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However, just as Lin Qiye was heading toward the laboratory, the sound of the Life Lantern Gems notification suddenly rang in his mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: At the age of 11, you have discovered a talented scientist.

He has developed a gene reagent that will help you create 5,000 soldiers and resist the invasion of the Divine Tiger Clan.

You have obtained 10,000 movement points (Currently, you have 89,900 movement points).]


Lin Qiyes eyes slightly flickered.

A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes.

“I obtained 10,000 movement points

“Doesnt that mean I can madly milk movement points from the Divine Tiger Universe in the future

“If I kill all 300 million Golden Core cultivators or even wipe out the Divine Tiger Universe, how many movement points can I obtain Is it possible to obtain a million points”

At the thought of a million movement points, Lin Qiyes heart pounded.

A million movement points!

To any Galaxy Practitioner, it was a large amount of points that could not be ignored!

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One had to know that even Gold Practitioners had to obtain more than ten A-grade ratings if they wanted to save up a million movement points.

And now, Lin Qiye was only a short distance away from a million points.

At the very least, he could still earn 500,000 points!

Lin Qiye subconsciously pinched his knuckles hard.

“Ill do it! I must create sacrificial soldiers! I must destroy the Divine Tiger Universe, obtain a SS grade, take the rare Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, Dao Repository Technique, and the Sacrificial Soldier Technology.

It all depends on sacrificial soldiers to farm a million movement points!”

Determination flashed through Lin Qiyes eyes.

He immediately called Lu Ling, the chief supervisor of the Death Warrior Plan.

“I have the footage of the tragic battle between the 5,000 Death Warriors and the Divine Tiger Clan.

Post it on our official channel!”

After watching the video, Lu Ling was so mad that he gnashed his teeth, and his eyes turned red.

“King Lin! These detestable alien intruders went too far!”

“King Lin, I know what you have to do.

I will make good publicity.”

Lu Ling left with righteous indignation.

After that, the video was released on their official website.

In the video, the Divine Tigers were high and mighty, filled with killing intent.

They treated the entire Angel Planet as an ant, and their ferocious faces caused the Kingdom Xia citizens to be furious.

The Kingdom Xia Death Warriors died one after another, with only their limbs left, causing the people to clench their teeth in hatred.

“These demonic intruders are truly vicious to the extreme! They caused my blood pressure to soar!”

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“They treat us as beasts and want to exterminate us!”

“How hateful! If it wasnt for the appearance of King Lin, who defied heaven and changed our fate a few times, would we still be able to live in peace”

“Thats right.

If it werent for King Lin, who built our kingdom and started the Death Warrior Plan, our Angel Planet would have already been destroyed a few times.”

The more they saw the abominable faces of the intrusive demonic race, the more grateful they were towards Lin Qiye.

Now, their admiration of Lin Qiye had reached the point of worship.

“King Lin… Please initiate the Death Warrior Plan again! I want to participate!”

“King Lin, I beg of you.

The Death Warrior Plan cannot be stopped.

I am willing to give up my life!”

The video content caused the clamor for the second Death Warrior Plan to rise to an unprecedented height.

The number of people who had signed up had reached 5 million!

On the other side, the scientists were also furious.

“King Lin, we have to be strong to prevent getting bullied! We are willing to continue producing gene reagents!

“Otherwise, the Divine Tiger Clan will destroy us one day.

Our country, our compatriots, our wives and children, our civilization, our planet, everything will vanish into thin air.

“Although there will be millions of casualties, all of us will die if we do not create Death Warriors!

“If there arent enough volunteers, we scientists are willing to be the Death Warriors!”

The scientists were unafraid of death.

Regarding this, Lin Qiye waved his hand.

“Dont worry.

There are enough Death Warriors.

Our kingdom is full of good men who would sacrifice their lives for the kingdom!

“The role of you scientists is reflected in another aspect.

“Create more awakening reagents and Death Warrior Reagents.

The future of our kingdom will be created by all the scientists present!”

Lin Qiyes voice was loud and clear.

His provocative words made the scientists secretly excited.

“Yes! King Lin! We will not let the Angel Planet fall!”

After saying that, the scientists were full of spirit and threw themselves into preparing for battle.

Seeing that the people and scientists were raging, Lin Qiye laughed lightly in his heart.

There were enough Death Warriors.

He would not lack Death Warrior Reagents either.

At that time, the Death Warrior Reagent could create millions of Golden Core Death Warriors.

With millions of them, it would be no problem for him to crush the Divine Tiger Universe!

With this, he could not fail to get the SS grade rating.

Thinking of the SS grade within reach, Lin Qiye was full of energy.

He couldnt wait any longer.

He wanted to lead his Death Warriors and charge into the Divine Tiger Universe.

However, things couldnt be rushed!

On the fifth day after the video was released, the publics emotions were pushed to the limit.

Lin Qiye then got Lu Ling to start recruiting the second batch of Death Warriors.

The second batch of Death Warriors had a total of 300,000 people.

The chosen ones would have their next three generations taken care of, and there were also other generous rewards.

