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All the facilities were in place, including houses, parks, lakes, transportation routes, warehouses, city walls, city towers, watchtowers, factories, power stations, water plants, and other supporting facilities.

The Death Warriors seemed to have returned to their hometowns.

They felt a sense of familiarity.

Every day they ate, they could taste the familiar taste of their hometowns.

Of course, the ingredients in the Divine Tiger Universe were delicious because of the abundant spiritual energy.

So much so that they secretly stored some rare and precious delicacies, preparing to send them back home when the time came to feed their wives and children.

Ten days later, the number of Golden Core Death Warriors in the military camp increased to four hundred thousand.

Lin Qiye would send them out to slaughter cities every day.

In ten days, they had already wiped out a thousand medium-sized cities in a radius of 50 million meters.

Ten days of operations had provided Lin Qiye with a total of 10,000 movement points!

At this moment, Lin Qiye had 90,900 movement points!

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He was already filthy rich.

However, the Death Warriors wiping out the territory in 50 million meters had made the generals of the Divine Tiger Clan realize that something was wrong.

They sent scouts to investigate, but none of them returned.

They sent another 10,000 Golden Core cultivators who specialized in speed and stealth to the northern border to understand the situation.

They were all wiped out!

After probing for ten days, the hearts of the generals sank to the bottom.

“Whats going on Did something happen in the northern border”

“A rebellion by a small sect”

“How is that possible The northern border doesnt even have 50,000 Golden Core cultivators! Where did they get the audacity to rebel against the 300,000 elites of our Imperial City”

“But more than 30,000 Golden Core cultivators have gone to the northern border and never returned!”

“Is there some kind of poisonous miasma or strange insects”

“Ill report to the White Tiger King and let him decide.”

The general was prepared to rush into the Imperial City.

But not far away, a scout at the Golden Core Realm was spitting blood as he rushed over.

“Quick! General! Quickly report to the White Tiger King that 500,000 foreign Golden Core cultivators are charging toward the Imperial City!”

With that said, the scout vomited blood and fell to the ground, losing all signs of life.

The generals expression changed drastically.

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“500,000 Golden Core intruders How did they come to the Divine Tiger Universe Why are there no signs of damage to the Divine Tiger Universe Barrier”

The general realized that something was wrong and rushed into the Imperial City.

He knelt in front of the resplendent golden throne.

“Tiger King! Something bad has happened!”

“The Divine Tiger Clan has been flourishing for 200,000 years.

Even Kingdom Xia cant catch up to our speed of escape! What bad things could happen”

On the throne, a muscular white tiger with a tigers head and a human body that was 2.3 meters tall were lying on the side.

Its eyes hanging from its forehead were slightly narrowed like a lazy cat.

At this moment, its thick arms that could battle a horse were hugging two beauties of the Divine Tiger Clan.

The beauties of the Divine Tiger Clan had round tiger faces.

In a humans eyes, they were hideous.

However, their chest was as big as a pumpkin, and their buttocks were more like wild oxen.

They leaned into the White Tiger Kings embrace intimately

The Tiger King was immersed in the bone-eroding sexual intimacy and was unwilling to wake up.

“Tiger King, 500,000 Golden Core cultivators from another race are charging over! Please prepare for battle immediately!”

Hearing that, the White Tiger King suddenly sat up straight, his face revealing a thick sense of confusion.

“Whats the situation”

“A mere 500,000 Golden Core cultivators dare to charge into our Divine Tiger Universe Do they really look down on us so much”

“Quickly get my Heavenly Halberd.

I will personally…”

However, before the White Tiger King finished his sentence, a world-shaking tremor came from the barracks outside the city.

Then, the battle cries shook the sky!

Five hundred thousand Golden Core Death Warriors rushed in like a swarm of locusts!

The desperate warriors were not afraid of death, and their eyes were filled with madness.

They pounced toward the barracks.

Outside the Imperial City, when the Divine Tigers guarding the barracks saw the group of Death Warriors, whose numbers were several times greater than theirs and whose hatred was overflowing to the sky, their combat power was instantly reduced by half.

“This… This… What kind of lunatics are these Why are they charging over without any regard for their lives”


The Divine Tiger Golden Core cultivators panicked.

Even the generals were driven numb by the murderous aura of the Death Warriors.

They retreated frantically.

However, an unorganized retreat was equivalent to a crushing defeat on the battlefield.

The Death Warriors became even more excited.

Filled with anger, they pounced forward like tigers and wolves and madly fought.

In ten minutes, the 100,000 Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan had all died.

