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As a cunning person, Lin Qiye had not left Consort Nings Yishui Palace for six years.

Hence, it was the first time he had seen the imperial palace in six years.

The palaces were lined up in rows, resplendent and shining.

The solemn red walls, the glazed green tiles, the white jade carved pillars, the jade bricks with golden lotus blooming, the vermilion gates with colorful phoenixes, the pavilions, and the roof ridges that looked like dragons churning.

All of them displayed a luxurious and imposing manner.

Above the imperial palace, there were thousands of golden rays of light rolling clouds, streams of auspicious energy spraying purple mist.

There were also thousands of flowers and trees that did not fade in the four seasons and tens of thousands of evergreen grass.

The palace maids and consorts wore jade hairpins on their heads, and their feet stepped on beads.

Their steps swayed gently, and their jade pendants jingled.

The imperial family and nobles wore black robes and jade crowns.

They rode on golden carriages, and their beaded curtains were resplendent.

It was a scene of extravagance and prosperity, a scene of paradise on Earth.

The old emperors gaze landed on Lin Qiyes face.

“What do you think of the imperial palace”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“It has a good aura.”

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A simple evaluation.

His tone was indifferent and emotionless.

The old emperor laughed heartily, and he thought that he had not misjudged Lin Qiye.

“Little Seventeen, I once brought many princes to fly over the imperial palace.

Do you know how they reacted

“They were excited and trembling all over.

Their eyes were filled with a strong desire and greed for imperial power.

“They wanted to control the life and death of a dynasty! They wanted to enjoy supreme power! Their minds were filled with schemes, trying to get rid of the other princes.

“However, they were the ones who did not reflect on whether their strength was worthy of their ambition.”

The old emperor sighed and shook his head.

There was frustration, disappointment, and loneliness in his tone.

However, he quickly became high-spirited.

“You are different from them.

From your subtle expression, I can only see a desire for strength.

On the other hand, you dont have any greed for imperial power.

“This is the right way.

You have to look at the big picture.”

Facing the old emperors praise, Lin Qiye smiled and did not say anything.

He followed the old emperor to the library.

In front of the library, twelve golden armored warriors, armed with halberds and whips, guarded the left and right sides of the library.

Upon seeing the old emperor coming, the warriors knelt on one knee.

The golden armor on their bodies, arranged like dragon scales, made tingling sounds.

“Welcome, Your Majesty, Welcome…”

They didnt know who Lin Qiye was and were at a loss for words.

The old emperor waved his hand, “Theres no need to bow.

All of you, stand up.”

After he finished speaking, the old emperor brought Lin Qiye into the library.

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“On the first floor, there are historical records.

Many officials, generals, and relatives of the emperor can read them.

“On the second floor, there are Mystic and Yellow rank martial arts techniques.

As long as you submit your application and register, you can read and cultivate them.

“On the third floor, there are extremely precious Earthen and Heavenly Rank martial arts techniques of the Qin Dynasty! Without my permission, no one is allowed to cultivate it.

Those who violate the law will be killed without mercy!”

The old emperor said as he brought Lin Qiye straight to the third floor.

After all, these rules had no effect on Lin Qiye.

On the librarys third floor, pieces of jade-like translucent bones were placed on the bookshelf.

On the surface of the bones were detailed words and pictures.

They were filled with light, which shone mystically.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, the Qin Dynasty was also incredibly prosperous.

“However, in the past few thousand years, weve been continuously defeated.

80% of our foundations have been lost.

“There are still 200 types of martial arts left, and theyre all perfect.

Among them, there are 16 Heavenly Rank techniques.

“Ive chosen six of them for you.

If you master them, youll be able to learn all martial arts in one go.”

After he finished speaking, the old emperor placed the six precious bones in front of Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye browsed through them and couldnt help but feel pleasantly surprised.

[Heaven Shifting Stars]: Heavenly Ranked perfected footwork.

After cultivating to the expert stage, one could move like the shifting stars in the sky.

One could even condense 36 stars behind their back.

Each star would turn into an afterimage, counteracting a fatal attack.

[Wind and Thunder Purple Sword Art]: Heavenly Ranked perfected swordsmanship.

When cultivated to the expert stage, the sword would move like wind and thunder, tricking the enemy.

