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Ji Qinghuan was visibly happy.

Flames bloomed in the bottom of her eyes, and numerous flame runes flowed joyfully in her heart, making her seem like a dream-like flaming spirit.

She was about to speak when a few hundred Golden Core Realm cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan let out thunderous roars in the sky because their companions were killed.

The sound waves crashed across the galaxy, interrupting her thoughts.

“Brother Ye, dont worry about me for now!”

Ji Qinghuans heart trembled slightly.

She did not want to interfere with Lin Qiyes battle, so she decisively broke free from his embrace and landed on the top of a high-rise building in the capital of Kingdom Xia to watch the battle from a distance.

She raised her head.

In her eyes, Lin Qiye stood proudly in the sky with lightning and thunder beside him.

It had to be said that Lin Qiye was really too powerful.

The moment he appeared, the millions of meteors falling rapidly in the sky flew back into space and hung in the galaxy once again.

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The fall of the meteorites that made humans despair came to an abrupt end.

Of course, the greater danger than the fall of the meteorites had yet to be eliminated!

In the distance, the alien race with tiger heads and human bodies was already furious.

“This savage race is truly cruel and vicious! Hes too vicious.

We must destroy him!”

“The smell of blood on this persons body makes me want to vomit.

His soul must have been contaminated.

Only death can wash away his sins.”

The strongest warriors of the Divine Tiger Clan bared their teeth.

The blood-red eyes hanging from their foreheads flickered with dense murderous intent.

“Divine Tiger Eleventh Army, form a formation! Condense the Heavenly Tiger Soul Chain! Join forces and quickly kill this evil demon.”

The Tiger King was extremely cautious and immediately used the most stable move.

In the next second, nearly five hundred Golden Core cultivators immediately spread out and formed a strange array.

The spiritual energy chains extended out from their chests and bellies and connected with each other.

The formation was formed!

In the sky above the formation, a giant Divine Tiger that blotted out the sky appeared.

Its fierce eyes looked down at the world.

It was as if a single glance could destroy the universe and the galaxy.

Under the gaze of the giant Divine Tiger, the defensive power, recovery speed, and movement speed of the five hundred Divine Tiger fighters increased rapidly.

Their vitality was shared strangely.

Their combat strength increased dozens of times.

Their pressure was also a hundred times more spread out.

The hundreds of thousands of cultivators in the Angel Planet were intimidated by the pressure.

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They collapsed to the ground, cold sweat beading on their foreheads.

The spiritual energy in their bodies seemed to have been suppressed by a mountain, and they were unable to use it.

Even Ji Qinghuan staggered and leaned against the city pillar, taking deep breaths to relieve the pressure.

Seeing this, Lin Qiye was slightly surprised.

“The formation is not bad.

With five hundred of them working together, they can suppress a cultivator at the peak of the Golden Core Realm.”

“However… its not easy to suppress me.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes aura exploded several thousand meters high.

His majestic aura condensed into a light pillar.

Tens of thousands of lightning dragons coiled around Lin Qiyes aura light pillar.

They extended their claws and spat out a baleful aura.

Behind Lin Qiye, the Dragon Elephant Phantom flashed.

His limbs and spine that had been refined into a divine bone by innate Qi all emitted a jade-like light.

A terrifying suction force was emitted from his divine bone.

They thirsted for spiritual energy, endless spiritual energy!

Thus, in the sky, the torrent of spiritual energy that poured down seemed to have been swallowed by a whale.

It rushed into Lin Qiyes light beam and quickly refined into pure spiritual energy dragons that poured into Lin Qiyes body.

He could feel the divine bones and Dao bones in his body.

They were like a beggar who had encountered a feast.

Lin Qiye shook his head with a smile.

“Whether its the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body or the Innate Divine Body, they are all suppressed in a world with thin spiritual energy.

Its too depressing.

Do you foreign visitors think that Im an ant”

“Youre wrong! Very wrong…”

“Only the sky is my limits!”

“Now, I could finally climb up and face my true potential!”

Lin Qiye exhaled a mouthful of white mist.

It was Ji Qinghuan who risked 70 years of her life, and it was Ji Qinghuan who endured every minute and second of torture for four years in exchange for this moment.

He would not let down Ji Qinghuans high hopes!

With this in mind, Lin Qiyes strength in devouring the spiritual energy from beyond the heavens rose again.

His cultivation soared!

In just a few breaths, he had jumped to the Fourth Level of the Golden Core Realm!

There was even a tendency for him to rise rapidly!

It was all thanks to the multiple buffs of the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, the Innate Divine Body, and his flawless Qi Refinement technique”.

The speed of his increase in strength made the Divine Tiger Clan tremble in fear, and their eyelids twitched wildly.

