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“Theyre really ruthless.

They actually sent five high-level cultivators all at once! This is really outrageous.”

Ye Xiao could not help but spit, while the universe will sighed and said,

“Just now, I was doing my best to help you advance, so I didnt have the spare energy to resist the other party.

In the end, I didnt expect to let them take advantage of the situation.

However, even if I didnt help you advance, Im afraid I wouldnt be able to resist them.

“Too much of my origin law energy has been taken away by them.

Its long been incomplete.

Naturally, its also impossible for me to resist an old Celestial Sovereign.”

Ye Xiao consoled him,

“Senior, you dont need to worry.

With me around, I wont let them continue to be arrogant.”

The universe will nodded.

“Ill leave everything else to you.

You can use all the energy in this universe.

Although my energy has been reduced a little, I can still give you some help.

“As long as its a battle in this universe, you can absorb my power very quickly and conveniently.

As for the enemy, its difficult to absorb.

“This can also be considered as indirectly helping you raise your combat strength.”

Ye Xiao cupped his hands and said,

“Thank you, Senior.

In addition, Ive just advanced to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

There will definitely be many people in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect who will receive this gift and continue to advance.

“When the time comes, I hope that Senior can show mercy and give me some face.

Dont let too many of them die.”

The main reason why Ye Xiao was able to smoothly pass every advancement was that he had the Golden Book divine soul on him.

However, the others were not like him.

When they transcended the tribulation, it was very likely that they would truly die.

Of course, their primordial souls might not be destroyed, but their cultivation would definitely not go up.

They would have to be reincarnated and cultivate their entire lives again.

If that was the case, who knew how long it would take

Ye Xiaos heart ached for his clansmen.

He would definitely not be willing to let them suffer so much.

The universe will smiled.

“Dont worry.

If its someone elses descendant, I might not take care of them too much.

But your descendant, I will definitely give you more face.

“Lets not talk about anything else, just say that you want to help me get back those origin laws, I will also help you.”

“Then thank you very much, Senior.”

After saying that, he instantly disappeared from where he was and headed straight toward the few Sacred Sovereigns that had transmigrated over.

At the boundary of the universe, the space-time barrier separating the two universes was torn apart, and a few extremely terrifying auras slowly stepped into their universe.

They looked at the scene in front of them with slight displeasure in their eyes.

“This broken universe is far too different from our universe.

In the end, our people were actually killed by others here.

Its simply too embarrassing.”

“This universe simply can not produce an overly powerful existence.

If Im not wrong, the other party might have already been injured in the previous battle.

“Now that the five of us have come together to fight him, the chances of him surviving are extremely slim.”

“Thats right.

Lets hurry up and find that brat.

Dont waste too much time.

The Lord is still waiting for us.”

After saying that, before they could move, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

That figures appearance was too sudden, so much so that they could not even react in time.

By the time they reacted, they could not help but narrow their eyes.

That was because they were very clear about how strong they were.

If they could come over silently in front of them, the other partys strength could not be underestimated either.

“What a good technique.

There shouldnt be many existences in this universe that can reach your level of cultivation.

Could it be that youre that Ye Xiao”

Ye Xiao glanced at the few of them indifferently and said,

“Looks like your master is determined to take me down this time.

Sending out so many people at once is quite interesting.

“However, its a pity that your standards are really too inferior.

With just you people, its really not enough.”

That blatant mockery caused the expressions of the five peak Sacred Sovereigns to instantly change.

“Dont you think that youre a little too impudent”

“Youre taking yourself too seriously just because you have a little bit of cultivation.

There are five of us here.

Even if you can kill enemies of a higher level, its difficult to fight all of us.

With so many people, its impossible for you to defeat us.”

Ye Xiao placed his hands behind his back, not panicking at all.

“Ive said too much to all of you.

Its a bit of a waste of breath.

With the cultivation of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, its indeed somewhat difficult to defeat all of you.

Fortunately, Im not using the cultivation of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures to fight all of you.”

“Then you are…”

A puzzled expression surfaced on the brows of the few people on the other side.

However, before they had the time to ask, Ye Xiao had already slowly released his aura in the next second.

He was a Celestial Sovereign, and his cultivation had already far surpassed the other party.

If he did not wish to expose his aura, the other party would not be able to sense his aura no matter what.

After sensing his aura, the expressions of those people instantly changed drastically.

“This aura! How can it be so strong Its actually so much stronger than us.”

