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Lin Qiyes curious gaze landed on the bottom of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys.

At the bottom of the valley, there was a magma lake with surging red waves, an island in the center.

The structure of the magma lake and the island was strange.

It formed a layer of barrier enough to prevent the lightning dragons from approaching the island.

On the island, atall woman with unparalleled beauty floated in the air.

She had curved eyebrows, phoenix eyes, crimson red lips, and a delicate nose.

Her facial features shone with a dazzling heroic aura.

She had a heroic bearing that boasted of being the most beautiful woman in the world.

A long robe made of white tiger fur covered her perfect body.

Behind her, the tigers head was made into a hood, covering her jet-black hair.

The tiger head hood was full of a murderous aura, but it also carried a hint of cuteness.

Under her feet was a pair of dragon boots made of ice crystals.


Through the spotless and ethereal ice boots, he could see her round and smooth toes.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“I dont know this woman…”

“The one giving off the aura of an old friend isnt her, but the stone tablet in the center of the island.”

And so, Lin Qiye ignored the valiant-looking woman.

He landed directly on the stone tablet at the center of the island, which was made of some kind of magical stone.

When Lin Qiye approached, the stone tablet flowed with light and vibrant colors, and a paragraph carved by flames appeared.

Lin Qiyes eyebrows twitched slightly.

It was Ji Qinghuans handwriting.

[Brother Ye, if you were to descend into this universe, you would definitely come to devour the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool, right]

[Thats why Im here.

I want to leave a trace of myself at where you might appear!]

[If you saw the inscription I left behind, it would be equivalent to me seeing you too!]

At the end of the sentence, a simple smiling face was carved.

There was no doubt.

It was Ji Qinghuans style.

After all, that girls character was not only unyielding but also a little cheerful.

Judging from her tone and handwriting, Ji Qinghuan must be quite happy.

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But then, her tone became much more sullen.

[Its a pity.

Its been three million years.

Ive passed through a total of 78,599 universes, but I havent been able to see you again.

Where are you]

[The universe is vast! Where will you be Will I see you three million years later Or thirty million years later]

[Time has passed.

I have traveled alone.

I have searched countless times but to no avail!]

[Will I fail until the end of my life]

[Can someone tell me how to find my Brother Ye Even if its just a small hint!]

[Today, I discovered the fluctuations of the next spacetime! Will I meet you there Brother Ye…]

Then, there were some words that had been erased.

Finally, two sentences were engraved at the end.

[Although I hate traveling alone, I believe we will meet again at the next full moon!]

[I hope that we can walk the same path in this life, and the ends of the Earth will not be far away!]

[From Ji Qinghuan.]

At the end of the inscription, Ji Qinghuans spirits rose.

It was as if after leaving behind a piece of the inscription, she set off on her journey again.

Lin Qiye fell silent after reading the text on the stone tablet.

A string in his heart was touched.

He could not help but feel pity and distress for Ji Qinghuan.

“Youve been looking for me for three million years Three million years… How long is that”

Lin Qiye touched her name with his fingertips.

There was warmth and emotion in the handwriting.

He could feel Ji Qinghuans unwavering determination from the words carved deeply into the stone tablet.

Lin Qiye could not help but think of a girl with long wine-red hair, a flaming lotus flower between her brows, and sparkling eyes.

That girl gritted her teeth and shuttled through one universe after another.

She searched through Silver Spacetime, Golden Spacetime, and now Platinum Spacetime.

Her hardships were difficult to put into words!

Lin Qiye sighed softly.

As he was lost in his thoughts, the girl wearing tiger fur slowly walked over behind him.

“Oh… Theres a stone tablet with words on it

“Why I stayed here for a hundred years, but the stone tablet didnt respond.As soon as you came, words appeared!”

The girl moved closer to the stone tablet and carefully read the words.

As she read, the girl frowned, and disappointment and anger appeared in her eyes.

“Its not a mysterious inheritance…

“Damn it! This piece of stone caused me, Zhu Yuheng, to be trapped for a hundred years!”

Zhu Yuhengs face was cold, and she secretly clenched her fists.

A hundred years ago, she sensed the mysterious aura inside this place and thought there was some treasure inside.

She decided to break in.

In the end, after being trapped for a hundred years, it turned out to be a love letter

Zhu Yuheng wished she could smash the stone tablet into pieces with her palm.

However, the stone tablet was made of a special material, and even a true Nascent Soul Realm cultivator might not be able to smash it.

Therefore, Zhu Yuheng could only look at the stone tablet, her eyes glinting with a cold light.

Sensing the coldness behind him, Lin Qiye turned his head.

“Youve been trapped for a hundred years”

Upon hearing that, Zhu Yuhengs beautiful eyes trembled slightly, then she raised her chin arrogantly.

“Ha! Who said Ive been trapped for a hundred years With my strength, its easy for me to leave.”

“Im only competing with her!”

As she spoke, aball of ice and snow condensed between her fingers.

With a flick of her hand, the magma lake was instantly extinguished.

There was no doubt that Zhu Yuheng valued her image very much.

Not only did she use words to refute Lin Qiye, but she also used actions to refute him once.

Lin Qiye naturally saw through Zhu Yuhengs intentions.


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