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Lin Qiye went all out.

The 1000-foot-tall First-turn Dragon Elephant Phantom rose from the ground.

Its scarlet eyes opened as it stared coldly at the Sacred Lord.

A thousand lightning dragons bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they quickly entered Lin Qiye.

As a result, Lin Qiye became a God that controlled lightning.

Lightning flashed in his eyes.

The wings on his back flashed with lightning, and dragons circled him.

The Divine Tiger Phantom within the Sacred Lords body suddenly trembled after feeling the terrifying aura from Lin Qiyes body.

“Run! Run!”

The Divine Tiger Phantom trembled and warned, stunning the Sacred Lord.

“The Divine Tiger Phantom personally told me to run Is he so strong” The Sacred Lord gritted its teeth in disbelief.

“I will not! I dont believe that the geniuses of the Xia Universe would be invincible!”

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The Divine Tiger Phantoms reminder had hurt the Sacred Lords pride.

The muscles on its arms tightened like two pythons as it waved the Heavenly Halberd and slashed at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

The lightning wings behind him shot out andimmediately turned into afterimages.

In the blink of an eye, he cut down at the Heavenly Halberd.

A terrifying power was directed from the Heavenly Halberd to the Sacred Lord.

The Sacred Lords face was pale, and the thick blood vessels on its arm exploded.

The Sacred Lord was stunned.

Its hands trembled, and its heart sank to the bottom.

It finally understood!

Their ancestors had used 100,000 years, or even 200,000 years, and the lesson they learned was a supreme truth.

They had to run when they met the geniuses of the Xia Universe!

The Sacred Lord now understood why their ancestors had repeatedly emphasized it in the ancient books.


They had to run!

The Sacred Lord gritted its teeth.

It didnt care about pride anymore, nor did it care about the burning of its life force.

It retreated crazily.

In the blink of an eye, it had flown several thousand meters.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Was it fleeing Was the Sacred Lord a bigger coward than the White Tiger King

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Shock flashed through Lin Qiyes eyes.

Soon after, his eyes were filled with indifference.

“If you run from me, youll die even faster…”

As he finished speaking, his thunder wingsflapped.

Lin Qiye was like an agile hunting eagle, pouncing toward the fleeing Sacred Lord.

One had to admit that the Sacred Lord was quite decent at escaping.

Its escape speed and route were tricky.

If he didnt have Angels Wings, Lin Qiye might be unable to catch up with the fleeing Sacred Lord.

But with Angels Wings, it was completely different.

Lin Qiye flew extremely fast, leaving afterimages behind him.

His speed was so rapid that even Golden Core cultivators were dazzled.

In an instant, Lin Qiye arrived behind the Sacred Lord.

His blade, spiraling with the lightning dragon, slashed toward the Sacred Lords head.

The blade was swift.

It flashed and disappeared.

The blade light entered the back of the Sacred Lords neck and quickly disappeared.

After that, the Sacred Lords head flew high in the air.

The world revolved in his eyes, and darkness corroded it.

So this was what it looked like after ones head was cut off.

The Sacred Lords face filled with fear, regret, unwillingness, and longing for life.

“The Sacred Lord died just like that”

The generals and Tiger Kings couldnt help but gape when they saw the Sacred Lords severed head.

In the next moment, they started to run!

However, Ji Qinghuan stopped them.

A flaming dragon hovered in the sky and looked down at them silently.

“Where are you all running to”

Her singing voice was pleasant but contained extreme killing intent and coldness.

The Tiger Kings felt their scalps go numb, and their expressions changed.

“This woman is as terrifying as the Sacred Lord! Shes even slightly stronger than the Sacred Lord!”

“Theres no time to waste! Charge! Charge! If we dont charge, all of us will die!”

The Tiger Kings didnt dare to waste any more time.

They immediately burned their lives and braced themselves to face Ji Qinghuan.

Unfortunately, they did not resist for long.

Lin Qiye suddenly descended from the sky and joined forces with Ji Qinghuan to kill the group.

After slaughtering them all, Lin Qiye reached out and pulled a long spear from the battlefield.

He lifted the head of the Sacred Lord.

Lin Qiye floated high up in the air, and his majestic voice resounded throughout the battlefield.

“The Sacred Lord is dead!”

“Surrender now!”

Hearing that their king had killed the enemys Sacred Lord, the human Golden Core Death Warriors morale soared! Their attacks became even fiercer!

The Divine Tiger Clans elites glanced over, and their hearts trembled.

