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“Two Gold Practitioners can provide at least 10 million movement points!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye took out a gold-tier Reincarnation Physique Card and placed it in the Life Lantern Gems slot.


The Dragon Elephant Body Reincarnation Card shattered.

The card that accompanied Lin Qiye for three simulations turned into ashes.

Within the card, a thick Qi and blood energy surged into the Thousand-year Dragon Body Phantom, making it look more realistic.

However, only the head of the dragon was lifelike with exquisite scales.

The claws, body, tail, and spine seemed illusory.

“The upper limit of a gold-tier card is higher.

The First-turn Dragon Elephant Bodys Qi and blood is only one-third of the Thousand-year Dragon Body.

“In other words, my physical strength will increase by three times.

“With that, my combat strength can be increased by 40%!”


After a rough estimation, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“As expected of a gold-tier card! The effect is extraordinary!”

Lin Qiye was satisfied.

The Life Lantern Gems notification sounded again just as he was laughing lightly.

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[Battle notification: a Gold Practitioner has been killed!]

Hearing this notification, Lin Qiyes eyes revealed a pondering light.

“It will send out a notification to all Practitioners

“However, it didnt reveal the victim and the attacker, but only the results.

The other Gold Practitioners know the battle situation, but they cant guess what happened.

Im still in the dark.

“However, they will definitely be on guard.

I only hope that they do not escape in advance.

That would be too boring.”

Lin Qiye looked at the Asura Hall and the Dragon Snake Sect.

In that direction, there were two large gold mines worth five million movement points each!

And in the direction Lin Qiye was looking, the Gold Practitioners all heard the battle announcement at the same time.

Nine other Gold Practitioners, regardless of whether they were from the Jianghu or the Academic faction, felt a chill in their hearts.

They frowned and stopped what they were doing as if frozen.

As Gold Practitioners, they had participated in more than one battle.

However, this was the first time they had seen casualties after merely seven years.

They were somewhat confused.

“Its only been seven years, and theres been a battle Someone even died Isnt that a little too fast”

“Theyre so impatient.

Or are they born in the same sect”

“They must have happened to be in the same sect.

The one with the higher status used his elders to kill the one with the lower status.”

“A Gold Practitioner will show his talent since young.

That guy is extremely unlucky to die!”

“Its just that I dont know whether this unlucky guy is an enemy or an ally.”

The Jianghu and the Academic faction Practitioners were making guesses.

Although they were fighting as a team, they still had to meet each other to sense their allies!

However, only seven years had passed.

Except for the freak, Lin Qiye, none of the other Gold Practitioners had cultivated the half-step Nascent Soul Realm.

It was difficult to meet each other.

Therefore, they had no idea who had died.

Of course, they had their pride as Gold Practitioners.

They would not retreat because of one death.

After a short period of shock, the Gold Practitioners expressions calmed down.

The Asura Hall Lords personal disciple, Chen Jie, smiled and shook his head.

“It can only be said that the guys luck was too bad.

“Im the Lords personal disciple.

Theres no way I would be so unlucky.

“Besides, who could kill a personal disciple like me Do they think that the Asura Hall Lord is a pushover”

Chen Jie chuckled.

The Asura Hall Lord was a veteran Fourth Gate of Heaven expert.

Even the Qin Dynastys old emperor was helpless against him!

With the Lords protection, his life was not in danger unless the other party could kill the Lord first.

What a joke!

Even the legendary Young Lord of the Wolf Tribe could not possibly trespass to the Qin Dynasty to kill the Asura Hall Lord!

“Therefore, my life is not in any danger.

The situation Im facing now is perfect!

“An invincible path awaits me!

“The SS grade is waiting for me!

Chen Jie grinned, his eyes filled with confidence.

In the Dragon Snake Sect, core disciple Wang Liu smiled and shook his head after a short moment of surprise.

“I am the Dragon Snake Sects core disciple.

As long as I do not cause trouble, no one can kill me!

“Is there someone who can come and destroy the Dragon Snake Sect

“Is there anyone capable of that

“The Qin Dynastys emperor He wouldnt dare.

Once he attacks the Dragon Snake Sect, the six great sects will definitely join forces.

“We might even join forces with the Wolf Tribe to deal with the old emperor.

“The Qin Dynasty is just like a seventh sect.”

Wang Liu smiled lightly while analyzing the situation.

There was no fear in his face.

On the other side, the 50th son of the Wolf Tribes Young Lord, also known as the Jianghu factions Gold Practitioner, Tang Song, was drinking with Xiao Can.

He heard the notification in his mind andslowly put down his wine cup, his eyes shining brightly.

“What an unlucky fellow.

He died when he was seven years old! Hes disgraced us Gold Practitioners!”

Not far away, the Wolf Tribes third Heavenly Lords son, Xiao Can, frowned.

“I hope the one who died wasnt one of our members from the Jianghu faction.

Otherwise, wed have to fight four against five…”

Tang Song casually shook his head regarding Xiao Cans concern.

“It doesnt matter even if one of our members died.

After all, we started this simulation with the perfect situation!”

As they spoke, Tang Song was in high spirits, his brows raising.

It was as if he could already see his complete victory.

He laughed.

“My Wolf Lord father is currently in seclusion, lighting up the Sixth Gate of Heaven.

Once he successfully breaks through, he will be invincible in the world.

“Under his protection, we can rise without fear.

We can even break through our realms in the main world and obtain SS grade and above!

“As the most outstanding descendant of the Wolf Lord, I am now deeply favored.

I could inherit the title of Young Wolf Lord!

“When that time comes, the Wolf Tribes advantage will be in my hands! Who would be capable enough to be my enemy”

At this point, Tang Song laughed loudly.

He boldly picked up the amber wine in his bowl and drank wildly.

At the same time, he tore off a lamb leg and stuffed it into his mouth to feast on it, eating until his mouth was filled with golden grease.

After listening to Tang Songs analysis, Xiao Can also laughed heartily.


Brother Tang is right.

We have too much of an advantage! How do we lose with such a perfect opening”

On the other side, the five Academy faction Practitioners were also muttering in their hearts.

“Someone died in just seven years Looks like this battle is a little unusual!”

“Before I reach the half-step Nascent Soul Realm, I should hide well in case something unexpected happens!”

At this moment, many speculations surfaced in their hearts, and their eyes flickered with a vigilant light.

They were shocked by Lin Qiyes advanced killing.

Of course, as Gold Practitioners, they werent too worried.

After all, their starting point could be said to be unprecedented perfection!

As long as they maintained their development for over ten years, they could stand at the peak of this universe!

Hence, after a temporary wariness, the nine Gold Practitioners were still busy with their matters.

As for Lin Qiye, the instigator who caused the other Gold Practitioners to be shocked and uncertain, he was planning an even more dangerous plan now.

“When I kill a person, the Life Lantern Gem will send out one notification.

Without a doubt, they will become warier and warier!

“Its even possible that they will escape in advance.

I have to speed up!

“Moreover, I should also deduce the identities of the five Academic faction Practitioners.

“If theyre up to no good, I will kill them too!”

A sharp light flashed in Lin Qiyes eyes as he spoke.

Lin Qiye was not a merciful person.

“If the five fellows from the Academy faction have bad virtue, I wont hold back.”

After all, every Gold Practitioner was a gold mine of 5 million movement points!

Killing five would get him 25 million movement points, while killing ten would be 50 million points!

50 million movement points were equivalent to receiving 100 SS grade rewards!

Who wouldnt be tempted


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