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“I will remove all six of the Qin Dynastys malignant tumors, so I dont have to worry about them backstabbing us anymore.

“Then, Ill find a batch of research geniuses and train them well.

In a few years, well be able to mass-produce Death Warrior Reagents!

“Ill then light up the Six Gates of Heaven! When that time comes… Wolf Lord Son of Heaven Wolf Tribe Motherf *cker! Ill lead my army to behead them and build my capital!”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

Without any hesitation, he flapped his wings as fast as lightning and rushed towards the Dragon Snake Sect.

He had three goals for this trip.

One, to destroy the Dragon Snake Sect and save the tormented civilians!

Second, kill the Gold Practitioner of the Jianghu faction and take the spoils of war!

Third, obtain the Golden Dragon of Fortunes second body part!

Lin Qiye, who had clear goals, was full of fighting spirit.

He flew at lightning speed for an entire day.

The next day, Lin Qiyes condition was restored.


In front of the Dragon Snake Sects stone gate, Lin Qiyes tall figure stood quietly.

His cold gaze sized up the Dragon Snake Sect.

The mountain range around the sect was shaped like a coiling dragon.

The dragon spine coiled three times inside and outside.

The towering dragon spine pierced into the clouds, and one couldnt see the top.

Lin Qiye could only see that the back of the mountain ridge was covered in a thick layer of snow, which was several thousand meters thick.

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It looked as if a white dragon was petrified in this place.

Every coiled dragon spine was a layer of natural hazard.

It would be extremely difficult if outsiders want to cross the natural hazard into the inside area.

They could only use the Dragon Snake Sects entrance.

Correspondingly, it is not easy for the cultivators in the sect to escape over the almost vertical and steep mountain range, as high as 20,000 meters.

Seeing this so-called natural hazard, Lin Qiye can not help but laugh, and his eyes twinkled.

He was amused.

He could not help but be speechless.

“This Dragon Snake Sect is simply a perfect place for me to trap my enemies and butcher them!”

“Theyre digging their own grave.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye twirled the hilt of his saber.

With a flap of his lightning-like wings, he turned into an afterimage difficult to catch with the naked eye.

From the Dragon Snake Sects only entrance, he charged in.

In an instant, corpses were strewn all over the ground.

Blood mist and Blood Qi soared into the sky.

In the distance, many elderly villagers looked in the direction of the Dragon Snake Sect with confused and wrinkled faces.

A blood cloud that blotted out the sky was like a giant bird flying in the sky.

The blood cloud rolled, and the stench of blood covered the sky and earth, making people nauseous.

The commoners were terrified.

“What happened to the Dragon Snake Sect”

“Is that red cloud floating in the sky a terrifying giant beast”

“What a big cloud.

It seems to be nurturing an ominous aura!”

“How scary! Could it be that the Dragon Snake Sects cultivators are angry”

Some children were crying.

The commoners quickly knelt and kowtowed.

“I beg the Dragon Snake Sects cultivators to calm down!”

Further away, in the lofty mountains where people were rarely seen, some rogue cultivators forced into hiding by the Dragon Snake Sect saw the soaring blood clouds and quickly rushed to the top of the mountain, looking into the distance.

Then, they were so excited that they almost screamed their voices hoarse.

“This… This is the blood cloud! Someone is killing those beasts of the Dragon Snake Sect!”

“Bless the Heavens! My Linger, did you see that The Dragon Snake Sects scums have suffered retribution!”

A rogue cultivator gnashed his teeth, knelt on the mountain peak, and wept bitterly.

Similar situations happened in many remote areas within the Dragon Snake Sects territory.

The rogue cultivators gnashed their teeth and rushed out from all directions.

They charged toward the Dragon Snake Sect with fury and joy of revenge.

They wanted to see the sects destruction with their own eyes.

Hence, half an hour later, rogue cultivators surrounded the Dragon Snake Sect.

They werent strong, but the hatred in their eyes burned fiercely!

They rushed into the Dragon Snake Sect and searched through the corpses and pools of blood for enemies they had hated for many years or even a hundred years.

“Even if you turn into ashes, I will still recognize you!”

“F*cking Xue Ba, Ive never thought that you would have this day!”

The rogue cultivators dragged their enemies corpses out of the pool of blood.

Then, they chopped them into minced meat.

As for their fat enemies, the rogue cultivators would extract their body oil to light up lanterns in the sky.

In short, they used the most satisfying method to take revenge and vent their anger.

For a moment, the mountain of corpses and sea of blood in the Dragon Snake Sect was filled with laughter and a joyful aura.

It was like the ghosts in Hell, enjoying the process of punishing the undead.

Sensing the crazy rogue cultivators below, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

He didnt stop them from taking revenge but only used a dignified voice to warn them.

“You can take revenge, but whoever dares to kill innocent people will die without a doubt! Remember! Dont bully the people in the future!”

His voice resounded through the sky, containing the might of thunder and an emperors aura, making the rogue cultivators hearts jump.

They carved this sentence into their hearts and didnt dare to disobey Lin Qiye.

After all, the person who said this was a genius who could destroy the Dragon Snake Sect.

He could even overthrow a colossus like the Dragon Snake Sect alone.

His words echoed with deterrence!

“We wont kill civilians randomly.

After all, we are the victims!”

“The Dragon Snake Sect oppressed us and destroyed our families!”

“My son was dug out by them before he was even born!”

“Thank you, Sir, for avenging us!”


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