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As long as he can deduce a cultivation method and bring it back, he will be the winner.

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye continued to look for information in the knowledge palace.

After spending more than 20,000 movement points, Lin Qiye gained many small tips.

For example, he should try to befriend the Chosen One, Child of Fortune, and Fated One to increase his grade.

He should also try not to offend them.

Even if everything was going smoothly, he could be overthrown suddenly.

Another example is that he must be careful of the king and royals.

They were usually the strongest people in that universe and had weird personalities.

Lin Qiye read over a thousand such knowledge points.

After reading them, Lin Qiye was confident that he could simulate with ease!

Therefore, he logged out of the forum and walked out of the villa.

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He came to Chen Fans villa.

“Lil Fan, do you want to go out for dinner”

Chen Fan ran out immediately when he heard someone calling out to him.

“Brother Ye, did you finish your second simulation Did you succeed Whats your grade”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly and said, “I got an S-grade.”

Chen Fan was shocked, and he gasped.

“Another S-grade! Brother Ye, you are so awesome! You have to treat me to a big meal.”

Lin Qiye waved his hand and said, “No problem.”

While talking, they arrived at a high-end restaurant on the floating island and took a private room.

They sat in the private room.

Chen Fan took out a small notebook from his pocket.

“Brother Ye, I have reviewed the current situation in Li City.

Let me share it with you.

“Li City is divided into two factions.

One is the Jianghu faction, led by Platinum Practitioner Li You.

There are 147 Gold Practitioners under their command.

“The other is the Academic faction, led by Platinum Practitioner Song Shu.

There are 136 Gold Practitioners under their command.

“These two factions are evenly matched.

However, the Jianghu faction likes to play God and is strict with the commoners on the island.

There are corpses thrown out every day.

The Academic faction hates this kind of behavior.

“Of course, its not enough to make the two factions hostile to each other.”

“The real reason for the hostility was that six years ago, Li Yous son had received an S grade at the start, which shocked Li City.

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“A year later, he found a Malicious Artifact Fragment from God knows where.

It could follow the Gold Practitioners of Li City and enter the same space to fight.

“With the artifact fragment, he killed thirteen Gold Practitioners of the Academic faction!

“He even said that he wanted to kill all of the Li City Academic faction.

He wanted the Jianghu faction to dominate.

“In the end, he was killed by the bigshot Gold Practitioners of the Li City Academic faction in the galaxy world not long after.

“From then on, the Jianghu faction and the Academic faction completely fell off.

“You have to be careful, Brother Ye! You are an S-grade genius.

The Jianghu faction will try their best to kill you.

“Firstly, it is to get revenge.

Secondly, when you become stronger, you will break the balance in Li City and hurt the interests of the Jianghu faction.

Their faction might suffer…” Chen Fan warned him worriedly.

On the other hand, Lin Qiye raised an eyebrow.

“Theres such a background story No wonder.

I will be careful.

Thank you, Lil Fan.”

Chen Fan smiled and said, “You are welcome.

We are brothers.”

Lin Qiye was silent for a moment.

“I have a feeling that the Jianghu sect is going to stir up some trouble.

By the way, are you ready for your second simulation You have to improve your strength as soon as possible.”

Chen Fan nodded.

“I have prepared everything.

Not only do I have two cards, but I have also looked up many strategies.

I am sure I will get a good score.

I only hope that I will not be a dog this time!”

Seeing that Chen Fan was full of fighting spirit, Lin Qiye patted him on the shoulder and encouraged, “Good luck.”

Then, the two ate high-end food they had never seen before and chatted.

They grew up together, and they were close, so it was not awkward at all.

After filling their stomach, the two of them walked around the floating island.

On the way, a few pretty girls flirted with Lin Qiye.

“Lin Qiye, I am Li Shiyun, an A grade Prodigy from last year.

Lets make friends!”

“My name is Xia Qianqian.

Maybe we can get to know each other better or even form a team together”

The A-grade prodigy girls approached Lin Qiye one by one.

Chen Fans eyes were filled with envy.

“D*mn! Brother Ye, you are such a hypocrite! Four girls! I am so jealous.

Why did you reject all of them”

Lin Qiye shook his head expressionlessly regarding Chen Fans jealousy.

“It doesnt mean anything…

“As a Galaxy Practitioner, the only thing that matters to us is our strength.

“S-grade is only a talent.

If I cant make it, would they still be as passionate as they are today

“Besides, is it enough to become a Gold Practitioner No! I really want to become a Platinum Practitioner or even a Diamond Practitioner!

“Lil Fan, when you are young, dont be distracted by trivial matters,” Lin Qiye said seriously.

Hearing his words, Chen Fan also calmed down.

“I understand, Brother Ye! Thank you for reminding me.

In fact, ever since I became a Galaxy Practitioner, I have been a little over the top.

I thought I was above everyone else, so I relaxed…”

Lin Qiye patted Chen Fans shoulder and was about to say something.

Suddenly, astrong wind blew over the sky above the floating island.

A figure with the aura of a Gold Practitioner held a long knife, angrily landed on the floating island, and slashed at the protective shield.

Looking closely at the figure, he had a big mouth and thin lips, looking like a fish.

His face looked arrogant.


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