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With this in mind, Lin Qiye took the ginseng skin and walked to Ji Qinghuan.

“It can raise your cultivation level to the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Open your mouth.”


Hearing this, Ji Qinghuans eyes suddenly lit up.

She raised her head obediently and opened her mouth slightly.

And so, Lin Qiye placed the ginseng skin into Ji Qinghuans mouth as if he was feeding a pet.

The skin of the ginseng melted as soon as it entered Ji Qinghuans mouth, turning into a ball of pure medicinal power that rampaged around in her lower abdomen.

Ji Qinghuans face was flushed red, and her neck was drenched in sweat.

Steam rose from the top of her head, and her wet hair stuck to her ears.

Lin Qiye frowned slightly and berated, “Quickly circulate the Qi Refinement technique!”

Hearing the berating, Ji Qinghuans flustered mind quickly calmed down, and she hurriedly circulated the Qi Refinement technique.

The Qi Refinement technique was indeed a perfect and flawless version of the cultivation technique.

Once it was circulated, it suppressed and swallowed the pure medicinal energy.


It was refined into a small stream of pure spiritual energy, merging into Ji Qinghuans meridians.

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With a crack, Ji Qinghuans cultivation broke through the shackles of mortals and reached the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

The spiritual energy in her body was like a stream, flowing endlessly.

The surging spiritual energy made Ji Qinghuans heart beat faster.

“Such powerful spiritual energy is even stronger than a hundred years of inner strength.

I can kill ten grandmasters in an instant!”

Ji Qinghuan was so surprised that she jumped with joy, and her eyebrows flew up.

“As expected of a cultivation method.

I have just started, but I have already surpassed countless martial artists! No wonder Brother Ye can flatten a mountain with a raise of his hand.”

“The cultivation technique can create a god!”

“But Brother Ye… I dont understand.

You should have kept such a heaven-defying cultivation technique to yourself.

Why did you teach it to me”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye smiled indifferently.

“Youll understand in the future.

Come, lets take over Jiang City!”

More than an hour later, in Jiang City.

Jiang Citys bullies, who usually committed crimes, welcomed a nightmare.

A handsome youth brought a beautiful girl and barged into their heavily guarded villa.

He casually killed all the armed bodyguards.

Then, he caught all the gangsters.

The gangsters were neatly kneeling in the living room of the luxurious villa.

Their bodies shook like chaff, and their faces were void of color.

They were no longer as arrogant and smug as they used to be.

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It was because they had been scared out of their wits by the devil-like Lin Qiye.

“Please spare us, sir, and give us a chance to change!”

“We actually want to be good people too! We really want to be good people! We have had the potential since young!”

The bullies knelt on the ground, crying so hard that tears flowed down their faces.

They wailed as if they felt extremely wronged and weak, acting like the victims.

Lin Qiye chuckled.

He sat casually on the sofa like a godfather.

Beside Lin Qiye, Ji Qinghuans small face was excited.

She crossed her arms and stood proudly on the right.

She had once fantasized that one day, she would be able to uphold justice like Brother Ye.

However, until she became the number one assassin, she had always feared the automatic rifles in the gangsters hands.

Now, under the leadership of her boss, she had finally achieved her dream.

She put on a straight face and looked righteous.

“Hand over all of your assets! Give me all of your passwords, property, warehouse, gold, gemstones, luxury goods, all of them!”

The gangsters of the past nodded.

“Yes, we will hand them all over.

I bed you two to spare our lives.”


In a short while, the cowardly bullies handed over hundreds of billions in wealth.

Ji Qinghuan was dumbfounded.

After a rough estimation, she realized that their wealth could even build ten brand-new cities.

“Damn it.

All of you are filthy rich, but the common people have been taxed for a hundred years! No wonder there are hundreds of thousands of people in the slums outside of Jiang City.

All of you deserve to die!”

Ji Qinghuan raised her brows.

“Brother Ye, I dont think we can forgive these bastards!”


Lin Qiye nodded calmly.

He raised his right hand, and lightning gathered at the tip of his finger.

With a casual wave, the bullies were all turned into charcoal.

“You will manage the money.

I want to build a new city organization and transform Jiang City…”

Lin Qiye patiently exhorted.

Ten days later, Jiang City had established a new organization.

As the City Lord, Lin Qiye made three rules.

Firstly, civilians and martial artists were treated equally.

Vicious fighting was prohibited inside and outside Jiang City.

Slums outside the city will be developed and renovated into new economic zones, and more public-owned factories will be set up to provide employment opportunities for citizens.

Secondly, a new Cultivation Academy and Technology Academy will be set up in parallel to implement a compulsory education system.

Night schools are provided for adults to study.

Thirdly, Lin Qiye has issued a recruitment notice to other cities, promising great benefits and recruiting talented researchers to study life science and explore the secrets of genes.

Fourth, the first page of the Qi Refinement art will be announced to the entire city.

Cultivators who can sense Qi are welcomed to Jiang City to learn more advanced cultivation techniques.

Fifth, Lin Qiye put on a bounty for a treasure land rich in spiritual energy with a hefty reward.

Following the implementation of a series of new regulations, Jiang City was like a brand new machine, rumbling as it started to operate.

The talents in governance carried out Lin Qiyes policies.

The security army patrolled Jiang City.

If there were any martial artists who did not follow the rules, Ji Qinghuan would injure them severely and hang them on the city wall.

Multiple factories such as Gun factories, grain factories, bread factories, mining factories, and furniture factories were built.

One construction project after another began, providing millions of jobs in Jiang City.


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