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Chapter 1729

Satisfy allowed duplicate nicknames.

There were more than two billion players, so how could they handle it if they didnt allow it There wouldve been a lot of people who gave up and protested while making a nickname.

[Players other than the Only One God can no longer use the nameGrid.]


The city bustling with the non-stop chattering crowd became quiet in an instant.

The expressions of the people who closed their mouths were filled with shock.

Grid—this was currently the most famous name in the world.

There were many players who admired him and created characters with the same name and now they were hit.

It was easy to spot even in the crowd that gathered in Reinhardt right now.

They wouldnt be able to use this name in the future How were they going to handle this How to control it in the first place…



There was a series of screams among the puzzled people.

There were people who had turned pale.

Naturally, the names that appeared above their heads were all unusual.

Resident 405159.

Resident 117995.

Resident 680022.

Etc etc.

Those who used the nameGrid until just recently were forcibly stripped of their names at this moment…

“What is this Every time I go somewhere in the future, I will be called Resident 879246!”

“An extra…”

“N-No…! Ive just built up good feelings with Yanfei and all that I have left to do is propose! All I needed to do was save money to buy a diamond ring!! If I propose under the name Resident 595977, then I will surely be rejected!”

“Yanfei The young lady of the Invincible East Restaurant on Tsunami Street”

“Uh… Thats right How do you know her”

“She is famous for getting marriage proposals once a month.

They were pushovers who lost their fortune while giving gifts to Yanfei… Hmm, I heard that there are more than one or two such beginners.

I didnt expect to see one in real life.”

“Dont talk nonsense! What grudges do you have against her”

“Im not insulting Yanfei.

Im laughing at you.

Have you ever held hands with Yanfei while building up good feelings with her”

“Uh… Uhh”

“Your name goes well with your behavior.”

There was an uproar.

Chaotic incidents broke out here and there, making Jude and the security forces busy.

“Captain! Captain, dont go forward!”

Even at this busy time, some of the security forces grabbed Jude and stopped him.

They couldnt kill a chicken with a knife that killed a cow.

They were worried that Jude would be unable to control his power and he would injure more people than necessary.

It was poor Jude who had to pay reparations every time…


Before the security forces could calm Jude down, the commotion suddenly subsided.

No one in particular stepped up, but the people who were in an uproar quieted down by themselves.

Their dissatisfaction had been resolved to some extent.

[AName Change Ticket will be given.]

[Name Change Ticket]

[Change your name to a desired name after using it.

Not all names are available.

* Cant be traded.]

In online names, name change items were a relatively common item.

It was usually sold for a fee along with skins and this greatly helped the profit of game companies.

However, Satisfy had been reluctant to sell paid items using the excuse of lower immersion.

Despite numerous requests, the release of the right to change the nickname had never been mentioned.

It was an attitude that drove the shareholders crazy.

The shareholders fiercely criticized the S.A Groups attitude of turning away from products that were obvious cash cows as useless stubbornness.

The S.A Group, which remained motionless despite this, finally moved today.

They offered the right to change the nickname without warning.

It was distributed free of charge to only some people, but this was still good news.

They seemed to be saying that they were ready to release it as a paid product at any time.

In fact, the stock price of the S.A Group rose in real time.

There was someone else who was even happier than the shareholders.

It was none other than Dungeon Master Eat Spicy Jokbal.

‘My name… I can change it!

Please, I hope it will be distributed to the general public as soon as possible…

Eat Spicy Jokbal watched enviously as the players started to use the Name Change Ticket to get new names.

“Phew…” Meanwhile, Grid was relieved.

He was worried that he would be criticized for unexpectedly controlling peoples names, but unexpectedly, the atmosphere calmed down quickly.

In the meantime, there were also those who wanted to keep the nameResident 000000, so it caused a new uproar… of course, this wasnt a matter for Grid to care about.

[The Only One God belongs to the category of an Absolute.]

[You will create theRealm of the Absolute during battle.]

[Realm of the Absolute]

[Unconditionally move faster compared to targets with a lower hierarchy than you.

There is a high probability of neutralizing the attacks of targets with a lower hierarchy than you.

Easily hit targets with a lower hierarchy than you.

However, the effect will weaken as time passes.]

[The concept of constraining an Absolute is difficult to exist.]

[There is no limit on your resources, except for health.]

[The special resource,Fighting Energy, is always maintained at the maximum.]

[The will of the Absolute becomes the law of the world.]

[Your actions are skills.]

[The Absolutes common power,Designate Skill, is created.]

[Designate Skill]

[You can designate specific actions as skills and save them.

It means you can reproduce your best moments whenever you want.

* There is no limit on the number of times it can be used.]

[The Sanctuary of Metal has evolved into its ultimate form.

The canyon of metal you build will useGreed as its material.]

[A new power,Harmless, will be created based on your item,Greed.]


[The more deadly an attack, the more harmless it is to you.

In the event that your body has a defect,Greed will immediately replace that missing body part.

However, it wont restore the health lost in the process of the body being damaged.]

[A new power,Offset, will be created based on your skill,Overgeared Gods Observation.]


