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With lightning speed, it circled the White Tiger Kings neck and disappeared in an instant.

It was as if nothing had happened.

It was as if everything had ended.

The air suddenly fell silent.

Before long, the White Tiger King held its neck, and its expression changed drastically.

“What… What a fast blade!”

Disbelief, shock, and fear appeared in its eyes.

Then, its head was thrown high up.

The boiling blood from its neck spurted out for several meters.

The White Tiger King saw the entire world spinning in circles.

Finally, darkness covered its eyes.

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The White Tiger King was dead, its head hanging on the tip of Lin Qiyes blade.


Even though the Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan saw the White Tiger Kings head hanging on the blade with their eyes, they were still in disbelief.

“How could it be The Tiger King has activated the Tiger Gods Burning Blood Secret Art, a secret art that only tiger kings can cultivate.

It will increase combat power by twentyfold!”

“In the end, it was defeated even faster”

Could it be that the White Tiger King was killed instantly after using his strongest attack

The hopes of the Divine Tigers collapsed.

There was only one thought left in their hearts.


Even the White Tiger King was killed in an instant, so what was the use of their resistance

Thus, the Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan threw away their armor and were defeated.

Meanwhile, the Death Warriors of the human race were cheering in an uproar.

“Long live the King!”

Their morale was several times higher, and their combat strength became even fiercer.

They chased after the escaping Divine Tigers madly.

An hour later, the war ended.

Only a few of the Divine Tiger Clans Golden Core cultivators escaped.

As for the incomparably prosperous White Tiger Imperial City, it was reduced to ruins and scorched earth.

It was a great victory.

However, Kingdom Xia also suffered heavy casualties.

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The Divine Generals were filled with grief and sadness.

“King Lin, out of the 500,000 Death Warriors, 130,000 died.

Only 370,000 remained…”

Lin Qiye had already expected this.

“Bury the dead.

They are the heroes of Kingdom Xia! Remember to send sufficient compensation to the families of the dead.”

“Yes, King Lin!”

The Divine Generals left.

They needed to register the dead and count the spoils of war.

That night, the list of spoils of war was sent to Lin Qiye.

He opened it and took a glance.

In the war, 270,000 storage rings were seized.

The spiritual herbs and stones inside, combined with the resources stored in the imperial palace, were enough to create 15 million soldiers.

When he saw this terrifying figure, Lin Qiye was so surprised that he raised his eyebrows.

“As expected, war and plunder are the best means to make a fortune!

“With these resources, I could create more soldiers to wipe out the Divine Tiger Universe!”

Lin Qiye could not help but secretly rejoice in his heart.

Suddenly, the sound of notification came from the Life Lantern Gem.

[At the age of 11, you used technology to create 500,000 Golden Core Death Warriors and swept through the White Tiger Imperial City.

You killed 400,000 Golden Core Divine Tigers, and more than 30 billion of the Divine Tiger Clan perished under your army.

You obtained 100,000 movement points.

You have a total of 180,900 movement points now.]

“Wow… I earned 100,000 movement points!”

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with joy.

100,000! Such a huge sum!

Even the S grade reward didnt have 100,000 movement points.

However, the first time Lin Qiye swept through the Imperial City, he earned 100,000 movement points!

It felt amazing to farm points!

Lin Qiye couldnt help but become addicted.

“If I remember correctly, the Divine Tiger Clan has eight royal families and a Sacred Lord.

If I wipe them all out, Ill definitely get a million movement points!”

Lin Qiye had a special feeling that he urgently needed the million movement points.

They would be of great use!

Hence, a determined light flashed through Lin Qiyes eyes.

“For the million movement points, Ill create! Ill create more soldiers!”

Ten days later, 100,000 Death Warrior Reagents were produced.

Lin Qiye created 100,000 more Death Warriors.

The 530,000 Golden Core army charged toward the Bloody Pupil Imperial City of the Divine Tiger Clan at lightning speed.

The Bloody Pupil Imperial City was heavily guarded.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiyes thousand lightning dragons were destructive weapons that could destroy the city walls.

With the city walls destroyed, the 530,000 Golden Core Death Warriors poured into the Imperial City.

It only took ten minutes for Lin Qiye to kill the Bloody Pupil Tiger King.

The morale of the human race soared.

The Divine Tiger Clan lost their leader, and their morale plummeted.

The Bloody Pupil Imperial City was reduced to ashes!

300,000 Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan died in battle, while 110,000 Golden Core Death Warriors of the human race died heroically.

The war ended.

The Life Lantern Gems notification sounded:

[At the age of 11, you have conquered the Divine Tiger Universes Bloody Pupil Imperial City and obtained 100,000 movement points.

Currently, you have a total of 280,900 movement points.]

He received another 100,000 movement points.

Lin Qiye smiled.

Another ten days passed, and Lin Qiye replenished 100,000 Death Warriors.

Under his leadership, 520 thousand Death Warriors rushed to the Giant Bone Imperial City at high speed.

However, it had already become an empty city.

“It seems that this Imperial City has already received the news and retreated a day earlier.

Unfortunately, we came a day late!”

Lin Qiye felt regretful.

He ordered the army to raze the Giant Bone Imperial City to the ground, while he stood alone in the city tower and looked toward the south.

“The imperial cities near the northern border should be all empty.

They might run to gather with the Divine Tiger Clans Sacred Lord.

Once they meet up, they will launch a counterattack.

“The Divine Tiger Clan should still have two million Golden Core cultivators left.

I only have five hundred and twenty thousand Death Warriors now.

I have to hurry and create more.”

Lin Qiyes face was cold, and his eyes flickered with a thoughtful expression.

An hour later, the 520,000 Death Warriors swept away all the resources in the Giant Bone Imperial City and retreated like a tide under Lin Qiyes leadership.


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