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Elder Lin was their faith! A guiding light!

Now that they heard another part of Elder Lins story, they could not help tearing up.

Behind Ji Qinghuan, the Golden Core cultivators from the Angel Universe were also crying.

It was our King!

No matter which life King Lin led, he would always shine and become a faith!

Thus, the Angel Universe and Xia Universe, who shared the same belief, developed a good relationship.

The commoners and powerhouses of the two universes intermarried with each other.

People listened to the two versions of their legend.

They were even more convinced that Elder Lin was a God who had descended to the mortal world.

His mission was to burn himself and save the world.

Lin Qiyes status reached an unprecedented height.

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He became the Supreme God of the two universes in one leap.

In year 12,000 of the Angel calendar, Ji Qinghuan comprehended the Qi Refinement technique and created her own cultivation method.

From then on, the Angel Universe merged with the Xia Universe.

They promoted the Awakening Reagent and Angels Wings, strengthening everyone in the Xia Universe.

Ji Qinghuan was promoted to the Chosen One of the Xia Universe, having an extreme fortune.

In year 10,005 of the Angel calendar, Xia Universe merged with several giant universes, but still, no one could go higher than the Golden Core Realm.

Ji Qinghuan sensed that Xia Universe was trapped in the lowest level of space and time.

The universe would need to experience at least tens of billions of years if it wanted to ascend to a higher level.

She couldnt wait that long.

She wanted to find Lin Qiyes reincarnation!

Even if she was smashed to pieces or never able to recover, she wanted to say what she had not spoken out loud!

Hence, Ji Qinghuan left the Xia Universe resolutely.

In the vast space, she shuttled through the space storm, avoiding the turbulence of time and searching for the path of Ascension alone.

In the 20,000th year of the Angel calendar, Ji Qinghuan broke through the layers of obstacles and ascended to the next space.

At the same time, the geniuses of the Xia Universe who had cultivated to the peak left to search for the path of Ascension.

However, the path of Ascension was fraught with difficulties and obstacles.

The geniuses fell one after another, and the space path was filled with white bones.

In the 200,000th year of Angels calender, 180,000 years had passed.

Not a single genius had been able to shatter the space and ascend.

“Stop exploring! You will die without a burial place! The peak of the Golden Core Realm is the limit of our universe!”

“No, Elder Lin told us to explore eternally.”

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“If we dont come back, let it be so!”

“Elder Lin will shine on our way forward!”

[Your SS grade rating only supports you to look up to 200,000 years.]

[In your simulated life, you chose to burn your life force and return.

This simulation of life is over.

Your soul and body are returning.]

A 200,000-year-old epic tale flashed across Lin Qiyes eyes.

“I didnt expect the first universe to merge with the second.

They treated me as a God who descended to save the world…”

“However, the exploration of Ascension that lasted for more than 100,000 years was completely wiped out except for Ji Qinghuan.”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but sigh.

“Even so, they are still flying moths to the fire…”

It had to be said that a humans courage and fearlessness in exploring the unknown was indeed worthy of respect!

Lin Qiye was touched.

“However, Ji Qinghuan unexpectedly became the Chosen One and was the only genius who broke through the shackles of time and space for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

Such a stunning girl.

In the past, the Angel Planet was only a miniature universe and couldnt even nurture a Golden Core cultivator.

She endured the pain of the magma burning her internal organs and helped Lin Qiye break through his limits.

That unyielding character left a deep impression on Lin Qiye.

Even though they had only been together for five short years, her sparkling eyes, wine-red hair, and unyielding character far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

All of these made Lin Qiye admire her.

“If she were in the main world, she would definitely be a genius of S grade and above.

“Unfortunately, Im afraid itll be difficult to meet her in the future.”

As for whether the two of them would meet in the future, Lin Qiyes intuition was also uncertain.

He could only shake his head slightly.

After a short while, Lin Qiyes thoughts wavered.

The dimensional eggshell that enveloped his soul and body shattered inch by inch.

Then, Lin Qiye fell off the soul anchoring square.

“Phew… Ive finally returned after simulating for a lifetime! The reward this time is ridiculously good!”

Seeing the reward, Lin Qiye couldnt help but smile.

[Youve broken through the limits of your life and created numerous legends.

The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased, reaching the Gold tier and full of energy.

At the same time, you can also purchase gold-tier cultivation methods to increase your cultivation.]

[Your performance during this simulation was heaven-defying.

You have achieved many impossible fate changes and saved a research genius and a Chosen One.

Your score has reached SS grade.]

[You have obtained an SS grade reward: 100,000 movement points.

You have a total of 720,900 movement points.]

[You have obtained an SS grade reward: Dao Repository Technique.

This technique could only be cultivated by those who possessed innate Qi.

Their innate qi would not be extinguished, and one could condense a flawless, unsullied, and dustless Innate Divine Body.]

[You have obtained an SS grade reward: a wisp of pure innate Qi.]

[You have obtained an SS grade reward: the Supreme Dao Bone-Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body! (Awakened.

Awakening progress: 1%.

In the galaxy world, the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body will descend at the age of 14.)]

[You have obtained an SS grade reward: Angels Wings (Natal Magic Artifact, fused.

In the galaxy world, it will descend when your strength reaches half of the main world.)]


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