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“This deduction will cost 50,000 movement points.

After the deduction, there will be 568,000 points left.]

[Deduction successful: This universes Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool is located in the western snowy plains, in the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys.]

“The western end of Qin Dynastys territory”

Lin Qiye understood.

He turned around to look at the western sky.

“Lets go to the snowy plains!”

Eunuch Cao did not say a word about Lin Qiyes suggestion.

He was a bodyguard.

No matter where the seventeenth prince went, he would follow him everywhere.

If the seventeenth princes life was in danger, he would risk his life to give the prince time to escape.

Even if the Old Wolf Lord was resurrected, he would not be afraid to risk his life.


Eunuch Cao, who was determined to die, followed closely behind Lin Qiye.

The master and servant sped towards the western region of the Qin Dynasty.

Five days later, Lin Qiye stopped moving forward.

He raised his head and looked at the majestic snowy plains in the distance.

He saw a white plateau soaring into the sky.

Dazzling white snow filled his line of sight.

Under the cover of the white snow, there were many white mountain ridges that rose and fell like divine dragons.

The plateau was high.

It was so high that he couldnt see the top, and every mountain was a cliff that would even challenge a Golden Core cultivator.

“Its spectacular.

The highest point is probably thirty thousand meters tall, right”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but sigh.

Old Cao nodded.

“Thats right.

The snowy plains are thirty thousand meters tall.

“As far as I know, the snowy plains are six times the size of the Qin Dynasty.

“The plateau was made up of five steps.

Each step was 7,000 meters tall! In total, it was more than 35,000 meters tall.

“There was only snow in the mountains.

Of course, there were also some strange beasts that lived in seclusion, but they were extremely rare.

“The Canglan River in the Qin Dynasty originated from here.”

Hearing Eunuch Caos words, Lin Qiye nodded as he looked around, searching for his target.

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“Eunuch Cao, do you know where the absolute Seven Divine Valleys is”

Eunuch Cao was startled.

“The Absolute Seven Divine Valleys Its at the top of the plateau.

Thats the most dangerous place in the snowy plains!

“Theres even a myth about the origin of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys.

“Its said that hundreds of thousands of years ago, the snowy plateau kept growing higher and higher.

It was so tall that it almost touched the sky.

“Therefore, heaven sent seven Gods, which turned into seven divine peaks to suppress the snowy plateau.

“The Absolute Seven Divine Valleys became the place where lightning was born in the world because it was made from Gods, and thousands of lightning dragons dozens of meters thick dwell in it!

“Those lightning dragons are dangerous.

Even the experts who have lit up Eight Gates of Heaven could die in their hands!

“Uh… Your Highness, you wont be going to the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys for an adventure, right You cant!”

Eunuch Cao subconsciously became nervous.

He tried his best to persuade Lin Qiye.

“Your Highness… If you want to provoke the lightning pool, I cant save you even if I risk my life! How about going somewhere else to train”

Lin Qiye smiled indifferently at Eunuch Caos concern.

“The place where lightning is born Thousands of lightning dragons It is my valley of happiness!”

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up into a slight smile, and his eyes flickered with flames of desire.

“Eunuch Cao, you dont have to be afraid.

My Supreme Dao Bone can devour lightning to strengthen itself.

“The lightning other experts view as a ferocious beast is a nourishing spiritual herb in my eyes!

“Lets go! We must hurry.”

As his voice faded, Lin Qiye leaped up and turned into an afterimage, dashing wildly towards the highest flight of stairs on the snowy plateau.

Eunuch Cao wanted to stop him.

However, when he thought of the seventeenth princes words, combined with his Supreme Dao Bone, half of the anxiety in his heart dissipated.

He turned into an afterimage and quickly caught up to Lin Qiyes side.

A day later, the master and servant walked alone on the fifth step of the snowy plateau.

In the distance, the seven peaks of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys were like seven pillars made of gold, piercing straight into the sky.

Thousands of lightning dragons emitting pure white light spread their claws between the peaks, loitering leisurely.

At times, their claws would step on the void.

At other times, their tails would sweep across the mountains.

Their posture was extremely graceful and domineering as they loitered in the void.