“The Sacred Lord died so quickly”

“Even the Sacred Lord couldnt escape death, let alone us!”

“We must die on the battlefield! We are in a war of extermination! There will be a race exterminated!”

“Theres no other way! Lets go all out! Give our families and comrades at the back a chance to escape!”

“Since were going to die anyway, we might as well kill one more enemy before we die!”

“Divine Tigers! Charge!”

The elites of the Divine Tiger Clan fell into despair.

They were terrified and desperate.

However, after the despair, the Divine Tigers braced their deaths and became soldiers full of sorrow.

Hence, 1.4 million Divine Tigers and 1 million Death Warriors with the determination to die collided.

Explosions occurred one after another on the battlefield.

Surprisingly, some elites of the Divine Tiger Clan self-detonated in despair.

Pieces of flesh and broken limbs were thrown into the air.

Before long, blood flowed into a river near the battlefield.

The mutilated corpses floated in the river of blood.

The blood vapor rose, forming a blood cloud that blotted out the sky.

Even the sun hid, not daring to cast sunlight.

The battlefield was like a meat grinder.

The Golden Core cultivators were shredded one after another, turning into corpses.

No one could maintain their rationality!

In the beginning, perhaps some people would be terrified, afraid, and want to escape.

But in the end, the viciousness in their hearts skyrocketed, turning them into killing machines.

Even Ji Qinghuan and Lin Qiye had bloodshot eyes on the battlefield.

The battle lasted for three days and three nights.

The battlefield within a radius of 100,000 miles was sunk by 30 meters.

On the battlefield, blood accumulated into a lake.

Corpses floated in the bloody lake.

Three days and nights later, the sun set in the west, as red as blood.

The battle was over.

All the elites of the Divine Tiger Clan had died!

As for the millions of Golden Core Death Warriors of the human race, only five thousand were left.

They were covered in wounds, and not a single part of their bodies was intact.

However, they had won the war!

The Death Warriors were rather excited.

The joy of victory spread from the bottom of their hearts.

Their numb state of mind was like a dead tree that had been reborn.

“King Lin, Commander Ji, we won! We won!”

“We won!”

The Death Warriors curled their lips and laughed out loud.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Yes, we won!”

“The Divine Tigers luck had run out.

Kingdom Xia will prosper! From now on, we, Kingdom Xia, are the masters here! We have opened up a vast territory for future generations!”

Lin Qiyes determined voice fell into the ears of all the Death Warriors.

They were deeply touched and were so excited that tears were shining.

“The Divine Tigers luck had run out.

Kingdom Xia will prosper!” They chanted.

“We have won!”

“Long live the King!”

The Death Warriors roared to the sky to vent the joy in their hearts.

At the same time, the bloody lake stirred up waves dozens of feet long.

It seemed that the compatriots who had died in battle were also celebrating.

Lin Qiye silently looked at the surviving Death Warriors.

“Rest for a while.

Then, we will clean up the corpses of our comrades.

We will return in triumph!”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, the surviving Death Warriors fell into silence.

The next moment, they were still laughing wildly as they wept bitterly.

Tears flowed down their faces that were covered in blood, washing out a shocking trail of bloody tears.

“We won! But our comrades…”

“Our comrades! Our comrades who have been with us every day!”

The five thousand Death Warriors looked up at the sky in grief as if their hearts were torn into pieces.

Upon seeing this scene, Ji Qinghuans eyes were hazy with tears, and her face was distressed.

Lin Qiye held his long blade and let out a deep breath.

He was unable to appease their emotions because the war was so cruel.

He could only send a trivial salute.

“Even if their bodies had perished, their spirits will remain with us! Kingdom Xia will forever remember the heroes who died for us!”

Lin Qiye sang a poem that no one knew.

The cold wind howled, and the bloody cloud turned into rain and hit everyones faces.

The Death Warriors covered their faces and cried for a long time.

Finally, they wiped off the blood stains on their faces, and their eyes gradually became cold.

“King Lin… We still have to continue fighting.

We have to carry the will of our comrades and wipe out all the other races in the Divine Tiger Universe.

Not a single one will be left!”

“King Lin, please take us on another expedition!”

“Please take us on another expedition!”

The Death Warriors made a sonorous petition.

Lin Qiye was about to speak when the notification of the Life Lantern Gem suddenly sounded in his mind.

Its hint was particularly strange and special.

It made Lin Qiye fall into a daze.

‘Theres a hint like this

Lin Qiye was inexplicably surprised.


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