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“Of course.

If it breaks, its our own problem.

However, sir, you cant speak carelessly in the future.

It will affect our reputation.”

Lin Qiye laughed out loud.

“In that case, Ill be leaving first.”

The general manager waved his hand.

Lin Qiye and Qi Baishi quickly left the forging volcano.

“That idiot general manager…” Lin Qiye shook his head and laughed.

Qi Baishi also covered her mouth and giggled.

“Its because Brother Qiyes weapon is too powerful.”

“Its because you forged it well.”

“No, its because Brother Qiyes weapon is special.

Otherwise, I dont know when Ill be able to forge a weapon.

It might take ten years or even a lifetime.”

“Dont be humble.

From now on, youll be my chief blacksmith.

Ill provide you with weapons for you to devour.

If theres a chance, Ill give you a floating island to use for forging.”

Lin Qiye made a promise.

For a young girl with A-grade forging talent, Lin Qiye spared no expense.

Qi Baishis face was filled with astonishment.

“Brother Qiye, I… I didnt hear wrong, did I”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“You didnt.”

Qi Baishi was a little shy and timid.

“Actually… I… I dont need a separate floating island.

I just need a place to forge.”

Lin Qiye smiled indifferently.

“Dont worry, I will give you the best treatment.

After all, your talent is extraordinary.”

Lin Qiyes tone was sincere as if he was a man of his word.

The Extreme Flame Ring Saber Qi Baishi forged had saved Lin Qiye tens of millions of movement points.

Of course, Lin Qiye would feel that Qi Baishi was precious.

Feeling Lin Qiyes sincere emotions, Qi Baishis face turned red, and there was a different kind of excitement and joy in her expression.

“Then… From now on, I will be indebted to Brother Qiye for taking care of me!”

“Welcome to the team.” Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

At the same time, he also felt the pressure.

If he wanted to nurture scientists and Qi Baishi, he would have to spend movement points.

Millions, and tens of millions.

It was even more difficult in the initial stage.

Therefore, Lin Qiye still had to enter a simulation to obtain treasures and earn points.

Lin Qiye shook his head in his heart.

‘Only when Im in charge do I know how expensive life was.

In the past, I could be considered a tycoon if I earned 20 million, but now, I feel like I have to earn tens of millions or even billions of points before I can carry out my plan.

Lin Qiye secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

He brought Qi Baishi back to Ideal Island.

Under Song Shus lead, the building scale of the giant floating island could be seen.

The villas of the Practitioners were done one after another.

Most of the areas were left to the commoners.

There were construction teams building high-rise buildings.

As for Jiang Qingxues floating island, it was floating by the side.

Time passed quietly.

Lin Qiye landed on Jiang Qingxues floating island with Qi Baishi.

“That floating island is under my control.

Well live on it.

When theres an opportunity, Ill set up a forging workshop for you.”

“Okay! But Brother Qiye, dont be anxious.

Its said that a forging workshop needs tens of millions of movement points.

I can temporarily rent one, and I dont have that many resources to forge.” Qi Baishi said considerately.

Hearing that, Lin Qiye was stunned.

A forging workshop costs tens of millions of movement points.


If Qi Baishi needed to swallow thirteen weapons, it would cost millions of movement points.

What a point-burning occupation!

Lin Qiye looked at Qi Baishi.

“Its alright.

Ill fulfill my promise as soon as possible.

It should be done in a month.”

Qi Baishi hurriedly shook her head.

“Brother Qiye, you dont have to worry so much.

I am not in a hurry.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“You dont know my talent.

You will know when you find out that I am not in a hurry.”

While they were talking, Chen Fan walked up to Lin Qiye.

“Yo, Brother Ye, what is the name of this beauty”

Qi Baishi immediately hid behind Lin Qiye.

She buried her head in Lin Qiyes shadow.

“Dont scare her.

She is a blacksmith.

Her name is Qi Baishi, and she is very talented.

I have recruited her to be my chief blacksmith.

When you have enough points, you can ask her to forge a weapon for you.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye pointed at Chen Fan.

“I grew up with him, and we have been through life and death.”

Chen Fan nodded.

“Yes, dont be afraid of me.

My name is Chen Fan.”

Qi Baishi nodded.


Soon, Jiang Nian arrived as well.

She walked up to Lin Qiye with her hands behind her back.

“She is Jiang Nian.

The island belongs to her sister.

They look the same, but her sister is as cold as snow, and she is a lot more cheerful.

Be careful with her.

She is a calculative girl, and you will not be able to win against her.

Dont be fooled by her.”

Jiang Nian: “…”

“Who are you talking about How am I calculative” She complained.

Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

“Alright, I will find you a house to stay in.

You can stay next to me and Chen Fan.”

Lin Qiye asked Jiang Qingxue and arranged for Qi Baishi to live near him.

Soon, Wen Shuhong arrived.

He walked up to Lin Qiye, glanced at Qi Baishi, then returned his gaze to Lin Qiye.

“As expected, you tricked the little girl into staying at your place.

Damn it!

“Is your heart really pure”

Wen Shuhong expressed his doubt.

Although Qi Baishi indeed had a good figure, beautiful face, watery eyes, and her personality was weak, which aroused peoples desire to protect her…

…But how could Lin Qiye do it

Wen Shuhong shook his head and asked tentatively, “How is it Where is your weapon Did It work or fail”

He wanted to expose Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye calmly took out the red saber.

The freezing aura made Wen Shuhongs heart tremble.

Then, his mouth hung agape.

“This… This… It really worked!”

He looked at the red saber seriously, and then his gaze landed on Lin Qiye and Qi Baishi.

“I was too shallow.

You really want to forge a good saber…”

Wen Shuhong realized that his imagination had gone wrong.

It turned out that Little Qiye wasnt trying to pick up girls.

He was focused on forging weapons.

The quality of the weapon in front of him was several times better than ordinary diamond-tier weapons! And it had unlimited potential!

Wen Shuhong sighed inwardly.

He admitted that he was shallow.

However, when he saw Qi Baishis gaze that had been lingering on the side of Lin Qiyes face, Wen Shuhong was immediately stunned.

“Looks like Im still shallow… Not only did he forge a good weapon, but he also picked up girls along the way.”

Wen Shuhong patted his forehead, and therewas a strange expression on his face.

“Teach me in the future.”

Lin Qiye was at a loss.

“Teach you what”

“Ill ask you for advice in the future.” Wen Shuhong looked serious.

Then, he changed the topic.

“Oh right, I have something to tell you.

Tomorrow and the day after, dont enter a simulation!”

Wen Shuhong was stern.

Lin Qiye frowned and realized something.

“You mean that theres danger”


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