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[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 4 years old.

You performed well in school and skipped grades many times.

You became the top scorer in this citys middle school entrance exam.

You are a prodigy.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 5 years old.

You became the top scorer in this citys college entrance exam.

With excellent results, you entered the National University of Science and Technology, majoring in biological science.

You are destined to become a famous scientist.]

[The Life Lantern Gem is taking shape…]

[You have obtained 500 movement points.]

Seeing the notification and reward, Lin Qiye was shocked.

500 movement points That was a huge sum.

In addition to the reward he got for changing his fate previously, it was 1,050 movement points!


1,050 movement points were enough for Lin Qiye to deduce many times.

If used properly, it might not be impossible to change fate!

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye was extremely excited.

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To all Galaxy Practitioners, movement points were precious items.

It could be used to buy treasures in the main world.

But to Lin Qiye, movement points were even more precious!

After all, movement points were consumable items for The Deduction of Genesis.

The more movement points he spent, the more heaven-defying the deduction would be.

For example, to deduce an entire plan to cure cancer in ones body, one would need a total of 10,000 movement points.

Those points would normally require a person to simulate his life more than 10 times before he could accumulate enough points.


Lin Qiye had only experienced his second simulation.

He had failed the first time, so he would not be able to come up with enough points.

He could only follow the plan that he had deduced.

He would first become the countrys leader in scientific research, and then he would use the entire countrys strength to cure the incurable disease.

It was the best plan at the moment.

However, Lin Qiye, who had 1,050 movement points, had a premonition.

The probability of him conquering the incurable disease had inexplicably increased!


Lin Qiye let out a long sigh.

“Next, school violence, dropping out of school, my parents dying, my relatives snatching away my property, and wandering on the streets shouldnt happen anymore! These are all points that defy the heavens and change fate.”

“However… My lifespan is short.

I only have 12 years left.

I have to become a leader as soon as possible and have the power to mobilize the countrys research forces.”

“If I want to become a leader, I have to be a biological science major and research to the top of the world.

“I even have to master cancer and oncology…”

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Lin Qiyes goal was grand.

To defy the heavens and change his fate.

To break through the limits of this simulated life.

To become a true Galaxy Practitioner.

The five-year-old Lin Qiye picked up university textbooks, concentrated, and began to self-study.

One year.

Lin Qiye finished studying the first and second-year materials by himself.

The reason why he spent one year was that every time Lin Qiye encountered a knowledge framework, he would surf online to find relevant papers and scientific research results.

He would then ponder, study, and thoroughly understand them.

Therefore, Lin Qiyes study pattern for this year was exaggerated.

He first read the first and second-year textbooks and searched every term he did not understand.


Then, he read the textbooks again and added his own opinions.

If the expanded content of each textbook was written into a book, it would become a two-meter-high wall.

From this, one could see how exaggerated it was!

And such a crazy learning method also gave Lin Qiye a big surprise.

At this moment, Lin Qiye once again used The Deduction of Genesis.

He was able to simulate the entire process of a first-class thesis experiment in his mind, and there was not a single error!

What was even more ridiculous was that he only needed to consume 50 movement points.

Based on this, Lin Qiye discovered a rule.

First, the more relevant knowledge he had, the more precise the Deduction of Genesis would be.


Second, the deeper he understood the relevant knowledge, the fewer movement points the Deduction of Genesis would consume.

For example, Lin Qiye needed to deduce a method to cure a terminal disease, and it would only cost him 9,500 movement points now.

There was a decrease of 500 movement points.

It was a good thing!

Lin Qiye was excited.

He knew that his efforts had paid off.

If he continued to research the technology of this world, then before the age of 18, he might really be able to deduce the perfect treatment plan!

Lin Qiye smiled.

He laughed heartily.

He saw hope.

He had a clear direction to strive for, and he had more motivation to work hard.

In the following year, Lin Qiye used the same study method and thoroughly digested the teaching materials of his third and fourth years.

In two years, he had mastered all the knowledge from his university materials.

