her when he was surrounded by so many beautiful models 


“Stay still.”


His hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled it back.

Sukyung turned her face to look at him in shock.


“W…what are you doing”


Feeling something binding her wrist, Sukyung’s eyes widened.

She pulled her arm, but he was too strong.

After he tied her wrists together, Sungwoo quickly covered her eyes with a piece of black fabric.

Sukyung screamed, 


“What do you think you’re doing Why are you doing this Let me go! Untie me! Don’t do this!”

“Stop yelling.

Gosh, you’re so loud.

If you try to run, I’m going to tie your ankles too.”


His voice sounded so threatening.

Her whole body began to shake.

She knew this was a mistake.

She just knew! What an idiot she was! She should’ve asked Jaewon if this was a good idea. 


Sukyung realized that the “image consulting agency” must’ve been a front for human trafficking operation.

He was going to sell her as a sex slave somewhere.

Or maybe as a work slave at a farm or something.

Sukyung’s eyes began to fill with tears. 


Why did her life suck so much She lost her mother at the age of 13.

When she finally got a stepmother, both her father and her stepmother passed away three years after they got married.

Jaewon was now the only person she had in this world, but even he didn’t want her. 


And now, she was about to become a victim of human trafficking. 


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