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As a Galaxy Practitioner, everything Lin Qiye did was for two things.

One, to change his fate; second, to improve his score, preferably to achieve an SS grade or above.

Both of them are not easy.

When the restoration of spiritual energy comes, the Celestial Race will descend.

There are only five years left.

Lin Qiye has a premonition that the strength of the Celestial Race is enough to crush this world.

If he did not build a huge force, resist the Celestial Race, and even exterminate them, Lin Qiye might not get an SS grade.

And for that, Lin Qiye decided to take Ji Qinghuan under his wing.

After all, this girl, a top-rated killer, could die trying to get revenge for her friend.

Regardless of character or strength, she has reached the requirements.

“Its just that… the spiritual energy in this world is too thin.

Even if I cultivate alone, Ill need to use up all my resources.

To build up a force… Itll be a headache.”

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Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

An hour later, Ji Qinghuan led Lin Qiye and landed in front of a valley.

The valley was endless.

On the open plains at the entrance, there were thousands of charred corpses.

There were wild boars, wild horses, and bears…


It was like the valley of death.

Lin Qiye looked far into the distance.

He saw the sky above the valley, with dazzling clouds formed by lightning.

The clouds blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled as if fierce beasts were fighting in the valley.

The clouds were like a beating heart.

Every once in a while, it would beat violently.

When it beat violently, all the clouds exploded outward.

Lightning flashed across the surrounding mountains.

All the mountains were burned red.

The wild animals that passed by were probably killed by the “heartbeat”.

Of course, there were many human-shaped corpses at the periphery of the valley too.

“Brother Ye, the spiritual herb is inside.

However, we can only enter it once during a special moment.

Otherwise, we will turn into a charred corpse.”

Ji Qinghuan pointed at the human-shaped corpses.

“That corpse is said to be a martial arts grandmaster.

He has never been afraid of lightning since he was young.

However, when he came here, he still turned into ashes.”

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“It was also by coincidence that I discovered the pattern of entry.

We should be able to enter in another five to six days!”

Ji Qinghuan estimated the time.

However, Lin Qiye did not have the patience to wait for five to six days.

He looked at the thunderclouds that covered the entire valley and thought quietly.

When he saw the rolling thunderclouds, Lin Qiye did not know why, but he felt an inexplicable sense of closeness.

He could not help but have an extremely absurd thought – swallowing them would bring endless benefits.

What kind of thought was this

Lin Qiyes expression was strange, but his intuition had been blessed by his SSS grade talent, the Deduction of Genesis.

He had never failed.

Hence, Lin Qiye thought of giving it a try.

He activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Help me calculate a method to solve the lightning clouds.”

[This deduction requires 1,000 movement points (22,499 remaining movement points)]

[Deduction successful: Your physique is special.

If you walk into the lightning valley directly, you will be able to devour the lightning clouds.

After that, you will awaken an unparalleled bone structure.]

Seeing the result of the deduction, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Awaken an unparalleled bone structure”

“According to the hints of how this life is supposed to go, I did have an outstanding bone structure in my body.

After the spiritual energy restoration, it will be forcibly taken away by the mysterious organization…”

“And the bone structure being taken away is the main reason why I died tragically in the dungeon.”

“I always thought that I could only awaken the bone structure after spiritual energy was restored.

I didnt expect to bump into this opportunity!”

Lin Qiyes face revealed a pleasantly surprised smile.

As he spoke, he took a step forward.

The Dragon Elephant Phantom on his body appeared and turned into an afterimage, crashing into the lightning and clouds.

Seeing this scene, Ji Qinghuans hair stood on end, and her scalp went numb.

“Brother Ye, dont go…”

However, before she could finish her words, the ten-meter-tall Dragon Elephant Phantom collided with the lightning and clouds.

The lightning and clouds contained extremely violent energy.

The moment they came into contact with Lin Qiye, there was a shocking thunderstorm that shook heaven and earth.

Then, bolts of lightning that were as thick as pythons surged into Lin Qiyes limbs, bones, and internal organs.

They wanted to shock Lin Qiye into human-shaped ashes.

However, Lin Qiyes physical body was exceptionally special.

Bolts of lightning as big as dragons struck Lin Qiyes body aggressively.

However, they were devoured by Lin Qiye and turned into pure energy that washed over every bone in Lin Qiyes body.

The lightning is refining his bones and cleansing his marrow!

Lin Qiye felt overjoyed in his soul.

Streaks of lightning that could destroy the world couldnt harm him at all.

On the contrary, it gradually woke up the dormant bone structure in Lin Qiyes body.

Lin Qiye was satisfied as he exhaled a breath of white mist.

