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Lin Qiyes voice was deep and forbearing, and it caused hundreds of millions of the citizens to begin discussing while gritting their teeth.

“We cant just sit around and wait for death! But what should we do We cant cultivate.

How great would it be if every single one of us could cultivate!”

“Is there any way to let ordinary people have the strength of cultivators We have to protect our home and defend our country!”

“If we cant go onto the battlefield, we must think of a way to act as logistics and ensure the supply of resources for the cultivators ahead.”

The people clenched their fists.

They understood that only a portion of the enemy had been temporarily eliminated.

A gap had been opened in the universe barrier.

There would be even more powerful enemies invading!

There was no way out for Kingdom Xia!

As for the 300,000 cultivators, they were even angrier than the ordinary people.

They had trained hard for five years.

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They had soared into the sky with boundless glory and control of their own destiny.

However, they were slapped in the face by the intruders from the foreign land, and their teeth were broken.

They could only tremble in frustration as they watched the world topple.

They could not even protect their own family and lovers.

It deeply pierced their hearts and pride.

“We want to cultivate! Cultivate! Then well charge over and take revenge for the great humiliation of todays world overturning!”

The cultivators raised their heads and looked at Lin Qiye.

Their gazes were like wolves, and their shouts were like tigers.

On the city tower, Lin Qiyes gaze hovered over the 300,000 cultivators.

At this moment, a thought suddenly rose in his heart.

He had an army of beasts!

Thats right.

The 300,000 cultivators in front of him had the spirit of a lion, the king of beasts!

If they were allowed to increase their strength, they would definitely make their enemies tremble in fear!

Lin Qiye slightly raised his eyebrows and revealed a restrained and dignified smile.

“Good! I hope that all the citizens of Kingdom Xia will sharpen their swords.

One day, we will kill their way to the Nine Heavens and avenge our previous humiliation!”

As his voice fell, the entire capital trembled.

A roar that sounded like a tsunami shot up into the sky.

“Sharpen our swords and kill our way to the Nine Heavens!”

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The cold and murderous aura of the army blew over.

Lin Qiyes face was cold and solemn.

“I have inspired the country.

I believe that the speed of the emergence of Golden Core Realm cultivators will increase.”

“But to create a brand new history, there is still quite a bit of difficulty.”

Lin Qiye shook his head in his heart.

“I now have an S score.

I must continue to create three brand new histories… Only then will I have a chance to raise my score to SS.”

“Now that the other world has invaded and our two worlds have intersected, the difficulty of creating a brand new history has increased drastically! Im afraid that only by counterattacking the Divine Tiger Clans universe and conquering more than half of their land can it be considered to have created a brand new history.”


Lin Qiye followed his accurate premonition and silently analyzed.

“The Divine Tiger Clan has sent out 500 cultivators at the Golden Core Realm to invade a miniature universe.

Their universe probably has several million cultivators at that level!”

Lin Qiyes intuition told him that the other side of the gap was an ultimate steel plate!

Even if Lin Qiyes strength had reached the peak of the Golden Core Realm, he still couldnt kick it to pieces.

Because in the end, Lin Qiye was fighting alone.

If a few million of his Golden Core Realm enemies didnt fight Lin Qiye and destroy his world, Lin Qiye wouldnt be able to stop them.

He could kill all million cultivators.

However, it would take half an hour to kill all of them, or even longer!

As for breaking through the Golden Core Realm and advancing to the Nascent Soul Realm to start a massacre…

Lin Qiye couldnt do it.

After all, the limit of this universe was the peak of the Golden Core Realm!

To forcefully break though, he would probably have to let Ji Qinghuan burn two thousand years of her life.

However, Ji Qinghuan didnt have two thousand years of life to burn.

Lin Qiye wasnt willing to let her take any more risks either.

With this in mind, Lin Qiye was a little depressed.

“The difficulty of obtaining the SS grade is really heaven-defying!”

“I could even say that the possibility of completing it is zero!”

“But… only by obtaining the SS grade can I take away two top-tier treasures.”

A thoughtful look flashed through Lin Qiyes eyes.

“I must first let Kingdom Xia have ten thousand Golden Core cultivators.

Otherwise, everything is out of the question.”

“And to nurture them, I require resources.

When I broke through from the Foundation Establishment Realm to the Golden Core Realm, I used fifty thousand spiritual stones.”

“Where can I get millions of spiritual stones”

Lin Qiye sighed slightly.

His cultivation was fine, but to build a cultivation country was even harder than ascending to the heavens!

Suddenly, Lin Qiye seemed to have thought of something, and his spirit was lifted.

“Oh right, there are still the corpses of those Divine Tigers.”

The moment he thought of it, Lin Qiye immediately collected the 500 corpses into the Kingdom Xias capitals research laboratory.

Five hundred corpses lay peacefully on the experimental table.

Their furry tiger faces were mixed with shock, fear, and regret.

So much so that their expressions seemed particularly distorted.

Lin Qiye examined five hundred corpses inside and out.

He got five hundred storage rings from them!

Each ring contained the life savings of a Golden Core cultivator.

After a rough estimate, there was a total of 12 million spiritual stones, 20 thousand treasures, 5,300 weapons, 1,700 cultivation techniques, and 80 thousand elixirs.

There are also silk, jade, and other miscellaneous items.

After sorting out all the spoils of war, Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel pleased.

“Back then, 50,000 spiritual stones forced Ji Qinghuan to risk four years of her life span.”

“But now, the number of spiritual stones in the spoils of war has exceeded 10 million.”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but sigh.

“The saying was right.

If you want to get rich, you have to be a bad person!”

“Moreover, among the spoils of war, there is actually a decent spatial spellbook.”

Lin Qiye picked up the pure white bone called “Instant Arrival.”

He browsed through the principles of the spell on the bone.

As someone with the Cosmic Clairvoyant, Lin Qi Yes comprehension was high.

In a short while, he had mastered the spell.

When he used Instant Arrival, he could cross the distance between planets in one step, and his speed far exceeded even nuclear bombs.


Lin Qiye nodded happily.

He immediately used Instant Arrival.

He directly crossed the distance of a miniature universe and swam to the boundary of the Angel Universe.

“The boundary barrier has been completely broken.

It needs to wait for the universe to heal naturally.

However, it will take three years.”

“Eh… Where is the Divine Tiger Universe Why cant I sense it Is it because the universes are quite far apart that it takes a certain amount of time to get here”

“It should be, but I wonder how many of the second batch of intruders are there How long will it take”

He who has a thorough knowledge of the enemy and himself

is bound to win in all battles.

Lin Qiye felt that he needed to clarify this information.

For this reason, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 5,000 movement points (remaining 100,000 movement points)]

Does it cost 5,000 movement points

Although it was a little expensive, Lin Qiye was now a super-rich man with 100,000 movement points!

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not even blink and consumed 5,000 movement points.

[Deduction successful: The Divine Tiger Universe will send 5,000 cultivators at the Golden Core Realm to this world in three months.]

Looking at the deduction result, Lin Qiye could not help but frown.

“Well, it is indeed a hellish difficulty level…”


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