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Sukyung blinked and looked up at him.

Sungwoo touched her face and examined her skin.

He rubbed her cheeks with his thumbs, making her blush.

Vaguely, she could hear some women nearby chatting.


“Now, please change into this and put your clothes in this basket.

The changing room is inside, so when you’re done, please come back out here.”


The young girl asked,


“How long will this take Will I get the full bodywork”

“President Jin will tell us what to do.

Please go change first.”


Sungwoo’s fingers passed her cheekbones and caressed her forehead.

He pushed her stray hair back and gazed down at her for a long time.

Looking up at him upside down, Sukyung remembered their kiss again.

Her face was becoming even redder, but he refused to take her hands off her face.

All he did was stare down at her.


Sukyung whispered,


“Umm… Please stop touching my face.”


Sungwoo ignored her, acting like he didn’t hear her.

He continued to caress her forehead a few times before tracing her eyebrows.

Sukyung’s face, stomach, limbs, and the rest of the body felt itchy for some reason.


Sungwoo quietly murmured,


“You have pretty good skin.”


He sounded a little surprised.

It wasn’t exactly a compliment, but Sukyung felt herself blush even more.

Her heart underneath the blanket pounded loudly as if it was going to jump out.

Sungwoo rubbed her red cheeks as if he found them amusing before turning toward the female employee who walked up to them.

He ordered,


“There isn’t that much to do here.

Just do the basics.

Do some heavy moisturizing.

Do the slimming massage on her back, shoulders, and legs.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And with her over there…”


Sungwoo quickly walked away toward where the young girl was waiting.

The female employee followed him hurriedly while writing down his orders.

Meanwhile, another staff member walked up to Sukyung and placed a headband on her head.

She then began to apply something on Sukyung’s face.


The female employee ordered,


“Please keep your eyes closed and stay still.

The whole treatment today will take about two hours.”


Sukyung could hear the young girl and Sungwoo talking together.

It sounded like Sungwoo said something about her skin, and the young girl retorted in an upset voice.

Because they were too far away, Sukyung couldn’t hear their exact conversation. 


But she wasn’t interested in what they were talking about anyway.

All she could think about was what the employees were talking about earlier.

They were talking about why Sungwoo would date someone like Sukyung. 


This was what Sukyung was curious about as well.

Just why did Sungwoo kiss her Did he like to do that to every woman he meets He didn’t seem like the type who took physical contacts very seriously.

The problem was that he promised her no one would find out about their kiss.

But it seemed that everyone in this shop knew about it.

And if people here knew, there was no guarantee that the other shops nearby wouldn’t find out. 


Sukyung realized that she might have to talk to Sungwoo about this.

She will have to tell him that he needs to make sure his employees didn’t tell anyone about what they knew. 


But… what if it was already too late And if Sungwoo asked her why it mattered, what should she tell him That she was worried her brother might find out


Sukyung had no idea what she would tell him.

To be honest, she didn’t feel confident she would even be able to bring up this subject.

Sukyung couldn’t help feeling a little depressed.

She didn’t know why.

Was it because people knew about their kiss Or that the other women thought she wasn’t good enough for Sungwoo 


Sukyung knew very well that she didn’t suit Sungwoo.

But her appearance had improved a lot, so she was hoping other people might feel differently about her. 


So she didn’t suit Jaewon and she didn’t suit Sungwoo either.

Just what man did she suit then Someone who didn’t have any courage like her Someone who was just average and was afraid of the world


With a sigh, Sukyung tried to relax and let the woman work on her.

Getting a massage on her face and legs felt so relaxing, yet Sukyung couldn’t help continuing to feel unhappy. 


“Please don’t become tense.

You need to relax.

You can take a nap if you want.”


The way the woman massaged her legs was a little painful.

Sukyung’s tight muscles were being worked on.

She tried her best not to flinch, and soon, she fell asleep.

Sukyung felt herself being flipped a few times for her shoulder massage.

At the end, her legs were placed in some kind of a plastic bag.

The employee told her she’ll be back soon and left Sukyung alone. 


Near Sukyung, she heard the young girl shriek a few times, but the room became quiet soon.

She continued to nap for a while longer when suddenly, she woke up.

When Sukyung turned to her right, she saw that the young girl’s bed was placed right next to hers now.

When their eyes met, the girl groaned a little and sighed before asking,



Are you here to get ready to become an actress too”


Sukyung looked around to find that they were alone.

She asked in confusion,


“M…me Are you talking to me”




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