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“But you saved me and took me in as an underling.

You taught me how to cultivate, brought me to search for resources, and allowed me to have a transcendent cultivation level at the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.”

“Now, I live every day happily, fulfilling, and meaningful.”

“Ive always wanted to repay you, but youre like a God as if you dont need anything.

Even if its establishing Kingdom Xia, Im just a small helper.”

“I hope I can help you,” Ji Qinghuan said seriously.

Actually, she wanted to express some profound emotions by thanking him, but Lin Qiye didnt respond.

Ji Qinghuan couldnt help but feel a little depressed.

He was too dense.

She pursed her lips and changed the topic:

“Oh right, Brother Ye, now that the world is peaceful, what are you going to do next Will you marry a girl you like”

Her sentence made Lin Qiyes expression strange.

“Im young.

Very, very young.”

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“Moreover, although the world is peaceful now, our stable life only lasts for a short four years in reality.”

Lin Qiyes expression suddenly became serious.

He fell into deep thought.

“After four years, the spiritual energy will restore, and the Celestial Race will descend.

It is still a question if I can lead the humans to resist it.”

Lin Qiye shook his head in his mind.

“According to the memories of my first life, if I want to break through the barrier of the universe and descend to another world, I have to be at least at the Golden Core Realm.

When Country Xia attacked the first world, there were 500 cultivators at this level.”

“Therefore, if I want to defy the heavens and change my fate, I have to have at least the combat strength to kill 500 cultivators at the Golden Core Realm.

A mere Foundation Establishment Realm is not enough.”

“Unfortunately… Right now, the heaven and earth spiritual energy are thin, so its difficult for me to cultivate the Golden Core Realm.”

At the current stage, Lin Qiyes cultivation was at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

If he wanted to reach the First Level of Foundation Establishment Realm, he had to devour one thousand spiritual springs.

And using the Deduction of Genesis to find one thousand spirit springs required one hundred thousand movement points.

Not to mention that Lin Qiye only had ten thousand movement points left, even if he had one hundred thousand points, he would not spend all of it for a mere one thousand spiritual springs.

However, without swallowing the spiritual springs, he might not even reach the Foundation Establishment Realm in ten years just by relying on the thin spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

How could he resist 500 Golden Core Realm cultivators with merely a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation

Thinking of what would happen in four years, Lin Qiye could not help but sigh slightly, and his gaze at the starry sky had a hint of melancholy.

Regarding this, Ji Qinghuan found it hard to understand.

“Brother Ye, do you still have any worries You are already unrivalled in the world, and Kingdom Xia has also entered an era of peace.”

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“Why would you say that the peaceful days can only last for four years Could there be a rebellion”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Its another kind of crisis.

A huge crisis! I must reach the Golden Core Realm before I can handle it!”

Hearing this, Ji Qinghuans expression changed slightly.

“But now, the spiritual energy is thin, and the spiritual springs and resources are scarce.

Cultivating to the Golden Core Realm is as difficult as ascending to the heavens, right”

Lin Qiye nodded.


Ji Qinghuan looked thoughtful.

“If I mobilize three hundred thousand cultivators to search for the spiritual springs and resources, will it be enough”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Other than me, no one can find the spiritual springs one thousand meters underground.

Mobilizing three hundred thousand cultivators is just a waste of money.”

The plan was refuted.

Ji Qinghuan lowered her eyes dejectedly.

Brother Ye was right.

Spiritual springs were hard to find.

Even if her cultivation level had reached the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm, she would not be able to sense the location of the spiritual springs.

Only Brother Yes ability was special, and he was able to find them accurately.

As for the lightning clouds, they were the product of special terrain.

It was a coincidence.

How could there be a second coincidence in this world

Ji Qinghuan lowered her eyes, feeling depressed.

Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration.

“Brother Ye, arent you able to swallow the lightning clouds Can you swallow the energy of the lava too There is endless lava beneath the Angel Planet for you if its possible!”


“Do you want to give it a try”

Hearing this, Lin Qiyes eyes lit up, looking forward to it.

“Lets try it.”

“Then Ill take you to the volcano nearby.”

An hour later, the two of them rushed to the volcano at full speed and looked down at the surging red lava below.

After observing for a moment, Lin Qiye could not help but shake his head.

“My intuition tells me that the energy in the lava is mixed and violent.

It needs to be transformed by living souls before it can become the heaven and earth spiritual energy used for cultivation.

The efficiency of my transformation is extremely low.

Im afraid I wont be able to raise my cultivation level in four years.”

Hearing that, Ji Qinghuan bit her red lips.

“Brother Ye, is there really no other way”

Lin Qiye spread his hands helplessly.

The Deduction of Genesis could deduce a perfect and efficient transformation method.

However, it required ten million movement points.

How could Lin Qiye have that many points

So… Lin Qiye was stuck at a bottleneck.

Defying the heavens and changing fate is really not easy!

Lin Qiye shook his head.

Ji Qinghuans face was filled with unwillingness.

“Then what about me, Brother Ye Is it possible for me to utilize the lava energy”

Lin Qiye looked at Ji Qinghuan seriously and smiled.

“You may have a fire-type bone structure, but now that the spiritual energy is thin, its as difficult as ascending to the heavens to awaken the root bone! Youll have to wait for a few years.”

“Lets go.

Well go back and think of another plan.”


With that said, Lin Qiye turned around and returned to the city.

Ji Qinghuan followed behind him.

The depths of her bright eyes were filled with determination and obsession.

In the dead of that night, Ji Qinghuan came to the volcano alone.

“Brother Ye said that I have a fire-type bone structure.

I can only awaken it a few years later.

Why cant I awaken it a few years earlier I want to awaken it earlier!”

Ji Qinghuan was full of ambition.

In one breath, she swallowed all the mottled energy floating around the crater into her stomach.



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