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[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: At 12 years old, you have commanded a million soldiers to fight against 1.4 million Golden Core elites of the Divine Tiger Universe and annihilated the enemy.

You obtained 400,000 movement points.

Currently, you have a total of 740,900 movement points.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: The main world has detected that you have discovered three special technologies while simulating in the galaxy world! The main world hopes you can bring back these three special technologies!]

[To bring back these three special technologies, you have to burn all the energy in your Life Lantern Gem and the remaining 488 years of your life in this world.

The main world hopes you can burn your life because these three special technologies are extremely rare.]

[Friendly reminder: You dont have much time left.

If you dont choose to return before the countdown ends, the three technologies will be lost.]

[Friendly reminder: If you return with the special technologies, the main world will give you an extra reward! Countdown: 59 seconds.]

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

“The main world took the initiative to give a reminder The academy didnt mention this.”

Lin Qiyes gaze was solemn.

“However, the academy only taught basic knowledge, so its not surprising that I dont know.

“Even the main world was attracted to jump out to give a hint.

It looks like these three technologies are extremely special and perhaps even involve the essence of the world.”

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Lin Qiye could not help but think of that hazy dream he had in his first life regarding genes.

Then, he connected it to the powerful upgrade of Angels Wings.

It was as if Lin Qiye had peered into a completely different path of cultivation.

“The main world should be more accepting of this path of cultivation…

“I will listen to the suggestion.

Burn my life force and bring back these three pieces of technology!”

The intuition brought about by the Deduction of Genesis told Lin Qiye that doing this would only benefit him!

Lin Qiye nodded.

It wouldnt cause him any loss.

He only pondered for a moment, but time quietly passed, and in the blink of an eye, there were only 53 seconds left.

53 seconds.

He had to deal with all the unfinished matters!

He couldnt care less about the trivial things.

He could only care about a few important things.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

He immediately activated his Deduction of Genesis.

With its help, he used 20,000 movement points to build a teleportation array that led to the Central Sacred City of the Divine Tiger Universe.

At this moment, there were only 30 seconds left.

Lin Qiye once again used the Deduction of Genesis.

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“Find a heavenly treasure that can restore vitality in the Divine Tiger Universe!”

[This deduction requires 100,000 movement points.

You will have 629,000 movement points left.]

Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

Five years ago, he had sworn in his heart that he would help Ji Qinghuan find a heavenly treasure that could restore vitality.

Therefore, even if it were 100,000 movement points, Lin Qiye would not hesitate.

After all, a man must keep his word.

[Deduction successful: There is a palace at the bottom of the Divine Tiger Universes magma.

Inside the palace, there is a fire-type spiritual herb growing for a million years.]

At this moment, there were only 25 seconds left.

Lin Qiye grabbed Ji Qinghuans arm and moved closer to her.

It was the first time the distance between them was so intimate.

Ji Qinghuan stood rooted to the ground.

Her ears were glowing red, and her bright eyes flashed with shyness.

“Brother Ye… Whats wrong”

But soon, she realized that something was wrong.

She stared at Lin Qiyes handsome features seriously.

In an instant, the moments they had together appeared in front of her eyes.

For some reason, Ji Qinghuans heart throbbed with pain as if she was about to lose half of her soul.

She opened her mouth, wanting to speak but was interrupted by Lin Qiye.

“Listen to me… In the depths of the Divine Tiger Universes magma, there is a million-year-old spiritual herb that can help you recover your vitality.

Find it and eat it!

“If you dont like managing a country, hand it over to others.

Ill give you the storage ring, which contains war resources.

“Help me take care of my grandmother and Qin Xingtong.

Sorry to trouble you.

Let them live their lives naturally.”

Lin Qiye talked like he was about to leave the world.

Ji Qinghuan was a little confused.

“Brother Ye… Whats wrong”

Lin Qiye waved his hand.

Actually, his feelings for Ji Qinghuan were also a little special.

She was a cheerful, lively, determined, and brave girl.

She was like jade, beautiful, and had a quality that made people love and admire her.

However, as a Galaxy Practitioner, Lin Qiye was destined to travel through thousands of time and space, thousands of universes, and thousands of worlds.

He was a time traveler, a passerby in the human world.

In his first life, it was 300,000 years ago.

In his third life, he might have gone a million years later, or even a million years ago.

He might never meet Ji Qinghuan again.

“Take care! You have to take care of yourself too!”

“Dont cry for me.


Lin Qiye smiled.

There were only three seconds left.


Although Ive only lived 12 years in this world, its enough.

I will get the SS grade rating, and I can get all the luxurious rewards.

The only regret is…

Lin Qiye sighed slightly.

He felt a little regretful towards Ji Qinghuan, but there was nothing he could do.

He was merely a passer-by in a myriad of time and space.

He had a short life.

It was right not to pester her.

He could not even tell Ji Qinghuan the truth because the Life Lantern Gem did not allow it.

Lin Qiye could only retreat silently.

In the next second, lightning and thunder wings shot out behind Lin Qiye.

He was sent flying a thousand meters away.

In an instant, clouds gathered in the sky, and thick bolts of lightning blasted Lin Qiye into shattering light wings and feathers.

The feathers floated in all directions.

Then, they vanished into thin air!

Ji Qinghuan raised her head in a daze, her face filled with disbelief and shock.

She did not manage to react for a moment.

Suddenly, sparkling tears rolled in her eyes.

In an instant, the tears gathered.

Then, bean-sized tears rolled down Ji Qinghuans cheeks and dripped onto the corner of her mouth, her clothes, and the floor.

She raised her arm to wipe the tears away.