“It seems that my unparalleled bone structure is related to lightning.

Therefore, I am the lightnings natural nemesis.”

Lin Qiye smiled and strolled towards the depths of the valley.

The lightning clouds sensed Lin Qiyes abnormality and frantically avoided him.

However, Lin Qiye had tasted the sweetness of their power.

How could he let the lightning clouds escape

He immediately charged forward and chased after the lightning clouds.

Half an hour later, the lightning clouds that covered the sky in the valley disappeared under Lin Qiyes devouring.

All the bones in Lin Qiyes body turned purple-gold in color.

Bright lightning flowed within his bones.

“So my bone structure is the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body When it is fully formed, the Nine-colored Divine Dragon will hover within my body.

With a raise of my hand, I can even break through the diamond barrier of space and time.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

He laughed out loud in surprise.

His intuition told him that he had encountered a treasure.

He should only have had the chance to encounter an unparalleled bone structure like this when he was a Diamond Practitioner.

The probability of a Silver Practitioner encountering it was one in a trillion.


But under Lin Qiyes fortuitous encounter, he had encountered this one in a billion chance and even awakened his bone structure!


It was even more exciting than winning the lottery!

Lin Qiye was secretly delighted.

“Although I have only swallowed an ordinary thundercloud for the time being, and the potential of my Dao bone structure has only been partially stimulated, its lethality is terrifying.”

Lin Qiye raised his hand, and a ball of lightning twined around the tip of his finger.

He pointed lightly, and the lightning shot out.

In the next moment, the towering mountains in the distance disappeared with a loud bang.

“The power of the lightning is indeed extraordinary!”

Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in wonder.

Behind him, Ji Qinghuan blinked in a daze.

“He devoured the lightning in the valley And he can even control the lightning and flatten a hundred-meter-tall mountain with a raise of his hand”

“In comparison, the training methods of an assassin are too inferior!”

Ji Qinghuan suddenly sighed.

As the number one assassin, Ji Qinghuan finally understood that she was a little frog at the bottom of a well.

The pride of being number one on the assassins rankings was just a joke.

Cultivating immortality was the way to go!

It was difficult for Ji Qinghuan to calm down.

Envy, admiration, yearning, desire, and many other emotions flashed across her eyes.

She fell into deep thought.

However, before she had time to think, Lin Qiye landed in front of her.

“Lets go.

Bring me to see the hundred-year spiritual herb.”

Ji Qinghuan quickly nodded and took the lead to enter a cave.

Deep in the cave, a three-foot-tall purple ginseng seedling was glowing.

Purple mist floated above the ginseng seedling.

Lin Qiye walked in front of it and carefully dug it out.

Below the ginseng seedling was a white, fat, radish-like human-shaped fruit.

The fruits appearance was spotless, and it was flowing with a purple glow.

The rich medicinal scent entered Lin Qiyes lungs.

It made the spiritual energy in his body become restless.

Lin Qiyes eyes lit up.

“The hundred-year-old spirit ginseng nourished by the lightning clouds contains the medicinal power of a hundred years.

Fortunately, you didnt swallow it.

Otherwise, you would have exploded into thousands of pieces of minced meat.”

Hearing this, Ji Qinghuan shrunk her head, her face full of fear.

“I know the consequences.

I ate a little bit of it and almost died.

From then on, I only dare to train near the spirit herb.”

Lin Qiye smiled and wasted no more time.

He immediately sat down cross-legged.

At the same time, he bit the outer skin of the ginseng open, and the purple juice instantly flowed into Lin Qiyes stomach.

It turned into boiling lava and exploded.

Lin Qiye held his breath and instantly activated the Qi Refinement technique, refining the medicinal juice in his body.

As the refining progressed, Lin Qiyes cultivation soared rapidly.

Half an hour later, Lin Qiyes cultivation reached the Fourth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

An hour later, Lin Qiyes cultivation reached the Fifth Level.

Finally, Lin Qiye stopped at the middle stage of the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

At this moment, the medicinal liquid in Lin Qiyes body had been completely refined.

Lin Qiye slowly opened his eyes, and a trace of joy flashed through them.

“Not bad.

Ive cultivated to the Fifth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm in half a month.”

Lin Qiye was satisfied.

After the spiritual energy in his first world had been restored, the cultivators of Country Xia were able to roam the planet after reaching the Tenth Level.

Lin Qiye was only a little bit away from being able to roam the entire planet.

It was something to be happy about.

However, it wasnt enough for him to defend against the invasion of the Celestial Race alone.

He needed help.

Therefore, he could use the remaining ginseng skin to create the second cultivator in this world.


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