However… Lin Qiye did not graduate from university.

He still needed to hand in a graduation thesis.

Entering the third year of university, Lin Qiye was eight years old.

He applied for a graduation project from his tutor.


In the following period, Lin Qiye spent every day in the universitys biological laboratory, doing his own research.

Four months later, Lin Qiye finished his university graduation thesis.

The title of the thesis was “How intestinal microbiota may influence the hosts response to cancer treatment through the immune system.”.


The whole paper was 67 pages long.

There were 300 groups of experimental controls, and the research was detailed.


The conclusion was also accurate.

Intestinal microflora could regulate the hosts immune system, thus affecting the development, metastasis, and treatment of tumors.

The paper was completed.

Lin Qiye also applied for intellectual property protection for the paper.

Then, he handed the thesis over to his professor, Yuan Panke.

Professor Yuan took the thesis and flipped it over and over again, but he couldnt find anything that needed to be amended!

Professor Yuan was shocked.

His mouth hung open.


Hes really a genius! Any top-tier scientific journal in the country will have to give this thesis a cover page!”

“Even in the worlds most reputable biological journals, it will occupy the majority of the space!”

“Are you really eight years old”

Professor Yuan was a little confused.

This thesis was written by an eight-year-old

He was invincible!

Professor Yuan himself was a genius.

At the age of fourteen, he was admitted into the youth class of the National University of Science and Technology.

At twenty-four, he graduated from an Ivy League university in Country Deng.

After returning for 10 years, he was already a professor at the countrys best university for scientific research.

However, Lin Qiye, an eight-year-old child, had thoroughly outshined him.

Professor Yuan was struck by the blow and sighed deeply.

“Its because Im old Young people nowadays are freakish…”

“Go back first.

Ill submit your thesis.

You just need to wait for the good news from the journal.”

“I can predict that as long as you continue to do research, you will definitely be the leader in the field of biotechnology in the future!”

Professor Yuan, who had always been serious, suddenly smiled brightly and patted Lin Qiyes shoulder with a red face.

“Child, are you willing to follow me I will open a backdoor for you, and I promise you that I will create the best research conditions for you, as long as you remember your teacher in the future.”

Lin Qiye nodded in agreement.

“I think youre great, teacher.

Im willing to study under you.”

Lin Qiye had never thought of leaving the National University of Science and Technology.

After all, the biological science specialty and laboratory of the National University of Science and Technology were among the best in the world!

Other places might not have such an excellent scientific research environment.

Hearing Lin Qiyes answer, Professor Yuans face was full of smiles.

“Good, good.

Its my honor to have such an excellent student like you!”

Professor Yuan liked Lin Qiye, and his adoration was overflowing.

If Lin Qiye was not only eight years old, he would have dragged him to drink a few cups of celebratory wine!

However, Lin Qiye was still underage.

He could only rub Lin Qiyes head.

At the side, Mother Lin was dumbfounded.

What was the concept of a scientific leader in the field

Its equivalent to a national treasure!

And her son had such terrifying potential!

Mother Lin was so excited that her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

On the contrary, Lin Qiye appeared indifferent and even a little aloof.

“Professor Yuan, Ill go back first”

Professor Yuan nodded and sent Lin Qiye to the school gate with a smile.

On the way, many professors were surprised.

Professor Yuan was famous for his low emotional intelligence in the university.

Even if the principal went to look for him, he would give him the cold shoulder.

Today, he sent someone to the school gate with a smile

Could it be that the sun has risen from the west

Many professors couldnt help but whisper.

Of course, these were just small interludes!

A month later.

Lin Qiyes thesis was published in the countrys most famous biology journal, causing a sensation in the circle.

At the same time, the thesis was introduced in 3,000 words by the worlds best biology journal.

He received the best treatment!

Naturally, Lin Qiye had his first representative thesis.

A week later, Professor Yuan finished the formalities for Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye became his Ph.D.


His advanced studies began.

The most profound knowledge in the entire field of biological science was finally spread out in front of Lin Qiye.


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