Therefore, the people of Kingdom Xia scrambled to apply.

Lu Ling screened many times and finally decided on the 300,000 spots.

The spots were then finalized.

Immediately, a private plane brought the 300,000 Death Warriors to the capital.

They were placed in the newly built military camp outside the capital for two weeks of military training.

Of course, the reason why they arranged for the Death Warriors to undergo military training was that they needed time to make the medicine.

They had to wait.

While waiting for the medicine, Lin Qiye distributed a pension to the families of the 5,000 Death Warriors.

There were two options for the pension.

First, they could choose a hundred-year-old heavenly treasure.

Second, their children could be injected with a harmless awakening reagent.

“We choose the awakening reagent.

If we inject our children with it, they will be able to cultivate!”

“This is an era that requires strength! Cultivators can obtain utmost respect.”

Without exception, the Death Warriors chose the awakening reagent.

They deeply experienced the status and prestige that strength brought.

Before participating in the Death Warrior Plan, they were just ordinary people, never looked up to.

However, a few days ago, when they returned to their hometown for the holidays, the villagers who had once looked down on them were respectful and greeted them with a smile.

Even their relatives who had not been in contact for more than ten years had showered them with gifts.

In just three short months, their lives had changed.

When they were nameless and weak, none of their relatives cared for them.

But when they returned a Death Warrior, they couldnt even chase away unwanted guests that flocked to them.

Whether it was in terms of social status, money, wealth, or their descendants future, becoming a Death Warrior was worth it.

Now, their children could even enjoy an awakening reagent without any side effects.

The Death Warriors were even more grateful and loyal.

One after another, they thanked Lin Qiye.

“Thank you, King Lin!”

“We went from a commoner always living in fear to being able to live and work in peace because of King Lins grace.”

“Now that we have become Death Warriors, we have graced three generations, and King Lins grace is even greater!”

“We have only contributed an insignificant life! What kind of virtue does King Lin have to reward us so much”

The Death Warriors knelt in unison.

Lin Qiye raised his hand and gestured for everyone to stand up.

“You dont have to thank me.

Its me and the entire kingdom who should be thanking you!

“You are the backbone of Kingdom Xia! We have begun building your statues in the capitals Hero Square.

Your stories will be sung for a thousand years, or even ten thousand years!”

Lin Qiyes words made the Death Warriors perk up.

Their eyes flashed with a strange luster.

However, they still shouted four words from the depths of their hearts in unison, “Thank you, King Lin.”

Lin Qiye fell silent, his eyes slightly drooping.

From the overbearing shouts, he felt a simple yet sincere emotion that easily moved people.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

His gaze became even more determined.

Time flew by like quicksand that flowed through his fingertips.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Over 10,000 scientists worked day and night relentlessly and finally produced 300,000 tubes of qualified Death Warrior Reagent.

After the reagents were completed, Qin Xingtong led Lin Qiye to inspect the warehouse.

“King Lin, the production of the reagents has been completed! All of them have been tested to be qualified.”

“Good! Your speed is beyond my expectations!”

Lin Qiye smiled, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

Thus, the next day, the Death Warrior Plan was completed grandly!

The 300,000 Death Warriors were injected with the [Gene Regent – Devouring Vitality Version].

At the same time, they consumed 600,000 hundred-year spiritual herbs.

Fortunately, Lin Qiye had obtained 5,000 storage rings in the previous war, gaining a total of 800,000 spiritual herbs, giving him enough resources.

Therefore, 300,000 Golden Core cultivators were born in Angel Planet in a short day!

They were all fully armed by Lin Qiye.

Each of them was equipped with a blood-exploding pill and a healing pill!

“King Lin! We are ready to die in battle!”

“Take us to the universe of the invaders! We will not rest until our blood runs dry!”

“We will use our blood and lives to tell them that Angel Planet cannot be humiliated! Kingdom Xia cannot be humiliated!”

The shouts of the Death Warriors shook the sky.

Lin Qiye was slightly speechless as he sighed at the murderous aura of the Death Warriors.

He casually used up 20,000 movement points and built a huge teleportation array outside the camp that went straight to the edge of the Divine Tiger Universe!

“At the other end, there are enemies that wont rest until one of us is dead! Charge!”

Lin Qiye threw out three million spiritual stones.

A milky-white pillar of light shot into the sky.

Soon after, 300,000 Golden Core Death Warriors disappeared from Angel Planet and descended on the Divine Tiger Universe.

In front of them, there was a world filled with ancient trees and dense spiritual energy.

Lin Qiye stood in the void.

Behind him, 300,000 Golden Core Death Warriors quietly floated.

They were silent, but there was burning killing intent in their eyes.

However, since Lin Qiye did not give an order, they suppressed their anger and did not dare to move.

Lin Qiye could feel the anger of the army behind him.

He raised his arm and pointed at a city in front of him.

“Kill! Kill them all, and dont let any of them escape!”

The moment the order was given, the corners of the mouths of the three hundred thousand Golden Core cultivators curled up.

The spiritual energy in their bodies surged, and they rushed out like mad dogs out of their cages!


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