When perfected, one could form a ball of Sword Qi, which could be spat out from the mouth to launch a sneak attack on the enemy.

However, it was extremely difficult to cultivate the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

One had to visualize and comprehend thunder.

[Golden Rainbow Bell]: Heavenly Ranked defensive martial art.

The golden bell was formed from ones blood and spiritual energy, forming a protective barrier.

The higher ones cultivation was, the higher ones defense would be.

[Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage]: Heavenly Ranked saber art.

It was ferocious, slashing and chopping like a dragon falling to the ground, like a ferocious tiger pouncing on prey, like the rolling of heavenly lightning, like a destructive flood.

When cultivated to the expert stage, the thirty-six strikes would be unstoppable.

[Five Wraths Burning Blood]: Heavenly Ranked secret art.

It burns the life and blood essence in ones body to increase combat strength in a short period by 20%.

[Phaseless Art]: Heavenly Ranked concealment technique.

It quietly concealed ones cultivation, making it difficult for others to discover.

The martial arts techniques recorded on the six bones were all gold-tier!

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

Six of them!

Six gold-tier martial arts techniques!

They were worth more than ten million movement points.

No practitioner would sell them even if someone offered two million points.

But now, they were quietly sitting in front of Lin Qiye, easily within his grasp.

Even though Lin Qiye had always been calm, the corners of his mouth could not help but reveal a hint of joy.

He picked up the six precious bones and stroked them in his hands, looking like a miser stroking a gold ingot.

“Six sets of gold-tier martial arts.

Should I deduce and perfect them”

“Wow… it requires 600,000 movement points Forget it.

Ill think about it later.”

Lin Qiye was initially tempted, but he immediately dismissed the idea after seeing the consumption.

“Ill cultivate first.

When I need them, Ill level them up one by one.

“But after getting these six sets of gold-tier martial arts techniques, I must get an SSS grade rating and bring all of them back!”

Even though bringing back a single gold-tier martial art technique would allow him to soar to the skies, Lin Qiye wanted all six of them!

For their sake, Lin Qiye swiftly dismissed the distracting thoughts in his heart.

He buried his head into studying the six sets of martial arts.

Gold-tier martial arts werent easy to learn.

Every technique had four stages.

Beginner, Novice, Expert, and Perfected.

Even Lin Qiye, who had the silver-tier wisdom card, Cosmic Clairvoyant, was not progressing very quickly.

After all, a gold-tier martial art would require several years of comprehension even for a half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

However, love could offset everything.

To master these six top-notch martial arts, Lin Qiye hid in his room and isolated himself, regardless of whether it was autumn or winter outside the window.

Apart from eating and sleeping, he cultivated.

In the Yishui Palace, Lin Qiye had been diligently practicing Heaven Shifting Stars on the white jade floor and had left a row of footprints ten centimeters deep.

The old emperor was stunned.

“Is this the results of your training”

“I will prepare a floor that is ten times stronger for you.”

However, after some time, the floor was still left with deep footprints.

Even the old emperor had to admit defeat.

A genius is not scary.

Its scary when a genius also works harder than anyone else!

“My son, Xia Ji, has the potential to be an emperor!”

The old emperor smiled and stroked his beard.

He saw a legendary emperor in Lin Qiyes sweat that was raining down his back!

He did not bother Lin Qiye, only sitting quietly by the side and watched him cultivate.

After hundreds of thousands of practice sessions, Lin Qiye finally condensed 36 stars.

With a flash, he turned into a ghost-like figure.

The stars spun.

The old emperor could not see where Lin Qiye was!

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up.

He wiped off the sweat on his body.

His heart was full of a sense of accomplishment.

“I have perfected the first martial art technique! Next is the saber!”

“I need to cultivate the six techniques to perfection within a year.

After that, I will join the Jianghu to gain experience.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

He was pressed for time.

Not only did Lin Qiye have to devour the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool, but he also had to save the Fated Empress, destroy the six sects, kill five Galaxy Practitioners, nurture a few scientists, and create the Sacrificial Soldier Technology.

And of course, the earlier he completed these difficult tasks, the better.

In a few more years, the other Galaxy Practitioners would probably rise up.

Lin Qiyes advantage would be weakened.

“Ill continue cultivating!”


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