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Half an hour later, a spiritual stone with pure spiritual energy appeared in her hand.

Looking at the small spiritual stone, Ji Qinghuans red lips curled up, almost in ecstasy.

“I can turn the lava energy into spiritual energy for Brother Ye to cultivate!”

“I did it!”

“One spiritual stone is equivalent to the spiritual energy of a spiritual spring.

If I condense 1,000 spiritual stones, Brother Ye will definitely be shocked!”

Ji Qing was elated, and her heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

At this moment, although she was so tired that she did not want to move, an obsession still made her forget about everything and condense spiritual stones without rest.

A month later, Ji Qinghuan held 1,000 spirit stones in her arms and broke into Lin Qiyes residence with a big smile on her face.

“Brother Ye, what do you think this is”

Ji Qinghuan, who had a head of wine-red hair, gracefully walked up to Lin Qiye.

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Lin Qiye was stunned for a long time.

Compared to four months ago, Ji Qinghuan had undergone a drastic change.

Her figure was even more prominent, and her hair had turned into an elegant and sexy wine-red color.

Together with her exquisite facial features, she looked like she had fiery red lips.

“Youre my underling, Ji Qinghuan”

“Of course, its me, Brother Ye.”

“Look at what I brought back!”

As they spoke, Ji Qinghuan displayed 1,000 spiritual stones in front of Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye was shocked and in disbelief.

“Where did you get these spiritual stones”

Seeing Lin Qiyes shocked expression for the first time, Ji Qinghuan revealed a satisfied smile.

“Ive awakened the Flame Dao Bone and refined the spiritual stones with lava energy.

Brother Ye, I can help you now! Ill definitely let you become a cultivator in the Golden Core Realm!”

Ji Qinghuan was about to take a step forward.

Suddenly, blood gushed out from her mouth and nose, and she fell headfirst.

Boundless exhaustion engulfed her like a ferocious beast.

Lin Qiye hurriedly hugged Ji Qinghuans soft waist and carefully placed her on the bed.

“Deduction of Genesis, check Ji Qinghuans physical condition.”

[This deduction requires 500 movement points ( 10,000 movement points remaining)]

[Deduction successful: With a strong determination, she awakened the Flaming Dao Bone, but she also overused 30 years of her life potential.]

[Fortunately, the Flaming Dao Bone was perfectly awakened.

However, her body was already riddled with hidden injuries.

It can only be healed with innate Qi.]

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Seeing the deduction result, Lin Qiye fell silent.

A thousand spiritual stones in exchange for her life

The lava energy was different from the lightning clouds.

The lightning clouds were pure and could be directly absorbed.

However, to use the lava energy to awaken her Dao bone, Ji Qinghuan must have suffered a lot.

To help him, she relied on a single obsession and persevered even at the cost of overdrawing her life potential

Lin Qiye was slightly moved.

He raised his palm and gently pressed it on Ji Qinghuans chest.

Strands of innate Qi flowed out, healing Ji Qinghuans heavily injured body.

The innate Qi washed away her hidden injuries.

It made Ji Qinghuan cough out pitch-black blood quickly.

Fortunately, the hidden injuries in her body were all healed by the innate Qi.

As for the thirty years of life potential that she had spent…

Lin Qiye was helpless.

Not long after, Ji Qinghuan woke up.

She lay on the bed.

Her lips were as pale as her face, but her beautiful eyes shone with determination.

“Im fine now.

Brother Ye, where are the spiritual stones Where are the one thousand spiritual stones Use them quickly and see how much you can improve.”

At this moment, what she was still thinking about was not her own body but Lin Qiyes cultivation.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“The spiritual stones are with me.

In the future, dont go all out.

Youve lost thirty years of your life potential.”


Ji Qinghuan did not care at all.

She looked at Lin Qiye affectionately.

“Its fine.

Brother Ye, use the spiritual stones quickly.

I wont go after youre done.

This is a token of my appreciation! You cant waste it!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye nodded.

He immediately swallowed the 1,000 spiritual stones and refined them.

The pure spiritual energy seethed and flowed into Lin Qiyes meridians.

Lin Qiyes cultivation level quickly rose to the First Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

His combat ability increased by five times.


Lin Qiye exhaled deeply and felt a wave of satisfaction.

He had to admit that the feeling of cultivating recklessly was really mesmerizing.

On the bed, Ji Qinghuan pursed her red lips in satisfaction.

Lin Qiye pulled a long face.

“You cant refine any more spiritual stones.

Ill think of another way.”

Ji Qinghuan nodded obediently.

“Ill listen to you, Brother Ye!”


However, the next day, when Lin Qiye was about to check on Ji Qinghuans condition again.

He realized that Ji Qinghuan had already left without saying goodbye.

There was a piece of paper with beautiful handwriting on the table:

“Ill return your favor.

Youve saved me before, so Im willing to risk my life for you.

Dont worry and wait for me to come back.”

At the bottom of the paper was a simple smiley face.


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