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Lin Qiye took a stroll in the clouds.

Then, he landed on the city tower.

Behind him, the purple wings that flashed with lightning and thunder disappeared instantly.

Ji Qinghuans eyes shone.

“Is it powerful”

Lin Qiye nodded with a smile.


With the wings, its much easier to kill the Divine Tiger Clans Sacred Lord.

When we go back, we have to thank Qin Xingtong!”

Lin Qiye was quite happy.

“There are still some Angels Wings left.

Give them to the Divine Generals and the top performers.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye summoned 20 Divine Generals and100 vanguards, 100 middle troops, and 200 soldiers under them.

He injected them with Angels Wings.

The generals who received the wings were all excited.

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“If the entire army can inject this transfection reagent, we will win without a doubt!”

“Haha, arent we also able to win now”

The generals voices were energetic and full of confidence.

They discussed for a while, thenlooked at Lin Qiye, their eyes shining with the desire to kill the enemy.

“King Lin, may I ask when the elites of the Divine Tiger Clan will arrive We have already waited for two months!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis in his heart.

“Deduction of Genesis, deduce where the elites of the Divine Tiger Clan have already marched to.”

[This deduction requires 1,000 movement points, leaving 340,900 points after consumption.]

[Deduction successful: The elites of the Divine Tiger Clan are stationed outside the White Tiger Imperial City.]

Lin Qiyes brows relaxed as he felt the deduction result.

‘After ten rounds of deduction, theyre finally here…

Lin Qiyes eyes shone brightly.

His majestic voice resounded in the ears of the generals.

“Get ready.

The decisive battle is about to begin!”

The wings behind Lin Qiye shot out like lightning, bringing Ji Qinghuan and the high-ranking generals to the military camp.

On the General Assembly Stage, Lin Qiye stood proudly, his facial features cold and solemn, full of authority.

His powerful aura soared into the sky.

Behind him, the flames on Ji Qinghuans body churned as if they were going to burn the sky.

Her aura was also comparable to Lin Qiyes.

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Two incredibly strong leaders were in charge.

It caused the morale of the million Death Warriors to soar.

They cheered excitedly!

Their shouts were thunderous, and their murderous intent soared to the sky.

Lin Qiye raised his hand to signal the soldiers to quiet down.

“My soldiers, the enemy has arrived! They have been marching for two months and are mentally exhausted.

“However, we have been resting and training for two months!

“In the past two months, we have been training nonstop.

Our morale, combat ability, order, and courage far surpass the enemies!

“Moreover, our generals have received Angels Wings, and their combat ability increased rapidly.

More importantly, Commander Ji Qinghuans combat ability is on par with mine!

“It means that the Angel Planet has two fighters at the level of a Sacred Lord.

“We will definitely win this battle! We will flatten the elites of the Divine Tiger Universe! We will conquer a vast universe for our descendants.

“In the future, our descendants will cultivate in the Divine Tiger Universe, full of spiritual energy!

“In the future, our descendants will reach their success and become leaders here!”

Lin Qiyes sonorous oath resounded throughout the military camp.

The hearts of the Death Warriors trembled.

Thats right.

The Divine Tiger Universe was vast and boundless.

It would take a few months for Golden Core cultivators to cross it.

In the future, their descendants would become descendants of heroes!

They would be able to obtain the Awakening Reagent!

They would be one step ahead of the others!

They would be conferred titles and become City Lords in the Divine Tiger Universe!

The Death Warriors were fired up.

They would be able to fight for a bright future for their descendants.

They would become the first generation family head of their descendants.

They would be praised by their descendants for their glorious past.

Just thinking about it made their blood boil!

The Death Warriors couldnt help but roar.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“We will fight hundreds of battles until our armor is worn out.

We will not return until we destroy the Divine Tigers!”

“We will only die on the battlefield for our kingdom.

There is no need for us to return with our corpses!”

Their chants shook the mountains and seas.

Their will to fight could shake heaven and earth.

Even Lin Qiyes blood began to boil.

He floated into the air and pointed his arm toward the south.

His voice, as loud as the morning bell, rang in the ears of all the Death Warriors.


Advance quickly!”

Once the order was given, the millions of Death Warriors who had been resting for two months had a bloodthirsty smile on their lips.

Their eyes shone with a fierce light as they rushed forward like a swarm of locusts.

The Divine Tiger Clans army needed to take care of logistics.

They had to stop and walk, which took a long time.

However, the Death Warriors under Lin Qiyes command were charging forward at lightning speed!

Therefore, in two hours, a million Golden Core Death Warriors quietly approached the camp of the Divine Tiger Clan without making a sound.

In the sky, wings with thunder and lightning and flamed wings flapped.

They killed several of the Divine Tiger Clans scouts in a flash.

The scouts did not have time to inform the others and died tragically at the hands of Lin Qiye and Ji Qinghuan.

After successfully killing the scouts, the two looked at each other and returned to their camp.

Lin Qiyes voice was deep and cold.

“Pass down the order! The scouts were all killed, and the Divine Tiger Clan was just about to rest and recuperate.

This is the time when they are tired and relaxed!

“Facing a sneak attack, they will not be able to react in time.

All the Divine Generals, lead your subordinates and sneak over to kill them!”

The Divine Generals nodded.

They immediately brought 50,000 soldiers and approached the Divine Tiger Clans camp in an orderly manner.

They were like beasts hunting in stealth.

When they were only a kilometer away, the elites of the Divine Tiger Clan suddenly became alert.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.


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