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[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 10 years old.

You published three top-tier papers, and your reputation shot up.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 11 years old.

You began to tackle difficult human problems.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 12 years old.

You graduated with a doctorate and stayed to become a professor at the National University of Science and Technology.

You have your high-precision laboratory.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 13 years old.

You published five milestone scientific research papers.

At the same time, you used your spare time to set up a short video industry in advance.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 14 years old.

You are still prolific.

You have become an authority in the professional field.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 15 years old.

You have obtained 183 patents related to cancer treatment.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 16 years old.

You are one step closer to curing cancer.

However, you are still a distance away from completely curing it.]

[The Life Lantern Gem is forming…]


[You have obtained 2,000 movement points.]

“Eh… 2,000 movement points Including the previous two thousand, its a total of 4,000 points.”

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“But the Deduction of Genesis requires 5,000 movement points to fully deduce the solution to my terminal disease.”

“Im missing 1,000 points…”

“Movement points are really scarce.

Ive already changed my fate so much, but I only got 5,000 points.

Of which, 1,000 points were used up in the deduction when I was two years old.

What a pity!”

Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Although he had lost 1,000 movement points, he was already mentally prepared.

“I cant completely cure the terminal disease in my body, but I can rely on the knowledge I obtained to extend my life.

As long as I dont die, Ill be considered successful if I can survive past 18!”

“With the support of 4,000 movement points, I definitely wont die by then!”

This was the plan Lin Qiye had deduced from the start.

He could not completely cure the disease, but he could think of ways to try his best to prolong his life.

As long as he was careful, no major accidents would happen.

Lin Qiye would be able to prolong his life until he was 18.

It was the reason why Lin Qiye had been working hard since he was two years old.

He did not rest until he was 16.

Knowledge changed fate!

Lin Qiye, who was full of confidence, continued to work after exercising for 10 minutes.

Time flew by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, five months had passed.

The new semester began.

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At the National University of Science and Technology, all the faculty and staff were arranged to undergo a comprehensive physical examination.

One day later, the physical examination report was released.

The doctors were shocked.

They ran to report to Professor Yuan, who had become the dean of the biology department.

Professor Yuans face turned pale with fright.

“It must be a mistake! It must be a mistake! Do another check-up!”

No matter what, Professor Yuan could not believe it.

He led a team and dragged Lin Qiye from his laboratory to the hospital for a second check-up.

Unfortunately, the results of the second check-up were the same as the first one.

The doctor held the examination report and said with a trembling voice, “Professor Lins disease is unprecedented! Its the first case in the world!

“It is a sporadic and acute outbreak of bone marrow-type cancer.

It cannot be cured completely.

Even controlling it is impossible.

“Moreover, bone marrow cells are malignant diseases at the genetic level.

It is estimated that after nine months, the cancer cells will spread at full speed.”

After listening to the doctors words, Professor Yuans face turned ashen.

“How can this be He is only 16 years old.

He was still alive and kicking a while ago.

How can he have such an incurable disease”

Professor Yuan almost could not breathe.

Lin Qiye was the child he watched grow up, and he was a scientist with a bright future.

How could he have a terminal illness

Moreover, it was a global isolated case, a terminal illness that could not be cured!

Were the heavens jealous of talented people

Professor Yuans eyes darkened.

Sensing Professor Yuans dejected mood, Lin Qiye patted his back and smiled optimistically.

“Doctor, it seems that this illness can be named after me.”

Hearing that, the doctor and Professor Yuan opened their mouths and looked at Lin Qiye, who was still joking at this moment, in surprise.

However, they saw that Lin Qiyes eyes were bright and determined, extremely penetrating.

How pure and innocent must he be for his eyes to be so bright

Professor Yuan was deeply touched.

He forced a smile and said, “Child, you are a master in the field of cancer research.

You can save yourself, right”

Lin Qiye looked calm.

“Yes, I can save myself.

Its just a terminal illness.”

Lin Qiye acted free and easy.

Professor Yuan was not so open-minded.

His eyes were moist, and he was holding in a sullen pain.

That night, Lin Qiyes parents learned that he was suffering from a terminal illness.

The two of them sat in the bedroom in a daze and cried silently for a few hours.

