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Amid the roars that shook ones soul, the entire capital was celebrating.

The peoples faces were filled with smiles, love, and respect for the ruler.

Lin Qiye stood on the towering city tower, feeling more spirited and majestic from the feeling of celebration.

“From now on, our country will stand on the Angel Planet forever!”

“We will use technology to change our lives and build our country with the cultivation!”

“Perhaps many citizens dont know how terrifying cultivation can be.

“Therefore, today, I will show the people what a strong cultivator looks like!”

“No matter what you see next, dont be afraid…”

While he was talking, behind Lin Qiye, thunderclouds covered the sky and the sun.

Nine thousand-meter dragons were rolling in the thunderclouds, emitting deafening thunder.

The millions of people in the capital subconsciously held their breath and looked up at the sky in a daze.

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The dragons instantly flew out of the atmosphere and disappeared into the sky.

Two minutes later, an asteroid with a diameter of ten thousand meters suddenly appeared!

A shadow that made people despair covered the entire sky of the capital.

People looked up and saw that the shadow was getting bigger and bigger as if the sky had collapsed!

The scene made people suffocate.

It made them restless.

It made their hair stand on end.

People fell into a state of panic.

“Why would an asteroid hit our planet What is the reason There was no warning at all!”

“An asteroid with such a huge diameter could destroy the capital city.

Tens of millions of civilians in the capital city would be reduced to ashes.

This is a natural disaster capable of destroying cities!”

“You are wrong.

Not only can it destroy cities, but it can also wipe out humans! It can wipe out 90% of the creatures in the Angel Planet!”

“There was no time to run.

Could it be that the end has come”

Some people silently wept, while some shivered.

Even the 300,000 cultivators were trembling in fear and despair.

Although they were cultivators and could block bullets, they couldnt withstand such a devastating disaster!

Amid fear, Lin Qiyes gaze was calm.

Behind him, the Dragon Elephant Body, which was 90% visible, slowly appeared.

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A Dragon Elephant Phantom suddenly opened its scarlet eyes and stared coldly at the falling asteroid, full of disdain.

Lin Qiye stood in the sky.

He stood in the middle of the shadow cast by the asteroid.

Hundreds of divine dragons, which were thousands of meters long, roared behind him.

They narrowed their eyes and did not take the asteroid seriously at all.

Lin Qiye mobilized the spiritual energy in his body, and his body was shining brightly.

Then, he punched out.

The Dragon Elephant Phantom rushed toward the sky, followed by hundreds of lightning dragons.

The giant beasts crashed into the asteroid.



The asteroid exploded into millions of pieces and in all directions.

Its remnants burned fiercely against the atmosphere, drawing a beautiful and bright arc in the sky.

Hence, the asteroid that was supposed to destroy the planet turned into a super-large-scale celebratory firework.


It exploded stunningly during the Foundation Day celebration.

The capital citizens were dumbstruck.

They opened their mouths and raised their heads to look at the “fireworks.” Their souls trembled violently from the shock.

At the same time, the citizens of the entire nation fell into a daze.

They looked at the special fireworks on the projection screen.

They were so stunned that they couldnt find their way.

“Our king is a God, right”

“He destroyed the asteroid with one punch.

If he isnt a God, then what is he”


“Long live the king!”

The people were excited.

They worshiped Lin Qiye.

The 300,000 cultivators were even more excited.

Their faces were filled with yearning.

Not far away, Ji Qinghuans red lips parted slightly, and her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Qiye.

Her mind was blank.

“Youre still as dazzling as ever…”

“Ive recalled the scene when you swallowed the lightning and clouds a few hundred times.”

“Now that Ive reached the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm, youre even more like a God.”

Lin Qiyes dazzling figure was reflected in Ji Qinghuans eyes.

That figure slowly landed on the city wall.

“Talented cultivators must train hard and not waste their talent.

The Kingdom Xia needs you!”

After a round of encouragement, the kingdom fell into the next round of celebration.

Even at night, the people were still beating drums and gongs, cheering loudly.

Of course, as they celebrated, they couldnt help but talk about the asteroid fireworks that Lin Qiye had created.

“The king is a true God!”

“My guess is that the king must have captured an asteroid and shattered it.

Hes too powerful and is as invincible as a God!”

“If hes not a God, can he let the people live a good life”

“The king is the guardian of our country!”

While the people were discussing, Lin Qiye accompanied Grandma Lin and had dinner.

After a busy day, Lin Qiye finally got a break at eleven at night.

He sat on the roof and looked up at the starry sky.

Ji Qinghuan crossed her knees and sat beside Lin Qiye.

“The starry sky is so beautiful.

I love such a serene day.

No bullies, no warlords.

The people live and work in peace.”

Ji Qinghuans tone was relaxed.

Suddenly, she changed the topic.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Thank me”

“Yes! Thank you!”

“Back then, I was determined to die and went to assassinate Blood Tornado.

I have decided to kill him with all my might and then die from their guns…”


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