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Sungwoo added, 


“I’m sure you can figure this out on your own.

I’m not your therapist.”


Sukyung frowned and glanced at him before looking ahead at the road.

She grumbled, 


“So where are we going now”

“To a fashion show.”


“I said we’re going to watch a fashion show.

You should study how the models walk and learn from them.”


When Sungwoo explained, Sukyung’s eyes widened.

She murmured,


“But I’ve never been to a fashion show before.”

“That’s why I’m taking you to one.

How can you know how to walk if you’ve never even been to a fashion show And you should also study how other female guests dress and move.

Watch them smile and talk and try to mimic them.

You gotta learn how to use the skills you learned in real life.”


Sukyung tilted his head in confusion.

Was this really necessary She couldn’t imagine walking like models would be practical in real life.

But she knew Sungwoo would get angry if she asked this question.

So she remained quiet. 


Sungwoo drove his car to a neighborhood Sukyung wasn’t familiar with.

He turned a few times into various allies before stopping in front of a store with a completely black front.

The sign suggested this place was some kind of club.

Undoing her seat belt, Sukyung asked,


“Aren’t clubs for dancing”


Sungwoo looked at her with a deep frown and muttered,


“Nowadays, new brands often launch at a place like this.

Please, I’m begging you.

You gotta read some fashion magazines to keep up.

Get a subscription.

If you can’t afford one, go to a bookstore and read them there.”


In the past, before Jaewon went abroad, she got him a subscription to a fashion magazine.

But after he left, Sukyung felt like it was a waste of money just for her to read them.

When she went to bookstores from time to time, she looked through these magazines, but she only looked at the hairstyles and not the fashion section. 


Was she supposed to learn the new trends Did other people study the fashion world Did everyone else already know that fashion shows took place at clubs As she got out of Sungwoo’s car, she tried her best not to look too depressed.

Early that day, Jungim had taught her not to frown.

Even if she felt upset, she should remain a light smile on her face. 


It seemed that Sungwoo only went to places that had valet parking.

A young man drove away with Sungwoo’s car and Sukyung followed him inside.

When they walked down the stairs, she could hear the loud music from within. 


The pretty woman at the entrance bowed to Sungwoo as if she knew him very well.

She greeted,



Jin, welcome.

The show began just a moment ago.”

“This is my guest.

She will be with me.”


Sukyung looked around hesitantly before Sungwoo grabbed her arm and pulled her inside.

The woman looked at Sukyung with obvious curiosity. 


Inside, the place was filled with loud music.

It looked like the club was filled with shining stars.There were so many bright lights from the above that brightened the stage.

The stage floor was also lined with small light bulbs to help the models walk. 


In the middle of the stage, a tall slim male and a female model danced playfully before walking away.

Then, three male models suddenly walked out from the back. 


Sukyung watched in awe when Sungwoo pulled her arm again as he pushed away the crowd.

He went toward where the chairs were lined up, but Sukyung noticed that none of them were empty. 


Where was he trying to go He kept pushing away the people, and Sukyung wanted to tell him that she was fine watching while standing.

But she knew that he would get annoyed if she made this suggestion.

Sukyung decided to keep quiet and just follow him obediently. 


Then, she noticed that the very two front seats were empty.

Sungwoo ripped the numbers off from them and sat down.

The people around them glared at them, so Sukyung bowed apologetically before sitting down beside him. 


Several models passed by before very young male models appeared and began break dancing.

Then, two female models in hoodies ran out playfully.

Sungwoo leaned toward Sukyung and whispered, 


“That girl in the red shirt.

She’s from my shop.”


Sukyung tried to focus on the girl he pointed at, but all she could feel was Sungwoo’s lips so close to her ear.

Her eyes blurred a little as her whole body reacted to his warm breath.

The strange sensation deep inside her stomach from earlier returned.

Grasping her purse, Sukyung inhaled deeply.

She told herself to stop thinking about what happened at the shop earlier.

She needed to forget about what happened!


Sungwoo continued to explain,


“Watch how she walks.

When she first came to our shop, she had the strangest walk.”


Sungwoo put his hand on her shoulder, making her cringe.

His eyes narrowing, he asked,


“You just had a dirty thought, didn’t you”


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