Although 20,000 of the Death Warriors had died as well, they had won a great victory in the first battle!

“Kill! Kill! Kill! The Divine Tiger Clan cannot withstand a single blow!”

The Death Warriors instantly arrived at the city walls!

However, the Imperial City walls were 1,000 meters tall.

The city guards stood on the high ground, making it easy to defend.

The Death Warriors could not forcefully attack.

Luckily, Lin Qiye appeared.

He floated in front of the army, with over 1,000 lightning dragons surging behind him.

In the next second, the lightning dragons fused and turned into a ball of lightning that could even destroy the stars, blasting towards the 1,000-meter-tall city wall.

Amidst a shocking explosion, the wall melted and collapsed.

A hole appeared, and it could no longer defend against powerful enemies.

Lin Qiye took the lead and led 500,000 Death Warriors into the Imperial City, charging straight at the elites inside.

The loud explosion shook the city.

It was like an Earth Dragon rolling on the ground.

The White Tiger King jolted awake, and it did not even have the time to put on his armor.

It hurriedly raised his Heavenly Halberd and gathered all 250,000 soldiers within the city.

Not long after, the 250,000 Divine Tigers clashed with Lin Qiyes 500,000 Death Warriors.

It was like two fireworks colliding, and countless shockwaves shot out.

The pavilions and towers in the Imperial City instantly exploded.

The once prosperous buildings were razed to the ground.

The nobles with low cultivation levels were blown into pieces by the shockwaves of the battle and died tragically in the city.

The entire Imperial City turned into a meat grinder.

Blood splashed everywhere, and corpses floated in the air.

“Die!” The White Tiger King was furious and roared.

“Ill kill you intruders and use your skulls as urinals!”

Hearing the White Tiger Kings roar, Lin Qiye laughed coldly.

He instantly appeared in front of the White Tiger King.

The Extreme Flame Ring Saber carried thunders and lightning as it slashed toward the White Tiger King.

The White Tiger Kings blood-red eyes trembled.

From Lin Qiyes, it felt the extreme pressure that only the Divine Tiger Clans Sacred Lord had.

It was unfathomable and unreachable, far surpassing the likes of them at the peak of the Golden Core Realm!

The White Tiger King never expected an expert comparable to their Sacred Lord would appear in front of its eyes!

The White Tiger Kings heart was in turmoil.

Holding the Heavenly Halberd tightly, it blocked Lin Qiyes slash from the sky.

It wasnt that it hadnt thought of dodging, but it had no choice.

Dodging meant showing its cowardice!

Facing an opponent on the level of its Sacred Lord, showing cowardice meant death!

It might be able to hold on for a while, but for how long

The White Tiger King wasnt confident either!

Their enemy suddenly launched a sneak attack.

They were only discovered when they arrived in front of the Imperial City.

Furthermore, it would take a month to ask the Sacred Lord for help from the White Tiger Imperial City!

A month!

The flowers would have wilted!

The White Tiger King was filled with despair.

It mustered all the strength in its body to block Lin Qiyes terrifying slash.

However, Lin Qiye was truly ferocious.

He used the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, the Innate Divine Body, and the First-turn Dragon Elephant Body.

Combined, they produced a heaven-defying power.

Every time they collided, the White Tiger Kings blood vessels would be jolted until they bulged as if they were about to be smashed out.

After more than ten collisions, the blood vessels on the White Tiger Kings arm could not withstand the high pressure and exploded!

Fresh blood surged, causing the White Tiger King to grimace in pain and continuously cough out blood.

“Just what kind of monster are you Why are you on the same level as the Sacred Lord”

The White Tiger King squeezed out words of shock through the gaps in its teeth.

“You are terrifying.

You have an army of beasts, but I, the White Tiger King, must severely injure you today.

Tiger Gods Burning Blood Secret Art, activate!”

The White Tiger King instantly sacrificed 300 years of its life.

Its aura rose rapidly.

“You didnt expect this, right This is a secret art that only the Tiger Kings of the Divine Tiger Clan can cultivate! It can increase ones combat power by 20 times!

“Although I cant kill you now, I can heavily injure you!

“If I injure you critically, youll definitely be killed by the Sacred Lord!”

Feeling the White Tiger Kings rising aura, Lin Qiyes face was cold and solemn, and he was a little speechless.

“You burnt all of your life force to increase your battle strength by twenty times Its indeed a little heaven-defying.

“But who gave you the confidence to heavily injure me”

Lin Qiye smiled disdainfully.

He calmly raised his Extreme Flame Ring Saber.

However, Lin Qiye, who was about to attack, suddenly froze.


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