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“Thank you, Sir!”

The rogue cultivators were both in awe and gratitude.

They knelt on the ground in unison and bowed to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

He turned around and rushed into the Dragon Snake Sects back mountain.

It had to be said that Wang Liu, the Gold Practitioner of the Jianghu faction, was quite clever.

He hid inside the snow in the depths of the back mountain.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

Lin Qiye followed his instincts and found Wang Lius hiding place.


His saber flashed and melted the snow, exposing Wang Liu.

At this moment, Wang Liu turned pale with fright.

He looked at Lin Qiye with trembling eyes like a frightened mouse.

“Wang Liu, is it Long time no see.

Do you recognize me”

Lin Qiyes indifferent voice resounded in Wang Lius ears.

Wang Liu shuddered.

His heart was filled with extreme despair.

“You are Lin Qiye That newbie with s-grade talent

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“How could it be you Arent you a Silver Practitioner Why… Why would you be in a Golden Spacetime

“Impossible! Even if you have an s-grade talent, its impossible for you to become a Gold Practitioner in just two days!”

Wang Lius face was filled with shock.


It was impossible for someone to become a Gold Practitioner in two days!

Even the most talented geniuses in the capital would need to simulate for one to two years before they could officially become a Gold Practitioner.

Was Lin Qiye not afraid that becoming a Gold Practitioner in two days would cause him to be inexperienced, unstable, and not have a good foundation

Was he not afraid of being killed by other Gold Practitioners

However, just as this thought arose in his mind, Wang Liu was stuck.

Inexperienced, unstable, and do not have a good foundation

Does Lin Qiye look like that


Lin Qiye was a monster.

He had lit up the Four Gates of Heaven at the age of seven!

He could even slaughter a sect that had a half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator guarding it.

Who could match his growth rate

Wang Liu was desperate.

He couldnt escape.

He couldnt even commit suicide.

He could only watch as Lin Qiye closed in on him step by step.


As Lin Qiyes hand raised and fell, Wang Liu died.

His head and body rolled in different directions.

At the moment when his head fell to the ground, the long-awaited clear and melodious notification rang in Lin Qiyes mind.

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have killed the Gold Practitioner Wang Liu!]

[You have seized all of his possessions and his movement points.

(The spoils of war this time can be taken away independently as long as you return.

They will not be affected by the score.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized the Gold Practitioner Wang Lius Life Lantern Gem energy! The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased by a small grade!]

[When you cultivate in the main world, you can use your movement points to smoothly break through to the Second Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized 175,000 movement points (You have a total of 815,000 movement points after obtaining it.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a gold-tier cultivation technique – Long River Art (Sufficient to cultivate to the Second Level of Nascent Soul Realm.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a silver-tier Physique Card – Holy Ape Body (Sustained minor damage three times.

It could still manage seven more times of damage.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a silver-tier weapon – Ghost Fang Saber.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a gold-tier martial arts technique – Immovable Mountain (Defensive martial arts.

After cultivating this technique to the Expert level, an immovable mountain will appear to guard you in all directions.]

[It can block the attack of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, but this technique conflicts with other defensive martial arts and cannot be used in combination.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a low-level Malicious Artifact Fragment (If you sacrifice 10 years of lifespan and a Magic Artifact, you can provoke a Practitioner of the same level below Gold grade and drag them to fight in the same spacetime.)]

[The other party can refuse, but the difficulty of their next simulation will increase by a disaster event.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have obtained a silver-tier Wisdom Card -Martial Arts Prodigy (Sustained minor damage four times.

It could still manage six more times of damage.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have obtained a silver-tier martial arts technique – Ethereal Footwork (When perfected, your movement will be like the mist and rain.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have obtained fifty Formation Stones (One of the necessary materials to construct a Formation.)]


[Battle notification: a Gold Practitioner has been killed by another Gold Practitioner!]

A series of clear and melodious notifications rang out.

Every word was like a beautiful musical note.

Every reward made Lin Qiyes soul feel comfortable and refreshed.

“Although there are only two gold-tier treasures, the total wealth is more than four million movement points!”

How awesome was that

Lin Qiye was speechless.

The spoils of war!

4 million points!

It was too profitable and addictive!

Lin Qiye was secretly delighted, and he did not hide the smile in his eyes.

“I got the loot worth 4 million.

More importantly, I need to get the Golden Dragon of Fortunes second body part.”

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye didnt hesitate as he rushed toward the Dragon Snake Sects back mountain and fell into the abyss, saving the second body part.

It was the dragons neck.

The merging of the two body parts increased the Golden Dragon of Fortunes fate by more than 10%.

At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body started to boil and become more excited.

The excitement and joy made Lin Qiye feel relaxed and refreshed.

“The effect of the Golden Dragon of Fortune is amazing! Let me go to the Asura Hall and get the third part.”

Lin Qiye wanted to go straight to the Asura Hall.

However, all of a sudden, a strange intuition appeared in his heart.

“Did I forget something important”

Lin Qiye hovered in the air.

His cold facial features revealed a thoughtful expression.

“I must have forgotten something important.

Let me think!”


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