[It is a waste to feel overconfident in items against you.

You will naturally reveal the performance and hidden features of the items your target is wearing.

If the analyzed item has special effects such as skills, the corresponding destruction method is automatically used and it is neutralized.]

Grid was filled with admiration.

It was because the rewards of becoming an Only One God were enormous.

It even felt like he was wearing a cheat key.

‘I was satisfied just becoming an Absolute, but now that I am getting these rewards…

In the future, resource management would no longer be necessary.

Mana and sword energy could be used indefinitely and fighting energy, which had a great impact on combat power, was always kept at the maximum.

Skills could be created an unlimited number of times and the Sanctuary of Metal had evolved to its ultimate form.

Additionally, there were other powers with high usage.

If he got seriously hurt, then he wouldnt have to order the God Hands to help him.

It also blocked situations where the enemys items could generate variables.

It was correct to say that the Grid of a few hours ago was on a different level from the current Grid.

Grid had always been growing at a tremendous rate, but today, it was at a staggering rate.

‘…Only One God.

It sounds really good.

Of course, an Only One God wasnt superior to a God of the Beginning.

The reason why the Gods of the Beginning werent classified as an Only One God was because there were three of them.

On the other hand, an Only One God meant there was no other god of the same kind.

The hierarchy of an Only One God and a God of the Beginning both belonged to an Absolute.

However, the sense of being an Only One God was a bit more special.

Martial God Chiyou—it felt like he was recognized as the same as a being who was treated as an outsider even among the gods.

‘Of course, I am still a long way from being on the same level.

Even within transcendents, the hierarchy was divided.

Naturally, it meant hierarchies were divided even among Absolutes.

It was hard to imagine that Hayate was on the same level as the heavenly gods.

‘Maybe this is the limit of my growth.

Just the fact that a player was on a similar eye level to the heavenly gods was amazing.

Grid had no intention of trying to beat the Gods of the Beginning or Chiyou after growing to this point.

It was realistic to judge that it was impossible.

Now it was time to trust his colleagues and wait.

He hoped that the apostles and Overgeared members would grow up and stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

At that time, there would be nothing to fear.

It happened as Grid was thinking…

[Damian, the leader of the Overgeared God Church, has called himselfPope.]

[No one can resist.]

[The Rebecca Church has taken the position that this is right considering that the hierarchy of Only One God Grid is at least equal to Goddess Rebecca.]


Unlike Grid, people who didnt know the truth were misled by the nameOnly One God. Only One God sounded so special that many people expressed their opinion that it was higher than a God of the Beginning.

Thanks to this, the position of Pope was given to the Overgeared God Church, not the Rebecca Church.

It was also caused by the fact that the elders who currently ran the Rebecca Church were pro Grid figures.

‘Are you still sitting on the sidelines even though it has reached this point

Grid looked up at the sky, which was extremely quiet.

He recalled the warm voice of Goddess Rebecca that he heard a long time ago.

The Goddess was silent again today.

Her blessing within Grid was still present and well.


“Um Are you telling me to repair it now”

Ke ong listened carefully.

He looked suspicious yet expectant.

The reaction of the craftsmen who followed him were similar.

Lauel nodded in response.

“Yes, this is an order issued by His Majesty himself.”


The stage in the shape of a coffin—it was a pity that Zeratuls body couldnt be recovered, but this huge stage, created by Ke ong in collaboration with the craftsmen, did its job.

As if mocking Zeratul to its hearts content, it retained its shape until the end of the holy war.

It was assisted by magic and the barriers, but it withstood the terrible shock waves generated by the monstrous powers using its scientific design.

Was it recognized for its quality Orders were issued to repair the already used stage, not to demolish it.

“Did His Majesty designate this stage as a national treasure and vow to preserve it forever He is indeed a great god with a discerning eye.

However, the square will be too cramped if this huge stage is kept…”

“The city will naturally clean it up.”

“…No, if you are going to clean it up anyway, why repair it instead of demolishing it”

Lauel explained to Ke ong, who had a good expression.

“His Majesty said he would use it as the base of the flying ship.”


“He is especially pleased that it represents Zeratuls coffin.

It is natural for it to be designated as a national treasure and to be reborn as a divine object.

The Radwolf brothers said they are visiting in four days, so I would like the repairs to be finished by then.

Is it possible”

“Of course! You brats! Dont think about sleeping from today!”


Ke and the craftsmen screamed.

Their work would become a divine object.

It was also reborn as the divine object of an Only One God.

It wasnt enough to just consider it a family honor.

‘The level of Ke ong could go up significantly.

Lauel expected new growth from Ke ong.

Ke was a great existence who became a legendary architect by making Grids furnace earlier.

If there was an opportunity, then he was highly likely to grow further.

It was the same for the other craftsmen.

Their potential was now limitless after becoming named NPCs due to Grid.

However, there was another reason why Lauel was smiling now.

There was a possibility that Grids flying ship, which was originally scheduled to have a name likeOvergeared Battleship, would instead have a symbolic name.

It was a flying ship based on the stage that smashed Zeratuls myth.

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