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“A few kisses and touching will be fine.

You will still be a perfect virgin.

It’s not like your lips and body get worn from touching, right I mean, how many times do you think I’ve done it in my life And do I look worn”


When Sungwoo claimed convincingly, Sukyung had to admit that he was right.

It was impossible to tell how much sexual experience a person had just by looking at them.

Besides… the way he was caressing her butt felt too good.

His handsome face, his large and expert hands… She felt so comfortable with him at the moment that she almost forgot where they were. 


Suddenly realizing what was happening, Sukyung flinched and tried to move.

But Sungwoo grabbed her butt a little harder and whispered, 


“Just be still.

This will be good practice for you.”

“Are you sure this will make me look sexy It will really work”


Sukyung licked her dry lips and managed to ask.

Sungwoo turned a little so she could see the two of them in the full body-sized mirror. 


Sukyung’s head barely reached his chest while she only wore a bra and sheer panties.

And she was in the arms of a large fully-clothed man.

His big hands were covering her bottoms while half of her body was buried in his embrace. 


Sungwoo whispered, 


“Have a look for yourself.”


His hand slowly moved up along her waist.

Sukyung’s face, which was already red, was turning even redder, but she couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror.

Sungwoo’s hand moved higher until it reached the inside of her bra.

Right before her eyes, his fingers began to fondle her generous breast.

Sukyung inhaled deeply, but her eyes remained glued to the mirror. 


Sungwoo’s thumb circled around her hardened nipple teasingly.

Sukyung couldn’t even breathe as she watched, and when he pinched her nipple with his thumb and index finger, she shrieked.

Her eyes became blurry from confusion and excitement. 


Sungwoo insisted as he pressed his lips on her red cheek, 


“Keep watching.”


 Blinking a few times, Sukyung tried her best to focus.

Bright red lips, unfocused eyes, and messy hair… She found herself in an excitingly sexy pose she had only seen in movies.

She was helplessly leaning against this man while his hands fondled her bottoms and breasts.

Her bra became a little askew, revealing her plump breasts, and her legs looked much longer with the skimpy panties. 


She looked… sexy.

She really did. 


Unable to believe what she saw, Sukyung blinked a few more times.

But to her shock, the image in the mirror never changed.

She had never seen her looking this beautiful and enticing in her life.

Watching her in the mirror as well, Sungwoo leaned forward and whispered, 


“What would you like to do”




Taking a hot steamy bath, Sungwoo leaned back in his spacious bathtub and laughed quietly. 


Kim Sukyung was a dummy.

How could she be so innocent and naive at the age of 28 Most people gained necessary experiences when they reached a certain age.

So the fact that she seemed so oblivious had to mean she was an idiot. 


But this worked to his advantage.

He now had an amusing hobby.

She was going to be his new toy, and he knew he wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it.

Not that he ever felt guilty about a woman in over 10 years.


Sungwoo murmured, 


“This is a part of normal life.

She needs to know what it feels like to be betrayed by a man in order to grow up.”

What surprised and pleased him was how easily Sukyung was able to arouse him.

It had been a very long time since a woman could excite him this much from just touching for a few minutes.

No woman had caught his eyes in a while, so Sungwoo had been wondering if he was getting too old. 


Feeling pleased and a little aroused, Sungwoo caressed his erection slowly.

He remembered Sukyung from earlier, looking so delicious.

Her small plump body trembling in those sexy pink lingerie… Just thinking about her made him smile. 


Yes, she was going to be worth it.

Teasing her was going to be so much fun.

Teaching her the wisdom of life was going to be even more fun. 


Of course, it was obvious Sukyung had no idea what was about to come. 


Leaning back and closing his eyes, Sungwoo chuckled.

It was going to be a lot of work and effort, but he was going to enjoy every minute of it.




Perhaps it was stupid of her to quit her job.

But she had been working in this same company for the past seven years.

Every time she went to work, she was reminded of her old life when her life revolved around waiting for Jaewon. 


Quitting her job was an impulsive decision, but it wasn’t all bad.

Sukyung was a capable worker with extensive experience and amazing references, so she knew she would be alright.

In fact, there were a few times in the past when other companies offered her a job. 


And just as she expected, it didn’t take her long before she found a better job with an even better pay. 



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