They wandered around by themselves as if they were the supreme rulers of this world.

Nobody could disturb their mood.

Lin Qiye and Eunuch Cao, who was standing on the distant mountain peak, were ignored by the dragons as if they were invisible.

They were merely ants.

They were not worth the dragons attention!

Seeing thousands of lightning dragons dozens of meters thick that contained violent energy, Eunuch Caos face was solemn, and he was wary.

“Your Highness, dont come any closer.

Its dangerous!”

“Its fine.”

Lin Qiye shook his head indifferently.

The moment he saw thousands of lightning dragons, he realized that the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Bodyin his body was trembling crazily.

Like a wild beast seeking a mate, it was emitting an intense desire.

Devour the lightning!

Lin Qiyes mind was filled with those words.

However, just to be on the safe side, Lin Qiye did not rush over directly.

Instead, he activated the Deduction of Genesis first.

“Deduction of Genesis, what is the safest plan to devour this worlds lightning”

“This deduction will consume 10,000 movement points, leaving 558,000 movement points remaining.”

“Deduction successful: Your Supreme Dao Bone is extremely powerful.

Charge in and swallow the lightning.”

“Hmm… is it still the same way Looks like the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body is indeed fierce.”

Lin Qiye chuckled after obtaining the safest way.

He turned his head and glanced at Eunuch Cao.

“Wait for me here.

Dont move.

If you encounter danger, retreat.”

As he spoke, the wings behind Lin Qiye shot out with lightning and thunder.

Lin Qiye moved as fast as a bolt of lightning, arriving high in the sky in front of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys.

At this moment, Lin Qiye stood in the sky.

His cold eyes looked down at the lightning dragons.

As long as he crashed down, he could devour this worlds Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool.

He could light up the Gate of Injury.

He could also greatly increase the lethality of the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill!

A surge in strength was right in front of him!

Lin Qiye smiled.

However, just as he was about to crash into the Lightning Pool, his sharp senses caught a strange fluctuation.


Why is there a familiar aura inside What did an old friend leave behind”

Lin Qiye suddenly raised his eyebrows.

He was a little surprised and taken aback.

“Who could leave behind an aura in the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel curious.

“I dont care.

As long as I devour the lightning, I can see everything in the pool clearly.”

With this thought in mind, the wings behind Lin Qiye flapped with lightning and thunder.

The 1000-meter-tall First-turn Dragon Elephant Phantom appeared behind him.

His Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body released lightning and thunder.

Lin Qiye dived down after the preparations were done.

The Dragon Elephant Phantom crashed into the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool where the lightning dragons swam.

At the moment of collision, there was a shocking thunderstorm that resounded through the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys.

There was also a violent dragon roar that shook the sky and earth!

Lin Qiye trampled on the dragons dignity.

They twisted their bodies that were dozens of meters thick and charged towards Lin Qiye with murderous intent.

They wanted to chop Lin Qiye into pieces!

They wanted to burn Lin Qiye into human-shaped charcoal!

However, Lin Qiyes Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body was born to counter lightning.

The lightning dragons that could kill an expert that lit up Eight Gates of Heavenwere devoured by Lin Qiyes physical body!

They turned into pure lightning energy that washed over every bone in Lin Qiyes body, tempering his bones.

It made Lin Qiyes bones shine with strange white lightning runes.

It was obvious that his Supreme Dao Bone was strengthened once again!

In his previous life, his Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body was only awakened for the first time.

But now, it had awakened to ten percent.

Moreover, it had a white lightning symbol.

Lin Qiye was delighted.

With a flick of his finger, a ball of crackling white lightning rose from his fingertip.

“My lightning has already evolved now.

Its wild and fierce, but it also contains blood-chilling coldness.

It can freeze the enemys soul and tear apart their willpower.

“How powerful!

“With the white lightning, my Wind and Thunder Sword Qi is even more dangerous!

“Moreover, the upper dragon spine is no longer an obstacle.

I can successfully light up the Gate of Injury!

“However… Before I break through, I should first see which old friend left their aura at the bottom of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool!”

Lin Qiye curiously looked at the bottom of the Absolute Seven Divine Valleys while thinking about it.


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