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She was indeed trapped for 100 years but was too proud to admit it.

Of course, Lin Qiye did not expose her.

He merely revealed an ambiguous smile.

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

“You dont believe me

“Ha! Although Ji Qinghuans cultivation level is slightly higher than mine, Im still three million years younger than her.

“Besides, I have no interest in romance! She was obsessed with that Brother Ye for three million years.

“Does her Brother Ye have three heads and six arms, or is he tall, handsome, and unique

“Shes too much of a young girl.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“I have a firm heart and a single-minded pursuit of immortality.

I wont be trapped by love, nor will there be any man I would fall for.


“My goal is to one day break through the void and become the empress who will shine through the ages.

“Based on this point alone, I am much better than her!”

Lin Qiye did not know where Zhu Yuhengs competitiveness came from.

Her words were full of rivalry.

When she announced that she had won, her valiant features and bright phoenix eyes shone brightly.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

Wasnt this womans desire to win too strong

She had never met Ji Qinghuan, yet she was able to come up with all this analysis.

It was simply ridiculous!

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly in his heart, but on the surface, he put on an expression that agreed with everything the woman said.

At this moment, Zhu Yuheng was finally satisfied.

Her beautiful phoenix eyes glanced coldly at Lin Qiye.

“Young man, we met by fate.

I can fulfill one of your wishes.”

Zhu Yuheng spoke in a high and mighty manner, her tone devoid of any emotion.

Although she was stubborn, she knew that she had been trapped in the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys for a hundred years.

If Lin Qiye had not devoured the lightning dragons, she would probably have been trapped for countless more years.

Without a doubt, she owed Lin Qiye a favor.

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And as the self-proclaimed great empress, she would never owe a favor.

If she owed someone, she would immediately repay it!

Therefore, she spoke arrogantly.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye did not have a wish, and he did not need to rely on others to fulfill any wish he might have.

“I dont have a wish for you to fulfill.

Thank you.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye flapped his lightning wings and disappeared on the spot.

Soon, he flew out of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys and landed beside Eunuch Cao.

Upon seeing that Lin Qiye was unharmed, Eunuch Cao heaved a sigh of relief.

“Your Highness, Im glad that youre alright.

Did you swallow the thousands of lightning dragons”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Lets go and find a place to break through.

After I break through, well go to the six great sects.”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yuhengs cold voice echoed in their ears.

“Before you leave, make a wish first!”

After that, Zhu Yuheng, who was dressed in white tiger fur, appeared in front of the two of them and blocked their way.

Eunuch Caos scalp instantly went numb.

He quickly stood in front of Lin Qiye.

“Your Highness, this woman is extremely dangerous.

Quickly leave! I will help you stall her! You must not turn back!”

Hearing this, Zhu Yuheng narrowed her eyes and shook her head coldly.

“Your courage is commendable, but your strength is too weak.

With a raise of my hand, I can turn you into ashes.”

As she spoke, Zhu Yuheng looked at Lin Qiye.

“As for you, youre only a false Nascent Soul who lit up Three Gates of Heaven.

Do you know that the person standing in front of you is a Six Gates of Heaven expert Speak your wish! I will only grant one.”

Lin Qiye felt helpless.

Although this woman was beautiful, her personality was too unique.

She was dumb and stupid for being trapped in Ji Qinghuans trap for a hundred years.

After escaping from the trap, her desire to win was particularly strong.

After competing with her imaginary foe, she forcefully decided that she had won.

Although she was stubborn, she knew that Lin Qiye had saved her.

Therefore, she insisted on returning the favor.

But was this her attitude of returning a favor

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Well, please let us go.

Thank you.”

Then, under Zhu Yuhengs surprised gaze, Lin Qiye took Eunuch Cao and quickly rushed down the snowy plateau.

On the plateau, Zhu Yuheng couldnt help but frown.

“People who have no desires are annoying to the extreme!”

Zhu Yuheng was a little pissed off in her heart.

