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Sukyung wasn’t completely ignorant of what went on between a man and a woman.

After all, she was 28 years old.

She never had any personal experiences, but she had talked to her friends about things like this.

She had crushes on good looking actors on TV, and she also watched a few movies with erotic scenes too. 


So to feel this way… Her heart pounding so fast and her head spinning… Something had to be wrong.

So… So… She must’ve felt this way because she was afraid Jaewon might find out about this.

Yes, that must’ve been it.


“I was… I was just confused earlier… I didn’t expect you to do that… Yes, that’s it! That explains it!”


Sukyung protested desperately, but even she didn’t believe her own excuse.

She sounded like a meowing kitten, and Sungwoo gazed at her for a moment before giving her a crooked smile.

He murmured, 


“Alright! Then I’m going to do it again, so if you don’t want it, just say it right now.”

“Pardon W…what are you… Mr.



Sukyung tried to back away, but his hand held her chin tightly.

His other hand pulled her shoulder closer.

Sukyung flailed, trying to grab onto something, but the floor was too smooth and the chair was too far away. 


She tried to get away from him by pushing his shoulders away, but the warmth she felt on her palm only made her shiver. 


She couldn’t breathe.

She felt dizzy.

She couldn’t think.

She must’ve lost her mind. 


His lips touched hers again.

It was a gentle and light kiss, and it made her lips open in a surprised gasp.

Her heart pounded so loudly that she could hear it in her own ears. 


Sungwoo whispered,


“You aren’t saying you don’t want this.”


It took her a few seconds to understand his words.

And by the time she understood it, his lips were already devouring hers.

Sungwoo’s arms hugged her passionately like she was the greatest treasure.

Suddenly, the world spun around her and she felt herself on the floor. 


His thick body covered hers and his tongue invaded her mouth. 


Again, Sukyung couldn’t breathe.

Thai time, her body trembled and she tried to turn her face away, but Sungwoo refused to let her go.

His vicious tongue assaulted her without mercy.

The taste of him burned her.

It seared her mind and her whole body. 


When his lips finally left hers, all Sukyung could do was pant helplessly.

Sukyung felt like she could see a rainbow in front of her.

She felt hot, heavy, and dreamy. 


She couldn’t speak.

She wanted to say something, but… She wanted to stop him, but she just couldn’t.

Sukyung felt like her body wasn’t her own anymore.

She felt so weak that she couldn’t move. 


His wet tongue trailed her cheek.

The ticklish feeling made her cringe.

She turned her face away, but instead of forcing her to face him again, Sungwoo licked her earlobe and the skin around like a puppy.

The strange sensation spread from her ear to her face before it reached her breasts and stomach. 


For some reason, she felt an itchiness somewhere in her body, but it was the kind that she couldn’t scratch.

It was a strange sensation and it seemed to be coming from the deep center of her stomach.

She wanted it to be touched… But she didn’t know what to do.

Sukyung began to feel frustrated. 



Jin, s…stop.

Please stop.

Please stop.”


When Sungwoo bit her earlobe, Sukyung flinched and shivered.

A sudden spark was felt somewhere inside of her body.

It felt too strange… It felt too weird.

If this went any further, she was going to go crazy. 



Jin… Please!”


This time, she was almost sobbing.

She felt scared.

Sukyung was afraid that she might never be able to come back from this.

She almost wanted to run, yet her body refused to obey. 


To be honest, Sukyung didn’t know what she really wanted. 


“You really want me to stop”


Sukyung felt his light breath on her ear.

Her body trembled uncontrollably, but she couldn’t stop.

Her eyes closed tightly, she nodded. 


Sungwoo seemed to hesitate for a moment before finally leaving her body.

Sukyung took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She saw that Sungwoo was sitting up and looking down at her.

His knees were touching the waist as he looked down at her with a strange expression. 


The strange wet feeling remained on her face.

Her lips stung a little, and the itchy feeling deep inside of her refused to disappear.

When she tried to stand with a sigh, Sungwoo offered his hand.

He helped her up easily, but when her legs touched his thighs, Sukyung flinched and took a quick step back. 


Sungwoo raised his eyebrows.

Without a word, he took a step back himself and sat down on the floor.

Without meaning to, Sukyung’s eyes traveled down, and when she saw his erection, her eyes widened. 


She gasped and covered her mouth.

Realizing what shocked her, Sungwoo began laughing. 


“What You said you have a brother, so this couldn’t be your first time seeing it, huh”


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