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Lin Qiye knew that comprehending this large amount of profound knowledge was extremely beneficial to the Deduction of Genesis.

It could greatly increase the probability of conquering a terminal illness and allow him to defy the heavens and change his fate!

Hence, Lin Qiye immersed himself in profound knowledge without remembering the time to eat or sleep!

The pleasure of climbing the peak of science made his adrenaline and dopamine secrete rapidly.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

It was the spring festival.

Mother Lin gently knocked on the door.

“Good boy, its the New Year.

We should take a break today.”

Hearing the call, Lin Qiye put down the information given by Professor Yuan and walked out of the room with a stretch.

On the table in the living room was a table full of sumptuous New Years Eve meals.

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“Happy New Year, good boy.

You are nine years old!”

Lin Qiyes parents congratulated him.

“I hope our little Qiye can be healthy and happy for the rest of his life!”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye was stunned, and his heart couldnt help but tremble slightly.

Nine years old

It was a special time period.

If he had drunk the poisonous milk powder, he would now be a deformed baby who had just entered kindergarten.

A mentally retarded child.

He was glad that he had changed his fate.

The current Lin Qiye was a doctoral student.

He was an elite student whose thesis had appeared on the cover of top-tier journals in the country!

“Life is really full of emotions…”


Lin Qiye looked out of the window, where the sky was booming with fireworks.

A mature and emotional expression that did not belong to his age appeared on his young face.

However, Lin Qiye hid his emotions almost instantly.

He turned around and happily enjoyed the New Years Eve dinner with his parents.

The sky was booming with fireworks outside the window.

A clear and melodious sound of a notification rang in Lin Qiyes mind amidst the bright fireworks.

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[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 6 years old.

You entered university and finished your first and second year studies at home.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 7 years old.

You completed your third and fourth-year studies at home.


[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 8 years old.

Your graduation thesis stunned your tutor.

The tutor is fond of you and specially recruited you to become a Ph.D.



[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 9 years old.

You are studying for your doctorate certificate.

Your future is bright.


[The Life Lantern Gem is 2/3 percent completed…]


[You have obtained 1,000 movement points.



Looking at the generous reward, Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised.

“I got 1,000 movement points! Now, my movement points have reached 2,000… Although its a little far from 9,500 points…”


“But if I rely on the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card to specialize in the fields of cancer and biological science, and master the worlds top-notch relevant knowledge… I might only need 5,000 movement points to deduce a plan!”

Lin Qiye secretly clenched his fists.

There were only nine years left before the incurable disease broke out when he was eighteen.

In nine years, the outcome was uncertain!


He had to change his fate!

“Oh, I should check my physical condition first.

I cant have any accidents when it comes to my health.

If something else happens to my body, it will be a big problem.”

Lin Qiye was as cautious as ever.

He casually used up 10 movement points and activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction used up 10 movement points (1,990 movement points remaining.)]

[The result of the deduction: your body is currently healthy.

Only the genes of congenital acute diseases are hidden in your bone marrow.

The disease genes will suddenly erupt when you reach adulthood at 18.]

“Alright, theres no problem with my body.

The terminal disease is the ultimate challenge…”

Lin Qiye shook his head and let out a deep breath.

He looked at the two papers that were quietly placed on the desk.

“Next, I want to become the leader of the cancer field and become famous in Country Xia!


“Only then can I mobilize the strength of the country to tackle and research terminal illnesses.

“I can gather the top scientific research forces in the country and even the world to help me prolong my life!”

Lin Qiyes plan was clear.

To achieve his goal as soon as possible, on the first day after the spring festival, Lin Qiye took his thesis and came to Professor Yuans laboratory.

Mother Lin accompanied him.

Professor Yuan was stunned.

“Youve only been a Ph.D.

student for three months, and youve already written two theses”

Lin Qiyes expression was indifferent and cold.


“I already had an idea in the past.

I only need to verify it.

Please take a look at the quality, Professor.”

Professor Yuan nodded and opened the first page.

[Experimental demonstration: whether the consumption of metabolites has anti-tumor effects]

Below it was the abstract.

Through the above multiple controlled experiments, it was known that p53-deficient cells were sensitive to serine consumption.

Therefore, it was proven that through dietary changes or pharmacological methods, removing such amino acids had the potential to treat p53-deficient tumors.

Professor Yuan turned to the first page and began to teach Lin Qiye his life experience.

“Actually, with your talent, the number of theses is not important.

You should focus on quality…”

Halfway through his sentence, Professor Yuan obediently shut his mouth.

His eyes shone as he concentrated on analyzing the experimental process, the methods of analysis, and the conclusions.

He was stunned!

“The idea of this thesis is too creative! It provides a brand new idea for cancer treatment!”

“You can even use this thesis to win an international heavyweight award in the medicinal field,” Professor Yuan spoke quickly.

He seemed excited.

If the content of the thesis was true, Lin Qiye would become famous in the field of biological science!

He was only nine years old.

What kind of concept was it for him to be famous in the biological science field

It could only be said that he was a rare genius!

It was too terrifying!

However, Professor Yuan had some doubts.

“Can the experiment in the paper be repeated”

Lin Qiye said resolutely, “It can be repeated.

It can be repeated a thousand times, even ten thousand times.”

Professor Yuan took a deep breath before looking at the second paper.

There was a long silence.

He felt numb.

It was still a top-tier academic journal, a cover-level thesis!

Lin Qiye was only nine years old.

How could he be so smart

Professor Yuans expression was complicated, mixed with excitement and frustration.

“I can only say that you were born for scientific research! I will help you submit it to an international journal.

Wait for the good news! You can tell me whatever you want.”

In just over a year, three top-rated papers in the field were enough for Professor Yuan to use all his resources to support Lin Qiye.

After all, each paper was ridiculously valuable, and he could more or less benefit from it.

He had picked up a treasure!

Professor Yuan was overjoyed.

He busied himself to submit the theses for Lin Qiye.

Thus, at nine years old, Lin Qiyes papers caused a stir in the field of biotechnology.

The international academic community called him the Prince of the biotechnology field.

With time, there would be no limit on his potential!

The local media was in an uproar.

For a time, comments about the godly prodigy talent had appeared in the newspapers.

But all of this had nothing to do with Lin Qiye.

He didnt care.

He still maintained his lifestyle and tried his best to explore the frontier of biotechnology.

The only thing he cared about in the outside world was the new papers from reputable journals.

He would read every newly published journal more than a dozen times.

All of these could broaden Lin Qiyes depth of thought.

Of course, there were also mistakes and points worth supplementing in many of the papers.

Every now and then, Lin Qiye would send an email to the author of the paper, listing his ideas in detail.

Usually, after only one or two days, the author would write back to thank him in excitement.

After exchanging ideas, Lin Qiye made friends with all the famous professors in biotechnology.

Even the Nobel Prize winner and Lasker Prize winner in clinical medicine were among his good friends.


All the big shots in the field of biological science wanted to work with Lin Qiye.

If they had any new ideas, they would send an email to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiyes improvement was even faster.

When he was ten years old, he only needed 8,500 movement points to deduce a complete plan to overcome the terminal illness.

It was a huge improvement!

Although he still needed 6,500 movement points to defy the heavens and change his fate, hope was right in front of him!

“Only eight years left…”

Lin Qiye felt the urgency of time.

“I need to work harder!”


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