Only then did they dare to open Lin Qiyes bedroom door.

“Son, I dont understand your research, but I heard that youre a genius who can conquer cancer! Is that right Can you save yourself”

“You can definitely save yourself, right”

“Please, my son, youre so talented.

Please save yourself!”


Mother Lin hugged Lin Qiye and was heartbroken.

The feeling of the blood being thicker than water made Lin Qiyes nose ache.

“Mom, Ill be fine.

Trust me! Dont cry.”

Mother Lin reached out and wiped her tears.

“Mom trusts you.

When you were young, you vomited after drinking poisonous milk powder.

Youre so smart.

Youre special! Youre someone who survived a great disaster and will have good fortune! Youll definitely be able to save yourself!”

Lin Qiye nodded seriously.

He patiently calmed his mothers emotions.

Then, he returned to his bedroom.

Once he returned, Lin Qiye started the Deduction of Genesis and checked his physical condition.

[This deduction requires 100 movement points (currently remaining 4000 movement points)]


[Deduction successful: The current bone marrow progenitor cell disease has already started.

It will start to spread in two months, reach climax in five months, and you will die in seven months.]

“Deduce a plan for me to extend two years of life!”

[This deduction requires 100 movement points (currently remaining 3,900 movement points)]


Lin Qiye was dumbfounded.

“How could it only require 100 movement points Thats impossible, right”

Lin Qiye quickly looked at the deduction results.

[Deduction successful: The method is available from your published paper, “Is it feasible to combine acupuncture and electrochemistry technology” Using the techniques mentioned, you can suppress the outbreak of terminal illness.]


After reading the deduction results, Lin Qiye was stunned on the spot.

This paper was proposed by his laboratorys Ph.D.

assistant, Qin Xia, a year ago.

Qin Xia felt that traditional Chinese medicine could shine in modern science, so he came up with a sudden idea and applied for a project with Lin Qiye.


Such a project was absurd, and Qin Xia was ready to be scolded.

But in the end, Lin Qiyes intuition told him that the project could be done.

Therefore, Lin Qiye didnt reprimand Qin Xia.

After thinking about it for a week, he gave a preliminary suggestion and guidance instead.

Qin Xia was pleasantly surprised.

With passion, he studied for more than a year.

During this period, Lin Qiye guided him more than 150 times and finally completed the thesis.

It was the first thesis that combined acupuncture and electrochemistry technology.

The controlled generation of hydrogen in the tumor region during the electrolysis process of acupuncture electrodes was successfully achieved using the acidic microenvironment of tumor tissue and the precise puncture of acupuncture electrodes.

It was done under the safe, low-pressure condition of healthy tissue.

Thus, the tumors growth was effectively suppressed and would die out quickly.


This method was a minimally innovative technique created by Lin Qiyes combined therapy.

It was relatively simple and safe to operate and did not require drugs, nanomaterials, or high-precision instruments.

The therapeutic effect was preliminarily verified using a lab rat, which realized the minimally innovative treatment of glioma and breast cancer in mice.

Recalling the contents of the paper, the corners of Lin Qiyes mouth could not help but curl up into a slight smile.

Good guy.

It was the most suitable life-prolonging plan for him because the cancer cells in his body were hidden deep in his bone marrow!

Therefore, whether it was the combination therapy, the target cell attack, or the t-cell modification and attack, these treatments would not cure the root cause.

Rashly using these methods was equivalent to treating his body as a battlefield.

Before the terminal disease was eliminated, Lin Qiyes body would be riddled with holes and eliminated one step ahead.

As for acupuncture and electrochemotherapy, it was green and safe, using as little medicine as possible.

After a series of analyses in his mind, Lin Qiye could not help but let out a deep breath.

“As expected, God helps those who help themselves.

I have worked hard for twelve years and finally found a way to break through the limits of life.”

“Its not easy.

I have changed such a life with so many disasters and no glimmer of hope!”

“I… am destined not to fail.”

Lin Qiye was determined to achieve his goal.

He did not dare to fail because failure would prevent him from creating the Life Lantern Gem.

He would become a child-bearing machine.


His life would be dead silent.

And now, he was one step away from success!

Just one step away!


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