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“Somethings not right!”

“The Divine Tiger Clan we have is already dead.

Will the crucial active factor disappear instantly I have not considered such a situation!”

At this thought, Qin Xingtong looked for Lin Qiye with his panda-like dark eyes.

“King Lin, I want a tube of your fresh blood.”

Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

He let Qin Xingtong draw a tube of fresh blood.

“You should rest for a while before continuing your research.”

During he drew the blood, Lin Qiye asked Qin Xingtong to rest for a while.

However, Qin Xingtong refused.

“Im not tired!”

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He left quickly.

Although his head was a little dizzy and his body felt weak, his spirit was high.

He became even crazier.

He studied every day.

Although he had the help of a supercomputer to calculate, Qin Xingtong was still mentally and physically exhausted.

His body became thinner and thinner.

Even as Lin Qiye sent a hundred-year-old ginseng every three days, he could not make up for the shortfall.

Time was like quicksand on ones hand.

It passed in a flash.

There was only one month left until the invasion of 5000 Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan.

Qin Xingtong began to feel nervous.

“Only one month left I seem to have let down the kings favor!”

He clenched his teeth.

“The king favors me and trusts me unconditionally… How can I let him down”

Thinking of this, Qin Xingtongs eyes shone, and his life force was burning.

Thus, he entered a state of total concentration.

His mind was racing like lightning.

His research progressed by leaps and bounds.

However, his bodys deterioration speed could also be seen with the naked eye.

He was reduced to skin and bones.

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Time flew like an arrow.

There were only 20 days left until the invasion!

In Qin Xingtongs laboratory, a burst of hearty maniacal laughter could finally be heard.

“I succeeded! I succeeded! I created a transfection reagent!”

Qin Xingtong laughed so hard that blood started flowing out of his nose and mouth.

After that, his vision turned black, and he fainted on the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he was already locked on the bed by the medical equipment.

A young nurse was changing the glucose water for him.


Qin, youre awake Youve been unconscious for three whole days.

The king wants you to rest well.”

“Three days! Doesnt that mean there are only seventeen days left”

“No, theres not much time left.

I need to go to the laboratory.

My reagent…”

Qin Xingtong immediately got out of bed.

Even though the young nurse tried to stop him, he still stumbled towards the laboratory.

At the same time, he used called Lin Qiye with his bony hands.

“King Lin, I have some results! Come and take a look!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye immediately appeared in the laboratory.

“You are using too much of your Dao bone structure.

You cant mend it no matter how hard you try.”

“If you continue like this, you will die.”

Qin Xingtong revealed a relaxed and calm smile, “I am not afraid of death.”

“King Lin, did you know My parents were killed by a martial arts grandmaster.

I thought… I would never be able to take revenge for such a blood feud!”

“You killed that martial arts grandmaster and took revenge for me.”

“After that, you respected me unconditionally and trusted me! You were mentally and physically exhausted, and your face was covered in sweat.

You helped me repair my shrunken meridians…”

“The king of a kingdom is extremely honorable, but you are able to go to such an extent for me!”

“At that time, I had already decided to repay you by dying for the kingdom!”

“If I can repay the kings great kindness, whats there to regret in death”

At this moment, the frail Qin Xingtong became exceptionally heroic.

Lin Qiye was silent, his heart filled with emotion.

Perhaps Qin Xingtong was weak, and perhaps Qin Xingtong was fearful.

But at this moment, he was an indomitable man, an indomitable superhero.

Even Lin Qiye had given him sufficient respect.

Looking at Lin Qiyes expression of admiration, Qin Xingtong subconsciously stuttered.

“K-king, lets… Lets talk about the research results… My transfection reagent! It is very powerful!”


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