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“Retreat! Retreat!”

The black tiger wanted to run away with the rest of his clansmen.

Unfortunately… It was too late.

The Death Warriors on Lin Qiyes side had pushed the principle of sorrowful soldiers winning to the extreme.

When both sides are of equal strength, the angrier side would have a higher chance of winning.

In the desperate situation of extreme anger, they exploded with 120% of their lethality.

Originally, Lin Qiye only arranged for them to delay the 4,000 Golden Core cultivators for ten minutes.

After Lin Qiye killed 1,000 of the Divine Tiger Clans Golden Core cultivators, he could kill another 1,000 in ten minutes.

As long as the Death Warriors could delay them twice, Lin Qiye could easily annihilate the enemy.

However, under extreme anger, the Death Warriors had exceeded his expectations.

Not only did they stall the Golden Core cultivators on the opposite side, but they also risked their lives to kill more than 1,000 intruders.

In addition, Lin Qiye killed more than 1,500.

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Only less than 2,000 Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan were left!

On the other hand, there were still around 3000 Death Warriors left

In other words, the current situation was that Lin Qiye could kill another 1,000 cultivators alone while the 3,000 Death Warriors could gang up on 1,000 Divine Tiger Clan intruders left.

It was too easy!

The fuming Death Warriors were up against 1,000 Divine Tigers who had lost their will to fight.

It was a one-sided massacre.

Ten minutes later, the ferocious Divine Tiger Clan was annihilated.

Only the black tiger was left as it was the leader.

Lin Qiye chopped off its legs and captured it as a prisoner.

“We won! We actually won!”

“Thank you, King Lin! Our wise and mighty king had led us out of despair time and time again!”

The remaining 3,000 Death Warriors worshiped Lin Qiye and were extremely grateful.

At the same time, they looked at the corpses of their comrades and wept bitterly.

Joy and sadness were mixed together.

They carefully collected the broken limbs of their comrades and wrapped them in clothes.

They had to bring them back to the Angel Planet for a proper burial.

“…Old Huang, even though weve only known each other for ten days, we still secretly smoke together.

When we get home, Ill burn a cart full of cigarettes for you.”

“Old Qi, youre such a hot-tempered person.

When we called last night, the only thing you couldnt bear to part with was your daughter.

You even silently wiped away your tears for a long time.

Why did you…”

Sad emotions filled the battlefield, but quickly, the sadness turned into anger.

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The Divine Tiger Clans corpses became a channel for venting.

The corpses were blasted into a bloody mist and crushed a hundred times.

In the end, the bloody mist was burned into ashes.

After venting, the Death Warriors were still not satisfied.

They looked at the black tiger in Lin Qiyes hands with sinister eyes.

“King Lin, kill It! Cut it into a thousand pieces! Avenge the deaths of our comrades!”

They glared at the enemy leader.

Lin Qiye stopped the Death Warriors.

His face was stern, his eyes cold, and he had a respectful dignity.

“Dont be anxious.

I want to get some information from its mouth.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye looked at the black tiger indifferently.

“Tell me, how many Golden Core cultivators are there on your side If you tell me frankly, I can consider letting you live.”

The leader coughed up blood.

Although he was already dying, his face was still full of pride.

“Would I be afraid of death I swore in front of the Tiger God statue! I will never betray the Divine Tiger Clan.”

“But… Theres no harm in telling you this information.”

The black tiger shook its head.

“The Divine Tiger Universe is vast and boundless.

We have three million Golden Core cultivators, and thirty thousand of them are at the peak stage!

“Although I will die today, three months later, there will be ten thousand, or even one hundred thousand Golden Core cultivators to suppress you! Use your flesh and blood to fatten the fields!”

The black tiger looked at Lin Qiye with a half-pitiful and half-mocking gaze.

It was annoying to see it look at Lin Qiye like it was looking at a worm.

The Death Warriors wished they could dig out its eyes immediately.

Then, they would let it swallow them!

However, Lin Qiye raised his hand and stopped the Death Warriors.

The enemy leader chuckled.

“Are you afraid Are you desperate You only have 3,000 Golden Core cultivators left.

Even with a genius like you, you wont be able to defeat 10,000 Golden Core cultivators.

