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God knows how many gazes of distrust she had endured in the past two years!

Qi Baishi almost couldnt hold on any longer.

In the end, Brother Qiye finally came.

He gave her a chance, allowing her to succeed once.

At this moment, the girl cried until her face was stained with snot and tears.

Lin Qiye patted her shoulder.

“Dont cry anymore.

There are many talented people, but not many can recognize them.

Those people are too stupid.

They dont know your talent.”

The girl wiped her tears.

“Thank you, Brother Qiye.”

“No need to thank me.

You forged a diamond-tier weapon for me! I should be thanking you.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

His gaze burned as he looked at the long saber.

At this moment, the saber was sharper and heavier.

The red on the blade was flowing like blood as if karma was burning.

It was filled with sharp killing intent.

Lin Qiye extended his arm andgently held the long blade.

In an instant, the red sphere of light retracted andsank into the long blade.

A sharp aura flashed past and cut the forging table in half.


Qi Baishi was dumbfounded.

“This… This… This… isnt good! The forging table is extremely sturdy.

A diamond-tier weapon shouldnt be able to destroy it.

Do we have to pay compensation It is really expensive.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“It is because you forged the saber too well.”

He silently felt the long blade.

The killing intent, karma, and power of faith in the blade were perfectly fused.

Its sturdiness was far beyond Lin Qiyes imagination.

The long blades strengthened sword spirit could feel Lin Qiyes intentions.

It felt like an extension of his arm.

Lin Qiye estimated that his combat power had probably doubled!

At this moment, hedid not even need to use a trick to kill Li You.

He could kill that man in one strike!

Lin Qiye laughed.

He extended his left arm and gently sliced a cut on his arm.

A ten-centimeter-long wound appeared.

He quickly used his Holy Violet Genuine Qi and innate Qi to treat it.

But even so, the wound only healed after ten minutes.

“The lethality is so strong that even I cant withstand it!” Lin Qiye was shocked.

The girl was nervous at the side.

“Little Baishi, youre really a forging genius!

“However, theres something I cant understand.

There seems to be a pure soul in the blade.

It doesnt belong to a sword spirit, but its a fusion of karma, killing intent, and the power of faith.

Is your spiritual power and faith taking effect How did you fuse your spiritual power into it”

Qi Baishi was a little lost.

“I dont know too much either.

It was a faith I unintentionally condensed.

At that time, I only thought that I couldnt let you down… so I used all my strength.

That state of mind was mysterious to a fault.

Thats how it ended up.”

Lin Qiye was solemn.

“Is it equivalent to an epiphany I understand now.

Im really lucky.”

The young girl nodded shyly.


Lin Qiye looked at her face and smiled lightly.

“Even an ordinary Diamond Level blacksmith master wouldnt be able to forge this blade.

However, you absorbed the Soul Essence of several weapons, accumulated your foundation, entered an epiphany, and overworked yourself…

“…This series of factors led to the birth of this divine weapon.

“In the blade, it still needs to absorb a large amount of karma, killing intent, and the power of faith.

Once it absorbs enough, this saber can become an immortal weapon!”

Lin Qiye sighed.

He was secretly delighted.

He had to think of a way to keep this young lady by his side.

Lin Qiy3 looked at the girl.

“Do you have nowhere else to go”

“Yes…” Qi Baishi frowned.

She had already delayed the completion of her apprenticeship by two years.

She could not drag it any longer.

Once she completed her apprenticeship, she would have nowhere else to go.

She could only do odd jobs in the Science and Technology Association.

Although she could now forge weapons, she also understood her talent.

She needed to destroy thirteen weapons to successfully forge one.

She did not dare to reveal her talent.

Such talent could only be told to someone trustworthy.

And Qi Baishi, who had two years of a miserable experience, felt that even her master could not be trusted.

The only person she could trust was probably the young man in front of her.

Hence, Qi Baishis face scrunched up with concern.

She wanted to ask Lin Qiye to take her in, but she was too embarrassed to say it.

Seeing this, Lin Qiye took the initiative to speak.

“How about coming to my floating island My floating island is quite big.

Oh, its my friends island.”

The girl keenly sensed something.

“A female friend”


“Are… are you very close”

“Not really.

Were all from the same city, so we take care of each other.”

Lin Qiye waved his hand, looking insensitive.

The girl giggled.

“Im willing to go.”

“Then lets go.

Its going to be dark soon.

Ill take you there.”

Then, Lin Qiye and Qi Baishi walked to the ticket hall.

At this time, the general manager of the forging volcanohad his hands behind his back and was patrolling in front of the counter.

Lin Qiyu walked to the front desk.

“I broke the forging table.

I dont need to pay for it, do I”

The general manager was speechless.

“Sir, do you know what youre talking about Our forging table costs more than a million.

Even a half-immortal weapon wouldnt be able to leave a mark.

“You said it was broken Are you looking down on the quality of our workshop equipment

“Although you are a customer, you cant slander our quality!” The general manager had a face full of confidence and pride as he spoke.

Lin Qiye laughed.

“So if its really broken, theres no need to compensate you, right”


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