“Not good.

This brat is not simple!”

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The heart of the Divine Tiger Clans king was palpitating, and he subconsciously requested to retreat.

However, the other clan members did not want to follow.

“Boss, theres no need to boost the morale of others and destroy our prestige, right”

“We have five hundred Golden Core Realm cultivators.

With the support of the formation, we can even kill someone at the peak of this realm.

How could we fail to kill a guy at the Fifth Level”

“Could he kill us all by himself”

“Unless he has a divine bone and a supreme Dao bone structure!”


“Moreover, we have a firm will.

If we run away without fighting, how can we face the difficulties and bottlenecks in cultivation in the future”

The voices of the Divine Tiger Clans members were like thunder.

As Golden Core Realm cultivators, they had their own pride.

Facing a small world with only a cultivator at the Fifth Level, they were naturally unwilling to retreat.

“Boss, no matter what, we have the advantage of numbers!”

Under the persuasion of the other comrades, the Tiger King wavered.

“That makes sense.

The advantage lies in us! Do It! Dont let him break through again!”

As his voice fell, the Divine Tiger Clan attacked in formation!

The somber army formation distorted space and shattered the stars and moon.

A huge tiger head seal covered Lin Qiyes face.

The terrifying pressure fell on Lin Qiyes bones, wanting to crush them!

Facing such a killer move, Lin Qiye couldnt even escape.

He was nailed on the spot and couldnt move.

He could only be suppressed by the huge seal!

“Five hundred Golden Core cultivators… Not bad indeed! Fortunately, I have a trick up my sleeve.”

While he was muttering to himself, Lin Qiyes mind moved.

Suddenly, a loud and clear sound of a blade rang out from afar.

Then, a long straight blade with a dazzling blue flame flowing on the hilt shattered the void and rushed over.

It was a silver-tier weapon – the Extreme Flame Ring Saber.

When Lin Qiye broke through to the Golden Core Realm, it was unsealed!

It crossed the endless space and descended from the sky.

The long blade had a wide back and was sharp.

It was covered in patterns of snow, flickering with cold light.


It hit the Tiger Head Seal.

An earth-shaking explosion sounded.

The Tiger Head Seal cracked and shattered.

The expressions of the Divine Tiger Clan members changed drastically.

Blood flowed out of the corners of their mouths.

They were dumbstruck and looked at Lin Qiye in astonishment.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Lin Qiye held a long blade in front of his brows as he retreated.

A cold light reflected from the blade in Lin Qiyes eyes, causing his facial features to be extremely cold.

“He used such a strange method to break our formation”

The Tiger Kings eyelids twitched as an ominous feeling welled up in his heart.

“Retreat quickly! Retreat quickly!” It roared.

However, it was already too late.

Lin Qiye held the blade in his hand.

Like a tiger with wings, like a dragon riding on the clouds, his figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.

In the next moment, the light that contained flames and lightning flashed wildly on the backs of the Divine Tiger Clan cultivators.

Every time the light flashed, it would split open their muscular backs.

There was even a lightning dragon that rushed out from the saber light, crushing their hearts.

For a moment, blood splattered everywhere!

Even the Divine Tiger Clans formation couldnt withstand Lin Qiyes attack.

With each slash, the formation broke inch by inch.

What was more exaggerated was that Lin Qiyes cultivation continued to soar.

So much so that the power of his attacks became more and more terrifying.

One after another, the Divine Tiger Clans cultivators fell from the sky with faces full of shock and fear, turning into ice-cold corpses.

After a short five minutes, Lin Qiyes cultivation rose to the Seventh Level of the Golden Core Realm.

And out of the five hundred Divine Tiger Clan members, only the Tiger King was left!

All of them were annihilated!

The Tiger King was stunned on the spot.

Its blood-red eyes hanging below the forehead were trembling with fear and regret.

It had never imagined that after leading five hundred Golden Core cultivators to invade a tiny universe, they would be annihilated instead.

They didnt even have the chance to escape.

“May I ask… Who exactly are you What is your name”

The Tiger King felt that Lin Qiye must be an extraordinary big shot.

Because he cultivated the flawless version of the Qi Refinement technique!

However, the Tiger King couldnt figure out Lin Qiyes background.

It wanted to ask, but Lin Qiye did not bother.

With a cold face, he chopped off the Tiger Kings head.

As the Tigers head spun, Lin Qiye used his blade to pick up the huge head accurately.

Then, he landed lightly in the capital city.

The moment he landed, Lin Qiyes spirit was roused, and he was extremely happy.

After eleven years, the crisp sound of notification of success in changing fate finally resounded in his mind.


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