“Im not afraid of death.

I died for the sake of the Divine Tiger Clan.

I died for a good reason.

“Its just that Im a little regretful I wont be able to see the destruction of your universe…”

The black tiger raised its head and laughed wildly.

The Death Warriors gritted their teeth.

The black tiger spat, “What are you looking at Are you not convinced Do you possibly think that in just three months, you can nurture ten thousand Golden Core cultivators

“Dont joke with me! That kind of immortal technique goes against the laws of heaven.

It cant exist! Our Divine Tiger clan has existed for millions of years, but we have never seen it before!

“Therefore, you are powerless to turn the situation around.

You will be crushed by the Divine Tiger Clan!

“My soul will be watching all of you die miserably from the sky!”

The black tigers smile was rampant.

Even at deaths door, it would bring fear to the enemy before it died, making them unable to sleep or eat in peace.

However, there was no fear on the faces of the Death Warriors.

Instead, their expressions were strange as they looked at the black tiger laughing wildly.

Nurturing 10,000 Golden Core cultivators in merely three months

An immortal technique that had never been seen in a million years



The super big shot standing in front of it already possessed such an immortal technique!

The Death Warriors looked at Lin Qiye with a strange expression.

“King Lin…”

Lin Qiyes facial features were cold as he waved his hand.

“I still have one more question.

How are you going to cross the Universe Dont tell me that youre using Instant Arrival and travel for three months”

Hearing that, the enemy leader chuckled.


Lin Qiye frowned slightly.

“Even Instant Arrival takes three months”

“No, its mainly to avoid the space turbulence outside the universe.

Its a waste of time.”

Lin Qiye understood now and silently started the Deduction of Genesis.

“Is there a rapid teleportation array that can be deducted”

[This deduction would consume 20,000 movement points.

(Currently, there are 89,900 movement points remaining.)]

“Forget it, the consumption is a little too much.”

Lin Qiye did not deduce the teleportation array.

Instead, he cut off the leaders finger and took off its storage ring.

Then, he waved his hand and collected all the storage rings left in space.

There were a total of 5,000 storage rings.

Judging from the resources inside, it was enough for Lin Qiye to create 400,000 minions!

Lin Qiye could not help but feel secretly delighted.

Sure enough, the best way to get rich is by killing and arson.

Only by making money from war could one become rich overnight.

Lin Qiye was addicted.

He was addicted to creating strong minions and robbing others.

It was double the happiness when combined!

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with a few strands of exciting cold light.

“If I want to defy the heavens and change my fate by getting a SS grade rating… Creating sacrificial minions is a good choice.

I can create Golden Core cultivators and cultivators at the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

“Ill feel much happier by creating two types of sacrificial minions… But having to sacrifice Golden Core cultivators is a bit too cruel.

“But there are three million Golden Core cultivators on the other side.

We cant beat them without doing this.”

Lin Qiye was deep in thought.

And just as Lin Qiye was thinking, the Death Warriors could no longer hold it in.

They respectfully bowed to Lin Qiye.

“King Lim, please continue to implement the Death Warrior plan! We want to create three million Death Warriors!”

“Thats right, King Lin.

If we dont exterminate the Divine Tiger Clan, they will definitely think of ways to annihilate us.”

“This is a war between two races.

One of us must go!”

“Not only do we have to carry out the Death Warrior plan, but we also have to kill our way over! Conquer the Divine Tiger Universe! Kill all of them!”

The Death Warriors went crazy.

The black tiger laughed at the side.

“Are you daydreaming”

“You have 3000 people, and you want to kill your way over to conquer our Divine Tiger Universe

“Do you really think that you have heavenly technique”

It laughed until it vomited blood.

Lin Qiye silently glanced at the enemy leader.

“I suddenly want to keep you alive.

You stupid thing, open your eyes wide and watch how I flatten the Divine Tiger Universe!”

Lin Qiye was domineering, and his tone was cold.

Then, he stuffed a handful of recovery pills into the black tigers mouth.

After that, he brought the remaining Death Warriors back to the capital.

After returning to the capital, the Death Warriors had a day off.

As for Lin Qiye, he was planning a new round of sacrificial plans.


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