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As he slashed wildly, he flew into a rage, “Jiang Qingxue, come out and fight me! Did you kill my disciple”

The floating island was in turmoil.

The residents were trembling.

Not long after, Lord Xue floated over.

Her cold and arrogant voice was filled with frost and killing intent.

“I was wondering whose disciple it was.

So youre the one who raised such an impudent disciple.

Ill give you one word.


“If you refuse to scram, Ill kill you!”

Hearing Jiang Qingxues cold rebuke, the Gold Practitioner was so angry that smoke was coming out of his seven orifices.


You, an outsider, dare to be so arrogant!”

He cupped his fists and bowed toward the void, pretending to say, “Lord Li You, please suppress this demoness and take revenge for my disciple.”

As the sound of his voice faded, afigure as bright as the sun appeared in midair.

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Judging from the aura the newcomer emitted, he had the strength of a Platinum Practitioner.

He took out a piece of magical artifact that emitted an evil aura and shattered the protective barrier of the floating island.

Then, he charged toward Jiang Qingxue aggressively.

A hint of anger appeared on Jiang Qingxues beautiful face.

She immediately raised her sword with both hands and charged toward the Platinum Practitioner.

She collided with him.

Seeing this scene, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows as a bad premonition flashed through his heart.

In an instant, wings with lightning and thunder flappedbehind him.

Lin Qiye did not even turn his head as he rushed toward the depths of the floating island.

“F*ck! They were putting on an act.

Their real target was me!”

Lin Qiye could not help but curse in his heart.

As expected, that fish-mouthed Gold Practitioner directly charged toward Lin Qiye.

Behind him, a few Gold Practitioners jumped out at the same time and surrounded Lin Qiye.

“Kid, we analyzed your personality and behavior last night and found that you make us too uneasy!

“As the saying goes, Ill kill whoever doesnt work for me.

I will kill you! At the same time, I will take revenge for the hatred I had six years ago!”

Fish Mouth laughed maniacally.

How could Lin Qiye dare to stop at all

He rushed toward the complicated terrain of the floating island.

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“Hmph! Fortunately, I didnt slack off and made good use of the time for my second simulation and got the wings.

Otherwise, I would be dead now.”

However, even if Lin Qiye had the wings, he could only struggle for a dozen seconds under the combined attacks of so many Gold Practitioners.

“I can only stall for 13 seconds.

If I dont have a backup, Ill definitely die!” Lin Qiye clenched his teeth.

He was somewhat anxious.

Fortunately, a Platinum Practitioner from the Academy faction, Song Shu, descended from the sky a dozen seconds later.

His powerful cultivation protected Lin Qiye.

“Does the Jianghu sect not even have basic rules anymore

“Are you bullying us because we wont directly go to your floating island to kill your people”

Upon hearing the voice filled with killing intent, Fish Mouth and the other Gold Practitioners had ugly expressions on their faces.

“D*mn it, he is too fast.

The original plan was to kill Lin Qiye in five seconds, but he dragged it out until Song Shus arrival!”

Fish Mouth and the other Gold Practitioners had indignant looks on their faces.

They immediately turned their heads and retreated frantically.

However, they were still beaten up by Song Shu until they spat out blood.

They lost half of their Life Lantern Gems energy.

Although they did not die, there were gravely injured!

Song Shu sneered and brought Lin Qiye with him as they rushed towards Li Yous location.

At this moment, Li You and Jiang Qingxue were fighting intensely.

Although Jiang Qingxue was at a disadvantage, she did not lose at the first moment.

Sensing Song Shus arrival and seeing Lin Qiye was unscathed, Li Yous face was livid.

He looked like a piece of black iron, burning with anger.

It was as if he had eaten sh*t.

Upon seeing this, Song Shu could not help but mock.

“Li You, you dont care about your face anymore, do you You came to kill a junior with such underhanded tactics.”

Li You sneered.

“I dont care about A-grade geniuses, but if I can kill an S-grade genius, I can be shameless!”

Li You did not hide his shamelessness at all.

Song Shu laughed out loud.

“But you failed.

Quickly scram! Be careful when you go back.

In a few days, Ill bring Jiang Qingxue and a few Gold Practitioners to kill a few of your sects genius juniors.”

Hearing that, Li You was exasperated.

He did not bother with Jiang Qingxue anymore and immediately left with Fish Mouth.

After returning to the floating island of the Jianghu sect, Li You flew into a rage.

He slapped Fish Mouth, leaving his face with a red and swollen palm print.

“What a bunch of useless trash! A group of Gold Practitioners cant even kill a newbie who just became a practitioner with more than ten seconds

“Our chance to kill is wasted by you bunch of useless things!”

Fish Mouth covered his face with his hand, brimming with a cold sweat.

“Lord Li You, that Lin Qiye is strange.

A pair of wings popped out from his back, and his speed is extremely fast!”

Hearing that, Li You was furious.

“Tell the geniuses below to keep an eye out.

If we meet him in the galaxy world, we must find a chance to kill Lin Qiye!

“My intuition tells me that if we dont get rid of him, he will become a huge threat!”

Li You looked in the direction of Jiang Qingxues floating island with murderous intent.

Meanwhile, on the floating island, Song Shu looked at Lin Qiye in astonishment.

“Kid, youre not bad.

Li You spent a precious artifact fragment to kill you, but in the end, you were unharmed!

“Youre indeed an S-grade genius! Its only been two days, but youre already at the peak of a Silver Practitioner.”

Song Shu sized up Lin Qiye, and the more he looked, the more amazed he became.

“However, you have to be careful from now on.

Weve killed the former S-grade genius of the Jianghu faction.

That person is Li Yous son.

“Li You has been holding a grudge for six years.

Whether its for revenge or to eliminate a threat, he wont let you off easily.”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

“Ill be careful.

Thank you, Lord Song and Lord Xue, for saving me.”

Song Shu smiled and patted Lin Qiye on the shoulder as a sign of encouragement.

Then, he left.

Jiang Qingxues bright eyes scanned Lin Qiye for a few seconds.

Then, she nodded and walked away coldly.

A moment later, the protective shield on the island was reactivated.

The bright light dispersed the dark fog.

Lin Qiye found Chen Fan, who looked worried.

“Brother Ye, are you hurt You scared me! I knew they wanted to kill you, but I didnt expect such an outrageous attack!”

“How hateful!” Chen Fan gritted his teeth.

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold as well.

“After all, I am an S-grade talent, and my potential is limitless.

“However, such a shameless attack had caught the Academy faction off guard!

“If not for my speed, I would already be dead!”

Lin Qiyes voice was ice-cold, and his eyes were sharp, filled with anger, killing intent, and other emotions.


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