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[You have obtained an SS grade reward: The Death Warrior Reagent, Awakened Gene Reagent, Angels Wings manufacturing process.]

[The principle of the manufacturing process is stored in the Life Lantern Gem.

It can be placed into the Reincarnation Wisdom Card and brought into the galaxy world.]

[However, a silver-tier Reincarnation Wisdom Card can only carry one type of technology.

Please make your choice.]

[In addition, the technology needs a supporting laboratory before it can be produced.]

[You have obtained the main worlds reward: Xia Universes Heavenly Dao Mark.]

[The main world hopes that Xia Universe could grow further and specially bestows you with Xia Universes Heavenly Dao Mark.]

[You have obtained Xia Yuzhous anchoring point.

When Xia Universe encounters a destructive predicament, the main world will invite you to descend upon Xia Universe.]

[After obtaining this Heavenly Dao Mark, you will have a natural affinity with all the Chosen Ones, the Children of Fortune, and the Fated Ones in every space and time.

The Antagonist of Destiny, the demons, and monsters will be wary of you.]


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Lin Qiye was secretly delighted.

He had obtained the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body and his precious Dao Repository Technique!

Obtaining these two rewards was already a huge gain, but the SS grade reward had exceeded Lin Qiyes expectations!

100,000 movement points was undoubtedly a fortune!

If Lin Qiye did not have the Sacrificial Soldier Technology to farm for 600,000 movement points, 100,000 points would be Lin Qiyes entire savings.

Of course, even if Lin Qiye had 600,000 movement points at the moment, 100,000 points was still a sum that could not be ignored.

However, he never dreamt to be rewarded a wisp of innate Qi this time.

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

He only wanted to bring back the Dao Repository Technique in the beginning, buthe forgot that he was not a newborn baby, so he had already lost his innate Qi.

However, the SS grade reward was a wisp of innate Qi.

With innate Qi, he could cultivate the Dao Repository Technique in the main world and condense an Innate Divine Body!

“What a considerate reward mechanism…”

“Perhaps the SS grade reward is just so considerate I wonder what the SSS grade reward will be like!”

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up into a smile.

There was anticipation and also desire.

Of course, Angels Wings were also a good reward.

He had enjoyed the amplification brought by Angels Wings.

The two wings could also be baptized by the innate Qi to become a divine item, and they could fuse with the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

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It was equivalent to the extension of his Dao bones.

It was more convenient compared to ordinary Sword Riding and Void Flying.

Sword Riding and Void Flying would encounter sharp turns that were difficult to maneuver, but the wings do not have this problem.

No matter how dangerous the situation was, they could provide a point of leverage to avoid danger.

With this in mind, Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

He stood up, and his wings of lightning and thunder shot out.

“How comfortable!”

The smile in Lin Qiyes eyes was bright.

“However, I should not display the wings in the main world.

Ill use them as a trump card.

They have miraculous effects.”

Lin Qiye was on high alert.

It was more satisfying to hide his strength and catch his enemy off guard.

As for the Death Warrior Reagent, Awakening Reagent, and the principle behind Angels Wings, Lin Qiye had obtained them by burning his lifespan.

He wasnt surprised.

However, the reward from the main world caused him to fall into a momentary daze.

“The Xia Universes Heavenly Dao Mark The academy has never mentioned this … Perhaps its a bit rare.

“With the Xia Universes Heavenly Dao Mark, I could even go over and save the world when Xia Universe was in danger.

However, Ji Qinghuan seemed to have broken through the void and left.

She still couldnt see me if I went over.

“Its a pity… She ate a million-year-old spiritual herb and increased her lifespan by 100,000 years.

Can she still be alive after that”

Lin Qiye didnt know.

He had a faint sense of nostalgia for the girl he had met by chance but had gone through thick and thin together and fought side by side.

This sense of nostalgia was just like how he had “stolen” her undergarment white silk.

Lin Qiye dismissed the chaotic thoughts in his heart andlet out a deep breath.

“Im afraid my simulation this time was worth a hundred simulations of others!

“Its equivalent to others getting an Agrade rating a hundred times!”

Lin Qiye laughed heartily.

“In the future, its best to aim for a rating above SS grade.

Its too awesome!”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

“Of course, before my next simulation, I have to go to the systems shopping mall to find a cultivation method book.

“Now, I can break through to become a Gold Practitioner!

“Its important to increase my strength!”

However, when Lin Qiye opened the system and browsed the shop, he frowned.


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