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Once his research was brought up, Qin Xingtong beamed with joy.

In high spirits, he raised the transfection reagent that was emitting a green glow.

His eyes were filled with admiration.

“King Lin, I compared your genes with the Divine Tiger Clan.

From the 31.6 billion gene base pairs, I found the correct coding method!”

“Once you have this sequence of genes, your physique will strengthen, and your meridians will widen.

As long as you inject a bottle of the transfection reagent, you could obtain the qualifications to cultivate!”

“I call it the Awakened Gene Sequence!”

As he spoke, Qin Xingtong was fully focused.

Holding his breath, he injected a bottle of the transfection reagent into the body of a white mouse.

“King Lin, please see how things go and put in sufficient spiritual stones.

We will need them during the awakening.”

With that said, Qin Xingtong quickly exited the steel cage and locked it.

Lin Qiye casually threw 100 spiritual stones into the cage.

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Qin Xingtong took a deep breath, his eyes shining with anticipation, waiting for the white mouse to change.

In a few breaths, the white mouse made a rapid squeaking sound.

It quickly pounced on the spiritual stones, crunching and gnawing on them.

It devoured one after another spiritual stone.

The body of the white mouse suddenly expanded.

From about 10 cm, it became as strong and big as a calf.

It had sharp teeth and a pair of jade-green eyes that revealed a strange and fierce look.

Its tail was even stretched out with crackling sounds, as thick as a steel whip.

Lin Qiye slightly raised his eyebrows and revealed a surprised expression.

The cultivation of the white mouse had soared to the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Qin Xingtong, on the other hand, had a delighted smile on his face.

“King Lin, look! One tube of the transfection reagent could create a cultivator at the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm!”

“Because the evolution path of animals is different, their size will skyrocket when injected with the reagent.

However, humans will not!”

“Although there will be some side effects, the advantage is that ordinary people can also use it!”

Lin Qiye was slightly curious.

“What are the side effects”

“The side effects are… One must have enough spiritual stones to support the awakening.

Otherwise, the meridians and muscles will instantly atrophy and die! As for the other side effects, I havent found them yet…”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye smiled.

“It isnt considered a side effect.”

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“Its just that… Can you upgrade the transfection reagent a little Its best if you can nurture a Golden Core cultivator with a single injection.”

“I need an army at the Golden Core Realm!”

These words made Qin Xingtong silent for a long time.

“Yes, but the side effects are serious.”

“If you want to nurture a Golden Core cultivator forcefully, one injection will consume 50 years of the injected persons lifespan.

Moreover, the injected person will no longer be able to cultivate.”

“After a year, the injected persons muscles and meridians would shrink and break, causing them to die a miserable death in pain…”

“In addition… every Golden Core cultivator would probably need ten thousand spiritual stones or a hundred-year-old spirit herb…”

“King Lin, do you really want to manufacture this kind of drug”

Lin Qiye nodded decisively.


“I will make a plan to recruit five thousand cultivators to join this suicide mission from all over the country!”

“I will tell them the consequences and let them decide whether to join or not voluntarily.”

“This plan must be carried out.

Otherwise, the entire Angel Planet Universe will be destroyed.”

“As for the sins, I will bear it alone!”

Qin Xingtong was silent for a long time.

Finally, he nodded.

“King Lin, please select some scientists.

I will teach them the manufacturing method.”


Lin Qiye strode away.

Five days passed in a flash.

There were only thirteen days left until the invasion of 5,000 Golden Core cultivators.

More than 200 scientists created 5,000 bottles of the Awakened Gene Sequence according to the design given by Qin Xingtong.

At the same time, Lin Qiye also announced a national plan to save the kingdom.

“All the citizens of Kingdom Xia, the 5,000 demonic Gods at the Golden Core Realm of the Divine Tiger Clan will invade again.

The invasion time will be in 13 days.”

“The king alone can only block 1,000 Golden Core cultivators.

If the remaining 4,000 intruders attack the Angel Planet from other directions, all 3 billion humans in Kingdom Xia will be killed instantly.”

“We are now recruiting 5,000 ordinary people as Death Warriors.

The king will use a secret method to forcibly increase your strength so that the Death Warriors will reach the Golden Core Realm.”

“The consequences of this suicidal mission are serious.

If there are volunteers, they can come and register.”

“Registration requirements: Between 20 and 35 years old.”

“Those who participate in this suicidal mission will be honored by the kingdom.

We will raise your parents, wives, and children.

Your next three generations will be able to enter the Cultivation Academy and enjoy special education and resources.”

An announcement appeared on official websites all over the kingdom.

Then, the propaganda machine started.

The people were boiling with anger!

“There are still 5,000 demonic Gods invading”

“Damn it.

Do they think they can bully us because we are weak”

“Those not of our race will have different hearts.

This is too detestable.

They are simply trying to exterminate us.”

“Damn it! Last time, I could only be helpless and desperate, unable to rage.

This time… I want to participate in the mission! Everyone is bound to die.

I cant die a cowardly and sullen death!”

“I want to participate too.

If we cant beat them up, theyll think that our Kingdom Xia is a weak and cowardly kingdom!”

All over the kingdom, countless commoners were filled with righteous indignation.

Many commoners immediately started to register.

There were also some people who shouted their slogans and turned around to hide in their houses, no longer paying attention to this matter.

Of course, overall, the number of people who signed up for the suicidal mission exceeded Lin Qiyes expectations.

There were 3 billion people in Kingdom Xia, and a total of three million people signed up.


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