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The burning and complicated energy were incompatible with the human body.

As soon as it entered her stomach, Ji Qinghuan was in so much pain that she broke out in cold sweat.

In just a few breaths, her clothes were all wet with sweat.

“It is indeed difficult!”

“However, Brother Ye said that it is possible for me!”

Ji Qinghuan gritted her teeth and used all of her cultivation and even life force to remove the impurities in the energy and refine the violent lava energy.

“I can help Brother Ye.

I can definitely do it!”

Thinking of this, Ji Qinghuan endured the pain and used her body to forcefully nurture the lava energy inside.

However, the lava energy was too overbearing.

In an instant, it spread from her abdomen to her skin, making her whole body hot and red, and white gas spewed out of her pores.

It was as if her internal organs were going to be burnt to ashes instantly.

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She couldnt hold on anymore!

Ji Qinghuan suddenly opened her mouth and spat out the magma energy.

Then, with a face full of fear, she looked at the crater of the volcano.

She was panting.

“Its hard to control!”

“But, I have to try again!”

Ji Qinghuan was unwilling to give up easily.

Once again, she took the risk of swallowing the lava energy floating in the crater and fell into the second round of suffering.

The second time, the process of nurturing the lava energy was still extremely painful.

Ji Qinghuan gritted her teeth and endured for a few minutes, but she still failed.

The third time.

The fourth time.

The fifth time.

The ten-thousandth time.


Ji Qinghuan was defeated time and time again.

Because she wanted to help Lin Qiye!

Hence, every day after that, when she was done governing the kingdom, Ji Qinghuan would come to this secret base and sit cross-legged at the crater, fighting with the lava energy.

The millionth time.

Finally, after walking around the gates of Hell a million times, Ji Qinghuan was physically and mentally exhausted.

She was so tired that she lay in the crater and fell into a deep slumber.

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In her sleep, a bright flame rune flashed across Ji Qinghuans heart.

Ji Qinghuan did not notice that the flame rune was born.

It was just that after she woke up, she was much more energetic.

She inhaled the lava energy again.

Ji Qinghuan was pleasantly surprised.

“It seems to have succeeded My internal organs have completely withstood the terrifying energy of the lava, and I no longer feel like my body is going to be burnt through!”

The corners of Ji Qinghuans lips curled up.

She quickly calmed her heart and quietly searched for a method to refine it.

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Four days.

Ji Qinghuan persevered.

Even when she was sleeping, she slept with a ball of scorching lava energy in her mouth as she searched for a method to refine it.

Ten days later, she discovered that a trace of the lava energy had been absorbed by her cells.

After that, the cells seemed to realize the benefits of absorbing the lava energy.

They began to absorb it on their own.

A mass of turbulent lava energy was forcefully wiped out, and the fire runes on her heart grew stronger.

The next day, Ji Qinghuan went to the crater and swallowed the lava energy in one gulp.

Then, by relying on her cells self-absorption ability, she absorbed this mass of lava energy.

Gradually, the cells near her stomach could quickly digest the lava energy.

Every time she swallowed a mouthful of energy, it could be converted into fire-type spiritual energy and transferred into her limbs, bones, internal organs, and even her skin!

The lava energy could no longer cause Ji Qinghuan any pain.

In the next ten days, Ji Qinghuan became a devouring demon.

She devoured five thousand masses of lava energy every day.

Thus, her cultivation level rose rapidly, and she advanced to the Seventh Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

At this moment, the energy in the crater seemed a little weak, and it wasnt enough for Ji Qinghuan to devour.

Ji Qinghuan looked at the lava deeper within.

She reached her hand into the lava.

It was boiling hot.

It was so hot that her fingers were about to burn, and the fire runes on her heart flickered.

However, for Brother Ye, she could endure it!

Ji Qinghuan quickly took off her clothes and picked up the lava.

She smeared the red lava on her body, allowing her body to adapt to the extreme pain of being burned.

For three whole days, she was adapting to the pain of being drenched in lava.

However, she endured it and adapted to the heart-wrenching pain.

Then, she mustered up her courage and jumped down, sinking her body into the crater of the volcano.

The lava enveloped her, and her body seemed to have turned into lava.

It was extremely dangerous.

Even the fire runes on her heart were flickering violently, and they could break at any time.

But Ji Qinghuan tried her best to adapt.

If she couldnt hold on, she climbed onto the shore.

She lay on the ground to rest.

After trying tens of thousands of times, the fire rune on Ji Qinghuans heart rapidly split into two unknowingly.

The fire rune grew.

Ji Qinghuans pressure suddenly decreased.

She swam in the lava.

Every cell in her body was madly devouring the energy contained in the lava.

Her cultivation level soared again, reaching the Eighth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

After a while, she lowered her body.

The pressure rose again.

She struggled to hold on.

The fire runes on her heart split into four.

Three days later, Ji Qinghuans cultivation level broke through to the Ninth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Another three days passed, and Ji Qinghuan sank deeper into the lava.

She devoured the lavas energy even faster, and the vast underground lava became her cultivation resource.

She quickly reached the Tenth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm, broke through the bottleneck, and became a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator!

“So this is the Foundation Establishment Realm It feels really different from the rest…”

Ji Qinghuan smiled slightly.

Her wine-red, elegant long hair fluttered like algae in the lava.

She floated in the lava.

Her snow-white skin was emitting multicolored light, and her curvaceous figure was fiery and seductive.

There was a flame pattern between her brows overflowing with color.

There was also a flame flickering in her eyes, making her beautiful facial features more charming.

At this moment, she was the Queen of Flames.

All the lava was flowing around her body according to her commands.


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