The tears flowed onto her hands, on her palms, and the back of her hands, crisscrossing with each other.

She cried out in pain as if a sharp knife had pierced into her heart, stirring it continuously.

She soared into the air and flew to where Lin Qiye had disappeared.

She summoned the flames in her body and gathered all the scattered feathers, trying to piece together the radiant God in her heart.

However, those feathers disappeared even faster.

She couldnt catch them.

Ji Qinghuan was anxious and angry.

“Come back!”

“Please come back, okay”

“Come back!”

Ji Qinghuan howled like an injured lone wolf, howling alone in the wilderness in the middle of the night.

Her grave injuries were mixed with deep sorrow.

In her scream, there was a pain that she couldnt tell even thoughshe had exhausted all of her life force.

Even when she was torn apart in the lava for four whole years, even when her internal organs were burned inch by inch every day, it still didnt make her feel so much pain that she wished she was dead.

Ji Qinghuan stood in the void, crying until her blood was cold.

The flame runes on her body flashed wildly, but they could not make her feel even the slightest bit of warmth.

By the bloody lake, the Death Warriors who had witnessed Lin Qiyes sudden death also felt as if their souls had been ripped out.

They stared blankly at the void like puppets.

After a long time, their howl towards the sky resounded across the battlefield.

“King Lin… King Lin…”

“You still havent brought us to build new cities in the Divine Tiger Universe!”

“King Lin is like a God descending into the world.

Its impossible for him to die! I dont believe it! I cant accept it!”

“Its the monsters of the Divine Tiger Universe.

Its all their fault! Im going to kill them all!”

The Death Warriors gritted their teeth.

They went through the teleportation array in anger and wanted to use their enemys blood to cover up the pain in their hearts.

However, Lin Qiye was indeed dead.

The 5000 Death Warriors calmed down and returned to the Angel Planet with broken hearts three days later.

As the second pillar of the Angel Planet apart from Lin Qiye, Ji Qinghuans eyes were red and swollen.

She comforted Grandma Lin, who had cried and fainted more than ten times.

Then, Ji Qinghuan endured her grief and sent an obituary across the Angel Planet.

“Our king was born in thunder and belonged to thunder.

He is the God of thunder and lightning.

After he came to save us, he returned to the realm of Gods.”

Her words were tactful.

However, the people of Angel Planet could understand the hidden meaning behind her words.

Did King Lin die

He led them to overthrow the rule of the bullies, led them to build a new country, led them to resist the invasion of the Divine Tigers, led them to counterattack the foreign lands, showed infinite love to his people, and was a brilliant ruler.

What happened

The people could not believe it.

They did not want to accept it.

However, the truth was the truth.

The people had no choice but to accept it.

Such cruel news was like a bolt from the blue.

It exploded in the hearts of the people, causing them to burst into tears.

That day, the Angel Planet was filled with grief.

The officials of Angel Planet buried Lin Qiyes clothes outside Jiang City, Lin Qiyes hometime, with the highest respect.

Every citizen stood in front of Lin Qiyes portrait, mourning.

The people understood Lin Qiyes past.

He was abandoned at birth.

He cried alone in the bushes and was saved by Grandma Lin.

He grew up in the slums with her.

He was used to seeing the misery of the poor, so he wanted to change the world.

Therefore, he used his wisdom to create the Qi Refinement technique and become a legendary king.

During the war with the Divine Tiger Universe, he suppressed the foreign races with absolute force.

In his hands, an incomparably powerful and prosperous Angel Planet, an eternal and indestructible Kingdom Xia, had taken shape.

However, the heavens envied the talented and young king.

After saving the Angel Planet, the heavens took him away because he was too outstanding.

Lin Qiyes short life was perfect without a single flaw.

The people loved him very much.

They called him the king and the father of the nation.

Lin Qiyes life was brilliant.

When he was a young man, he was the master of a universe and an era!

The only drawback was that he had dedicated his life to his people.

He had never been in love, and he did not have any children.

The Angel Planet thanked Lin Qiye.

The people carried his unfinished will, trained, researched, and built a new universe.

To commemorate him, lifelike sculptures shot up into the sky from all parts of each city.

Every city in the Divine Tiger Universe had a giant sculpture of Lin Qiye.

Although Lin Qiye had passed away, his brilliance remained in every part of the Angel Planet.

‘He silently looked at the Angel Planet stepping into a grand and prosperous era.

People would remember him every year, mourn for him, clean his statue, and lay flowers.

Children would sing songs to praise the prosperous era as he wished.

20 years later, in year 20 of the Angel calendar, the Angel Universe swallowed the Divine Tiger Universe.

It became a giant universe.

The third natural Golden Core cultivator appeared on Angel Planet in the same year.

Then, Golden Core cultivators started to sprout.

In year 100 of the Angel calendar, humans multiplied and established 3,000 cities in the Divine Tiger Universe.

The teleportation array Lin Qiye left behind before his death became the most important tool to cross the Divine Tiger Universe.

Qin Xingtong, who had cultivated to the Golden Core Realm, encountered a bottleneck in his research.

He left the Angel Universe and wanted to research a new genetic technology from other species.

In year 200 of the Angel calendar, the grief-stricken Ji Qinghuan recalled Lin Qiyes last words before he died.

She immediately dove into the depths of the magma of the Divine Tiger Universe and ate the million-year-old spiritual herb.

She immediately gained a lifespan of 100,000 years, an upgrade from her 500 years left.

In year 10,000 of the Angel calendar, Ji Qinghuans talent bloomed, and she created a cultivation method that belonged solely to herself.

At the same time, the Xia Universe began to pursue the Divine Tiger Universe, colliding with the Angel Universe.


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