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Lin Qiye frowned.

He had searched through the shop but could not find an excellent gold-tier cultivation technique!

Even if it was a lesser cultivation technique, the starting price was 800,000 movement points.

“Isnt this a robbery A B-grade Galaxy Practitioner would probably need to simulate for ten years without eating or drinking to gather 800,000 movement points!

“However, this price seems to make some sense…”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

A cultivation method blessed by the Life Lantern Gem could only be used once and was considered a consumable product.

As for a gold-tier cultivation technique, it was a higher quality consumable, so the price was naturally expensive.

800,000 points were reasonable.

In the future, if Lin Qiye had an extra gold-tier cultivation technique, he would definitely set the price at 1.2 million movement points.

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However, Lin Qiye was hesitant to buy it!

He went back and forth a few times but got nothing.

As for using the Deduction of Genesis to deduce a cultivation technique in the main world, Lin Qiye couldnt afford it.

After all, the rules of the main world were complex, and deducing a cultivation technique required tens of millions of movement points.

Lin Qiye didnt have enough points.

“Ill look in the Practitioner Forum!”

Lin Qiye immediately entered the forums as he thought about this.

The Practitioner Forum was a virtual universe consisting of a Trading Palace, a Knowledge Palace, and a discussion area.

Unfortunately, after looking around the Trading Palace, he still couldnt find any gold-tier cultivation techniques he liked.

Lin Qiye let out a breath.

“I finally understand why the good treasures have to be obtained by myself!

“It seems I can only go to a galaxy world and deduce a gold-tier cultivation technique, then bring it back.

“Tomorrow, Ill continue the simulation! Ill work harder than any other Galaxy Practitioner!”

Lin Qiye made up his mind.

“However, Ill take a stroll around the Knowledge Palace tonight.

After all, theres a lot of knowledge the academy didnt teach us.

Its necessary to brainstorm.”

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye came to the Knowledge Palace.

The Knowledge Palace was intelligent.

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Lin Qiye was a gold-tier Life Lantern Gem, so it would automatically select the knowledge points in the gold-tier area according to Lin Qiyes thoughts.

A knowledge point sales ranking appeared in front of his eyes.

The knowledge that Galaxy Practitioners put up for sale was listed.

The higher the sales volume, the more useful the knowledge was, and the more people recognized it.

Lin Qiyes gaze swept across the list.

[A guide for Gold Practitioners! A realization from an S-grade practitioner!]

Published: 2,000 years ago

Main world price: 500 movement points

Volume sold: Hidden.

The title was creative, especially since this guide was published 2,000 years ago!

Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel curious.

“A 2,000-year-old commodity Even if one unit costs 500 movement points, the owner can still earn a few billion movement points, right Doesnt that mean theyre filthy rich”

Lin Qiye was a little envious.

Its good to be born early.

“If a person from 2,000 years ago is still alive, he should be a Diamond Practitioner by now.”

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye casually clicked on the purchase button.

As a rich man with 720,000 movement points, a mere 500 points was a drizzle!

After purchasing the information, a golden scroll unfolded in front of Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye gave it some thought after browsing through it.

“The rules in the Golden Spacetime are more stable.

Golden Core cultivators cant withstand the cosmic storm.

Only Nascent Soul Realm cultivators can.

“But even in the Golden Spacetime, 90% of the universes can only give birth to half-completed Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

“Only a universe that has lasted hundreds of millions or billions of years can give birth to a true Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

“No wonder gold-tier cultivation techniques are priceless!”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly and browsed through the contents of the golden scroll.

The seller also said that luck was very important.

On his first walk, his luck exploded, and he traveled to a universe that had lasted for 6 billion years.

Although it was extremely dangerous, the success of changing his fate made him a top-tier Gold Practitioner.

His friend had simulated for three years, and he was still at the half-completed Nascent Soul Realm.

“I hope my luck is good.

I dont want to waste three years.”

Lin Qiye frowned and continued reading.

“Its worth mentioning that in the gold-tier universes, there will be demons and strange creatures, but they are rare.

If youre unlucky and encounter them, its best to give up.

Dont torture yourself.”

“Finally, theres something I have to mention.

A battle between practitioners!”

“When you become a Gold Practitioner, you may face a battle.”

“The advantage of fighting is that you can plunder all the resources of the dead.

The disadvantage is that you will die in the galaxy world and cease to exist!”

“If you are unwilling to fight, you can refuse.

The consequence is that the next time you simulate, the difficulty will increase.”

“Of course, there are also some practitioners who have obtained pieces of magical artifact from a demonic world and forced you into a fight.”

“You cannot refuse it, but the difficulty of your simulation will be reduced.

If you defy the heavens and change your fate well, you can return in advance.

However, you have to hide well and not be found.

Then, you can make the other party lose everything.”

“Remember, you have to be careful in a battle! After all, a hunter might also be the prey.

Everyone has a chance of turning the tables.”

Lin Qiye finished reading it.

He gained much knowledge and could not help but let out a breath of turbid air.

“Fighting other practitioners It is not necessary for me.

Now, I only need to enter a galaxy world that could give birth to a Nascent Soul cultivator and deduce the corresponding cultivation method,” Lin Qiye muttered.

The universe in his second life could not give birth to a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, Lin Qiye cannot deduce.

But next, Lin Qiye can go to the Golden Spacetime.


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