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His number one protector had to live a little longer.

Lin Qiye climbed onto the bed and stood behind the old emperor.

His little hands pressed on the old emperors back.

“Little Seventeen, what are you doing Are you feeling sorry for Father”

Lin Qiye did not answer.

Streams of innate Qi gushed out from his palm and entered the old emperor.

Innate Qi was a mysterious power that only infants possessed.

It symbolized the vitality of all living things, the spring breeze and morning sun that awakened the earth.

Streams of innate Qi drilled into the crisscrossed centipede scars.

The centipede scars instinctively resisted and started to twist crazily.

It wanted to fight against the innate Qi, but the innate Qi was too overbearing.

At the speed visible to the naked eye, it removed the scars on the old emperors body.

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The centipede scars gradually faded.

Of course, it only became thinner and faint.

If Lin Qiye wanted to cure it from the roots, he still needed to use the innate Qi to treat it for some time.

After all, the old emperors injuries were grave.

Lin Qiye was also young and only a month old.

He could not inject hundreds of wisps of innate Qi at once.

However, the old emperor felt that his body was tens of times more comfortable!

The centipede scars were deeply embedded in his internal organs and could not be removed no matter what.

But now, a portion of their roots had been cut off.

They could no longer absorb the old emperors life force.


The old emperor could not help but let out a long breath of turbid air.

His movements were relaxed, and he seemed relieved of a heavy burden.

“Little Seventeen, quickly stop.

Dont tire yourself out.

Father is already much better!”

The old emperor stopped when he saw that things were going well.

Lin Qiye nodded.

His small hands wiped the sweat on his forehead.

To be honest, a one-month-old baby would still feel strained to heal someone else with innate Qi even if his body had matured to one year old.

But it did not matter.

He would be able to recover after a sleep.

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As such, Lin Qiye lay on his bed and fell asleep peacefully.

When he saw Lin Qiye was so tired that he fell into a deep sleep, an emotional expression appeared on the old emperors face.

The emotions in the depths of his eyes were quite complicated.

There was heartache, worry, and even joy and pride from seeing a peerless genius.

He tucked Lin Qiye in and took a towel to wipe away the fine sweat on his forehead.

“Child, Father will definitely use all of my power to protect you until you reach adulthood.

Father will make all of the Qin Dynastys officials assist you.

“Once you sit firmly on the throne, Father and Old Cao will burn the last of our lives to injure the Wolf Tribes Young Lord.

We will force him to recuperate for ten years and buy you some time.”

The old emperor thought.

He studied Lin Qiyes adorable face for a while and was in a good mood.

He left Yishui Palace with an unprecedentedly carefree pace.

In the next month, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body increased rapidly, reaching 12,600 wisps!

Such a terrifying speed shocked even Lin Qiye.

“I have to say that the Dao Repository Technique is truly heaven-defying! In a world where spiritual energy is scarce, it can create an Innate Divine Body.

“Now that this world is filled with spiritual energy, I can like a fish in water.”

Lin Qiye was rather happy.

He did not expect the Dao Repository Technique to be so powerful!

It was a pleasant surprise!

The heaven-defying Dao Repository Technique also helped Lin Qiye to treat the old emperor.

Lin Qiye transferred nearly 900 wisps of innate Qi into the old emperor in two months.

It was equivalent to feeding the old emperor 100 pure infant innate Qi.

Thus, the centipede scars on the old emperors body were completely removed!

It was as if they melted.

In reality, they are indeed melted.

Lin Qiye even melted half of the hidden injuries in the old emperors body!

It was the heaven-defying power of 900 wisps of innate Qi!

Even the old emperor, who was a half step to the Nascent Soul Realm, was dumbfounded at this effect.

“Little Seventeen, your bone structure is really a divine object! Cough…”

The old emperor spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, and his face turned several times rudder.

“I feel like all the rotten blood in my body has been cleared away!

My body is once again brimming with vitality! My combat strength has recovered.

Its eighty percent of what it was at its peak!”

The old emperors eyes filled with a smile.

In the past, his body felt so heavy as if it was weighed down by mountains.

His meridians were blocked, and his blood vessels aged and became stiff.

The flow of spiritual energy in his internal organs was blocked by his injuries.

If he forcefully circulated it, he would be in excruciating pain.

However, under Little Seventeens treatment, his internal organs were unobstructed, and the tiny blood vessels once again flowed with spiritual energy.

Every cell in his body was reborn.

It made him feel relaxed!

The old emperor laughed.

If he hadnt experienced it personally, he couldnt believe that a two-month-old child could treat the layers of injuries on his body.

Such a miraculous bone structure couldnt even be described as a genius.

He was a monster!

He was a God-like existence!

At that moment, the old emperor became even more determined to help Lin Qiye ascend to the throne.

Little Seventeen was the future of the Qin Dynasty!

With that thought in mind, the old emperor pressed his palm on Lin Qiyes shoulder.

His eyes shone with admiration, joy, and high hopes.

They should be evenly matched even if Little Seventeen could not suppress the Wolf Tribes Young Lord in the future!

“Its been hard on you, Little Seventeen.

Rest well!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

He knew his position would be more stable after saving the old emperor.


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