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The 300,000 Golden Core Death Warriors swarmed forward, bringing with them a turbulent flow of spiritual energy that drowned the city in front of them.

The scene blotted out the sky was magnificent and could make ones blood boil.

However, Lin Qiyes heart remained calm as he hovered in mid-air.

His cold eyes swept his surroundings like a God of War.

“Compared to the Angel Planet, the space of the Divine Tiger Universe is much more solid.

I cant use Instant Arrival.

“In addition, we are at the border of the Divine Tiger Universe.

There are few strong enemies, thus we are very safe.

We can build a fortress here.

Step by step, we will invade them.

“If I can seize ten thousand storage rings from Golden Core cultivators, creating an army of a million would be as easy as flipping my hand.”

With this in mind, Lin Qiye smiled lightly in his heart.

In a short while, the Death Warriors had wiped out the city.

In a flash, they returned and handed over all the spoils of war to Lin Qiye.

“King Lin, there are only five Golden Core cultivators in the small city.

Its not enough for us!”

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“King Lin, please take us to slaughter the next city!”

“We still have to kill more!”

The eyes of the three hundred thousand Death Warriors were burning with anger, grief, and hostility that could not disperse.

As Death Warriors who were injected with the Death Warrior Reagent, they were already half-dead.

After a year, their meridians would shrink, and they would die from heart-wrenching pain.

That kind of death was excruciating.

Therefore, before they suffered, they had to take revenge on the invaders a thousandfold, or even ten thousandfold!

Let the entire Divine Tiger Clan feel the same pain!

When they saw the world topple, they understood that they were facing an anti-invasion war of extermination.

There was no mercy to speak of!

Either the Divine Tiger Clan would go extinct, or everyone in Kingdom Xia would die.

Kingdom Xia had already been on the verge of destruction several times!

If it wasnt for King Lins emergence.

If it wasnt for the fact that King Lin had discovered a group of outstanding scientists.

If it wasnt for the Death Warrior Plan.

The Angel Planet, 30,000,000 humans, would become animals that the Divine Tiger Clan could kill at will!

Back then, their families, wives, children, friends, and compatriots were faced with the despair and pain of their worlds destruction.

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They could never experience it a second time!

With this in mind, the Death Warriors had vicious gazes, like bloodthirsty beasts.

“King Lin, please give the order! We can still raze down 10,000 cities of the Divine Tiger Clan.”

“We wont stop fighting until our blood is bled dry!”

“We will fight until we die!”

The Death Warriors shouted and petitioned their lives.

The valiant and fearless tone in their voice touched Lin Qiye.

“I wont stop you from killing people.

I only have one request.

Kill them cleanly and dont let the survivors run out to inform the others.

“In addition, the resources below Golden Core Realm will be divided equally to you after the war so that you can train your juniors.”

Hearing this, the Death Warriors were grateful.

They respected Lin Qiye and called him the king not only because Lin Qiye saved the world many times, but also for his generosity and nobility.

To his people, he was kind and gentle like a parent.

To his enemies, he was not the slightest bit merciful.

He could be said to be an overlord who looked down on all corners of the world and swallowed mountains and rivers!

If there was an afterlife, they would still be willing to follow King Lin, even if it meant they would be crushed to death!

However, the afterlife probably did not exist anymore.

They could only do their best to serve the king in their remaining year.

The Death Warriors bowed deeply.

“Thank you, King Lin, for your grace!”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly to the grateful Death Warriors.

Then, he looked into the distance and gave a new order.

“Each Divine General will lead 50,000 soldiers under your command.

With this place as the center, wipe out the cities!

“Sweep ten cities.

Remember to clean up all the living people around.”

“Yes, your Majesty!”

The Death Warriors were excited.

Like bloodthirsty beasts, they swarmed out like a swarm of locusts.

An hour later, the army returned in triumph.

They swept through 100 cities and turned over 600 Golden Core Realm storage rings.

The resources inside could create at least 50,000 Death Warriors.

When the Death Warriors returned in triumph, the notification of the Life Lantern Gem also rang in Lin Qiyes mind.

[At the age of 11, you led 300,000 Golden Core Death Warriors to conquer 100 cities of the Divine Tiger Clan and obtained 1,000 movement points (currently remaining 80,900 walking points)]

The sound of the notification made Lin Qiye chuckle lightly in his heart.

“Sure enough, I can grind movement points.


Lin Qiyes eyes flickered with light as he waved his hand.

“Divine Generals, listen up.

Lead your subordinates to sweep out ten more cities.”

The Death Warriors accepted the order.

With delighted smiles, they turned into streaks of white turbulence and flew into the distance.

“Not bad.

No strong enemies are nearby, so I can plunder resources without worry.

I can also build a city and establish a defensive line.”

Lin Qiye turned around and landed on the teleportation array as he spoke.

Through the teleportation array, he returned to the capital of Angel Planet.

When he returned to the Divine Tiger Universe, ten thousand construction teams and more than a thousand construction machinery appeared on the once-empty array.

Lin Qiye floated in the air, and his loud voice reached the ears of every construction engineer.

“Go and build! Around the teleportation array, we need to build four barracks that can accommodate a million soldiers.

“After we build the barracks, we will build a city thirty miles north of here.

“We have to be fast.

After the completion, I will reward each person with two spiritual stones.”

Two spiritual stones

My God!

The construction engineers were excited.

They immediately activated their machinery and began to build.

Thus, a modern human city rose from the ground in ten short days.


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