She hated people who had no desires the most, but she just had to return the favor.

Thus, she floated down the snowy plateau and followed far behind Lin Qiye.

Below the snowy plateau, outside a valley, Eunuch Cao was concentrating on protecting Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye sat cross-legged in a cave that had been dug at the last minute.

He was in seclusion.

After swallowing the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool of this world, he felt that he had pierced through the Gate of Injury.

It was easy to light it up.

Therefore, Lin Qiye immediately went into seclusion after he left the plateau.

As expected, five days later, Lin Qiye lit up the Gate of Injury, the upper dragon spine of his Nascent Soul.

A Heaven Gate emitting a dazzling light appeared.

The dazzling light flowed in through the chest and lungs, merging with the light from the middle, lower, and tail of the dragon spine.

His meridians, bones, and acupoints below the chest were opened up.

A circulatory cycle was formed.

In an instant, Lin Qiye felt that his combat strength had increased several times!

“The increase in strength after lighting up the Gate of Injury is incredible.

Unfortunately, I would need to cultivate for a long time before I can improve further.”

Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

The current him could instantly kill an expert who had lit up Four Gates of Heaven with his Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

In other words, if Lin Qiye wanted to kill Eunuch Cao or the old emperor, he only needed an instant.

Of course, Lin Qiye wouldnt do that.

“Now, I can go into slaughter mode.

Lets see where those Galaxy Practitioners who attacked me are hiding!”

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

He activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 548,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Gold Practitioner Liu Han (Fish Mouth) is in the Qin Dynastys Qing Xuan Sect.

He is the genius son of the Seventh Peaks elder.]

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 538,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Gold Practitioner Chen Jie of the Jianghu faction is the fifth inner disciple of the Qin Dynastys Asura Hall Lord.]

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 528,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Gold Practitioner Wang Liu of the Jianghu faction is a core disciple of the Qin Dynastys Dragon Snake Sect.]

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 518,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Gold Practitioner Xiao Can of the Jianghu faction is the third Heavenly Lord of the Wolf Tribes son.]

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points, leaving 508,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Gold Practitioner Tang Song of the Jianghu faction is the 50th son of the Wolf Tribes Young Lord.]

After consuming 50,000 movement points, Lin Qiye received information on the five members of his opposing faction.

“There are three unlucky b*stards in the Qin Dynasty

“Moreover, that Fish Mouth is at the Qing Xuan Sect.

Its the closest to here, and well be there in a day.”

Lin Qiye smiled indifferently.

“Lets go to the Qing Xuan Sect!”

And so, Lin Qiye and Eunuch Cao set off on their way to the Qing Xuan Sect.

Half a day later, Lin Qiye stopped in the sky above a dilapidated village and looked down.

The village was in chaos, and the villagers were all kneeling.

A cultivator at the Qi Refinement Realm was ruthlessly dragging a pretty little girl to the front of a house.

An old couple kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.

“Exalted cultivator, I beg you, we only have one daughter.

Please dont take her away.

“Our sons have already died as labor.

Please give us a way out!”

The bandit cultivator grinned lewdly.

“A way out Your daughter following me is your way out!

“Scram to the side.

As long as she serves me well, naturally, you will get your reward.”

Upon hearing the cultivators words, the old man and woman felt a burst of despair.

The girls face was even paler.

Bean-sized tears trickled down her face, and she wept broken-heartedly.

“Exalted cultivator, please let my daughter go…”

Seeing the scene in the village, Lin Qiyes gaze instantly turned icy cold.

He turned into streaks of afterimages andteleported in front of the bandit cultivator, tightly grabbing onto his neck.

“Youre from the Qing Xuan Sect”

The bandit cultivators face flushed red, and the veins on his neck and forehead rolled like giant earthworms crawling.

“You b*stard! Let me go! My brother is the Qing Xuan Sects outer disciple.

If you dare to touch me, Ill make sure you die a horrible death!”


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