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Lin Qiye knew that he could not lower his guard.

If he did not make it past the age of eighteen, everything would turn into a bubble.

Even if he had cleverly avoided the contaminated milk powder when he was two years old, and even if he had become a doctoral student at ten, he still had not completed the task of breaking through the limit.

If he did not make it past the age of eighteen, it would not be considered a success.

Therefore, Lin Qiye spent a year mastering all the knowledge about life science in this world.

Then, he began to aim at topics that were untouched for decades and centuries.

After seeing the topics that Lin Qiye chose, Professor Yuans face was full of lingering fear.

“Lin Qiye, dont aim too high.

Youre only 10 years old, and you dont need to specifically aim at special topics.

Im afraid that youll suffer setbacks and be unable to recover.”

Professor Yuan earnestly persuaded him.

He felt that Lin Qiye had taken too big a step.

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Why would a top scientist rush into a problem that couldnt be solved in decades or even centuries

If he failed, he would be beyond redemption!

However, Lin Qiyes gaze was firm.

“I can study it.

I want to try!”

Professor Yuan saw Lin Qiyes determined expression that didnt care about himself.

He was touched and patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

“The way you did everything for science reminded me of Copernicus, who risked his life.”


“You are a pure seeker of knowledge.

I saw the light in your eyes, and I saw your pure heart.”

Professor Yuans voice was choked with sobs.

He took off his glasses and wiped the mist on them.

As he wiped, he sighed, “You are my best student.

I wish you the best! Even if you encounter setbacks, you must be more open-minded.

Dont be depressed.


“You must remember that scientific research is like God rolling the dice.

Dont get into a dead end!”

Professor Yuan entrusted every word to Lin Qiye.

He had long treated Lin Qiye as his own son and advised him earnestly.


Lin Qiye was moved.

He hugged Professor Yuan tightly and immediately dived into the topic where there was no return.

Just as Lin Qiye expected, the problem that had troubled mankind for decades was extraordinarily difficult.

Even though he was blessed with the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card, he still felt a little strenuous, as if he was walking in a quagmire.


However, Lin Qiye had his advantages.

Even if his Deduction of Genesis skill was not activated, it could give him a kind of intuition.

Relying on his amazing intuition, Lin Qiye was able to grasp a breakthrough and overcome the difficulties repeatedly!

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In just a short year, Lin Qiye published five milestone papers.

Two of them were selected for the top science journal.

The five top-notch papers made Lin Qiyes status in Country Xia soar.

Professor Yuan was brimming with tears of relief as he allowed Lin Qiye to graduate.

At the same time, he was hired as a professor by the National University of Science and Technology.

With Professor Yuans help, Lin Qiye had his own laboratory and could recruit a laboratory assistant.

In the next five years, Lin Qiye was exceptionally diligent and produced five milestone papers every year.

There were also countless other papers.

Even Lin Qiyes research friends often credited his name because of the accuracy and effectiveness of Lin Qiyes suggestions.

Lin Qiye became a thesis maniac and a legend in the industry.

His fame began to rise.

A popular article became an instant hit on the Internet.

[The things you dont know about the child prodigy of Country Xia, Lin Qiye: In the 20 breakthroughs of cancer research in the past century, he took up 12 of them! A real cancer killer!]

The article listed Lin Qiyes achievements in detail.

Lin Qiyes heaven-defying achievements were vividly described in simple and easy-to-understand strokes.

At the end of the article, it was even confidently claimed that Lin Qiye would lead mankind to conquer cancer!

Cancer would forever become a common disease.


It was the Noble Prizes honor to award Lin Qiye, not Lin Qiyes honor.

The article was trending on many platforms.

It caused a heated discussion among millions of netizens.

“Im a professional.

Lin Qiye is really heaven-defying.

Hes the kind of person with unrivaled scientific research ability.”

“Im neither bragging nor slandering.

Lin Qiye is a contemporary legend in the field of life science.

Whats even scarier is that hes only 15 years old!”

“Hahaha, he is our senior.

I met him in front of his laboratory.

Hes 15 years old and 1.8 meters tall! Hes handsome, talented, and unrivaled.

I wanted to be his laboratory assistant, but my standard wasnt good enough.

I failed in my application.”


“Tch, its just the local news bragging about him.

If hes so amazing, why didnt he get international recognition Didnt he get any awards”


In fact, Lin Qiyes research must not be worth mentioning, but he bragged that he was the best in the world.

Im laughing my head off.

You guys are 100 years behind!”

“Its useless! You guys are bragging so much, but why isnt the cost of treatment decreasing You might as well take money to treat the common people first.”

When the article blew up, a strange breed appeared on the Internet.

They thought that insignificant flies could slander warriors.

Little did they know that Lin Qiye did not care about the commotion in the outside world.

His goal was always the same – to cure the incurable disease in his body.

The time left for him was getting lesser and lesser.

It was the beginning of spring when he was sixteen.

In the laboratory, Lin Qiye raised his head and looked at the trees that had exploded with green shoots below the laboratory.

He let out a light sigh.

Outside the laboratory door, Lin Qiyes parents faces were flushed red.

They were so excited that they shouted like a madman.

“Son, something big has happened! Something big has happened to you!”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

He opened the laboratory door and stretched his back.

He looked at his parents standing outside the door and the exceptionally excited Professor Yuan.

“What is it”

Mother Lin grabbed Lin Qiyes arm.

“Son, you have won the Lasker Clinical Medicine Award.

The organizers have invited you to receive the award overseas!

“This is the highest-level award in the field of life sciences! It was a preview of the Nobel Prize.

“Winning this award means that you have a 90% chance of winning the Nobel Prize!”


Lin Qiyes heart did not waver.

He waved his hand and rejected, “I dont have the time.

I wont go.”

Professor Yuan was shocked.

“How can you not go and receive the award Ive been dreaming about it! Hurry up and get ready to receive the award.”

Lin Qiyes face was cold.

“Im not interested.

Id rather do experiments.”

He refused righteously.

After learning that Lin Qiye was too lazy to accept the award, all the professors at the National University of Science and Technology sighed.

They wished that they could become Lin Qiye to accept the award.

The university leaders even invited Lin Qiye to accept the award time and time again.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiyes attitude was firm.

One came and one went.

However, although Lin Qiye did not accept the award, the award was still given to him.

The judges all knew that Lin Qiye did not need the Lasker Clinical Medicine Award to prove his worth.

However, the award needed Lin Qiye to prove its worth!

After all, Lin Qiyes scientific research results were truly heaven-defying.

Lin Qiye ignored the Lasker Clinical Medicine Award, but the award still treated him like a first love.

Many netizens drew what happened into an anthropomorphic picture.

In the picture, the humanized Lasker Clinical Medicine Award was wrapped in white silk.

It hugged Lin Qiyes arm tightly but was pushed away.


The netizens burst into laughter, and the sketch spread on all platforms.

However, while the happiness belonged to the netizens, Lin Qiye was a little nervous.

“Im 16 years old.

Will the outbreak of terminal illness be far away”

“Ive been sharpening my sword for ten years.

Its time to take it out and utilize it!”


Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

At this moment, the warning notification that he had not heard for seven years finally sounded in Lin Qiyes mind.


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