“Were all at the same level of cultivation, how can you be so much stronger than us”

“No! Somethings wrong! Hes not a Sacred Sovereign! This isnt an aura that a Sacred Sovereign can have.

I can feel that this aura is somewhat similar to the aura of the Lord of Heaven.

“Hes a Celestial Sovereign!

“He has successfully advanced to the Celestial Sovereign realm.”

“What! This is impossible, this is simply impossible! How could he possibly become a Celestial Sovereign We have clearly absorbed so many World Creation fragments in this world and lost a large amount of origin law energy.

We simply dont have the qualifications to let you successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

“How on Earth did you do it”

Ye Xiaos aura had already begun to slowly press toward them.

“Im sorry, the origin law energy of this world is indeed insufficient, but those archaic Sacred Sovereigns who were bewitched by you havent had the time to hand over the World Creation fragment in their hands.

“Adding that point, its just enough for me to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

“However, I rather admire the few of you.

Its already at this time, yet you still have the mood to think about how I was able to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm.”

When he said that, the few of them finally remembered that it was not the time to think about that.

Instead, they should hurry up and escape.

Ye Xiao had already advanced to the Celestial Sovereign realm.

In addition to the fact that he could fight slightly above his level, even if their numbers were increased by more than ten times, it would still not be enough to suppress Ye Xiao.

They had to escape!

However, when they wanted to escape, they only realized an even more desperate reality.

Ye Xiao had long since seeped his aura into every corner of the surroundings.

Right then, that area was completely under his control.

In that area, even Sacred Sovereigns like them had no way of escaping.

That kind of despair simply made them feel a deep suffocation!

“D*mn it!”

“Fight it out with him! Ill use self-explosion to open up his domain.

You guys take the opportunity to escape.

You must tell the Lord about the situation here.

“Only if the Lord of Heaven makes a move will it be possible to suppress him.

“Otherwise, if we let him continue to develop, our universe will definitely be attacked by him for revenge in the future.”

As he spoke, one of the Sacred Sovereigns disregarded everything else and directly detonated his own body.

The power of the Sacred Sovereigns self-explosion was already unimaginable.

It could even destroy half of the universe.

However, the price it had to pay was also huge.

What it brought was the other partys physical body falling and his primordial soul severely injured.

They did not know if he would recover in the future.

For a moment, the other Sacred Sovereign could not help but be moved to the extreme.

“We admire Brother Langs righteousness.”

“Brother Lang, have a good journey.

If I meet you again in the future, I will definitely treat you well and do my best to help you become a Sacred Sovereign again!”

While they were moved, that Sacred Sovereign completely self-destructed, and the light from the explosion rapidly expanded.

However, they did not notice that Ye Xiaos expression was very calm from the beginning to the end as he watched him self-destruct.

He had no intention of stopping him at all.

He did not even lift his finger or blink his eyes.

Very soon, when the light expanded to a certain extent, it suddenly stopped expanding.

It was as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Very soon, it began to shrink.

That was right, it began to shrink.

It was as if it was forcefully grabbed by an unknown force and then contracted rapidly.

In the end, it actually returned back into the body of that Sacred Sovereign.

That Sacred Sovereign was dumbfounded, and the other Sacred Sovereigns were also dumbfounded.

They never thought that such a thing would actually happen.

The existence of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures failed to self-detonate in front of Ye Xiao, and it was even forcefully suppressed by him.

He had only just advanced to that realm, and he was already so powerful

He should not even have consolidated his realm, right

How did he do it

In fact, Ye Xiao himself could fight above his level.

Although he might not be able to surpass a Celestial Sovereign after reaching the Celestial Sovereign realm, he could at least surpass his level a little.

It should not be a problem for him to fight a slightly older Celestial Sovereign.

Moreover, the universe was already willing to be used by Ye Xiao.

Therefore, in that universe, Ye Xiaos strength would be enhanced.

Based on those two points, the true combat strength that he could unleash had already easily surpassed an existence that had just stepped into the Celestial Sovereign realm.

Hence, he could unleash such powerful strength and easily suppress the other party.

The few Sacred Sovereigns expressions of despair had just appeared when Ye Xiao grabbed at the void with his large hand.

At that time, the violent strength formed a long dragon in the air and directly grabbed them by the waist, locking them within.

They were like a group of chicks that had just broken through their shells and had no power to resist at all.

“Since youre already here, then help me cultivate!”


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