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After bidding farewell to his acquaintances on Ideal Island, Lin Qiye went to the rental hall of the refining room.

The attitude of the front desk was particularly attentive.

“Sir, you are looking for that little girl, right Is there anything you need my extra help with Feel free to say anything.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“I have the key.

Ill go look for her myself.”


If you need anything, you can call us directly.”

Lin Qiye was, after all, a young master from a wealthy family.

Being a little more respectful to him would bring benefits but not harm.

Thus, the front desk looked at Lin Qiyes back.

“My daughter is also at this age.

Should I call her over If I can hook a son-in-law like this, wouldnt it be a meteoric rise”

The front desk thought so.

In fact, it was the 3,600th time he had scouted a young man for his daughter.

There were over 3,600 young people that had moved his heart.

Of course, Lin Qiye did not know what the man was thinking.

Instead, he took quick and decisive steps to the front of the refining rooms door.

Lin Qiye felt something and realized that something was wrong.

He immediately opened the door andclosed it.

Then, he walked to the forging table.

He saw a long blade on the forging table emitting a red light.

A half-naked girl was lying on the ground.

Her face was pale, and her breathing was weak.

It seemed she had exhausted her energy, physical strength, and effort.

“Did you take off your clothes during the forging process”

Lin Qiye looked at the girl.

As she was only wearing a thin shirt, her snow-white arms, shoulders, collarbones, waist, abdomen, and her full bosom, were all reflected in Lin Qiyes eyes.

In addition, Qi Baishi was completely soaked, and the thin shirt was tightly attached to her body, making it too tempting.

Lin Qiye was a little dumbfounded.

He quickly found her clothes and put them on her chest.

Then, he pressed down on the young girls chest and injected innate Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi into her body.

Innate Qi came from an infant, and Holy Violet Genuine Qi belonged to the aura of an emperor.

They were dozens of times more powerful than the spiritual energy of the main world.

He injected it into Qi Baishis body.

Like a natural treasure, it nourished the young ladys body and spirit.

It made up for the deficiency and formed the meridians she had forcefully burned.

Under the nourishment of the warm innate Qi, Qi Baishis injuries recovered, and her face returned to its rosy color.

Within her body, her innate talent seemed to sense the extraordinary innate Qi and the Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

It hurriedly expressed desire, and Lin Qiye even felt a suction force.

“Is it the innate talent that wants to devour the innate Qi

“Then Ill let you devour a few wisps.”

Lin Qiye does not have much innate Qi, but he still has more than a hundred wisps.

Hence, hedid not hesitate.

He left three wisps of innate Qi in the young girls body.

The Blade Tempering innate talent was ecstatic.

It used its instincts to devour and lock the three wisps of innate Qi quickly.


The Blade Tempering innate talent finally awakened fully.

The young girls heart emitted a warm milky white light.

There was a faint sharpness within the light as if a divine weapon hidden within the innate talent.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

At this moment, the girls long eyelashes fluttered slightly, and her watery eyes slowly opened, appearing rather weak.

The moment Qi Baishi saw Lin Qiye, she suddenly grabbed him.

“Brother Qiye, wheres the saber Did I succeed in forging it”

“Ill treat your injuries first.

Dont move.

The blade isnt important, understand The most important thing is the person.”

Lin Qiye was telling the truth.

A blacksmith with the Blade Tempering talent could forge many divine weapons.

If her talent was destroyed because of a mere diamond-tier weapon, Lin Qiye would suffer a great loss.

Thus, Lin Qiye said so sincerely.

However, when this sentence fell into Qi Baishis ears, it seemed a little ambiguous.

Even a diamond-tier weapon isnt as important as her

Her cheeks instantly turned red.

Like a stone thrown in the waters calm surface, bashful ripples rippled out, and even her earlobes gleamed with a ruddy luster.

She hurriedly lowered her head, and her fingers fiddled with her clothes.

But Lin Qiye merely put that piece of cloth on her.

When Qi Baishi fiddled with it, it immediately slipped down.


Qi Baishi was like a frightened rabbit, her arms folding around her chest.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

He hurriedly turned around, his back facing the young girl.

“Quickly put it on.”

Soon, asparse voice came from behind.

“Im… Im done.”

Lin Qiye turned around and looked her up and down.

Then, he took out a coat in the space of his Life Lantern Gem.

“Wear it.

Your clothes are wet, and its a little too revealing.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

It was mainly because Qi Baishis figure was too outstanding.

Her inner clothes were wet, and with the simple hoodie on the outside, she was playing with temptation.

Qi Baishi hugged Lin Qiyes coat and sniffed it lightly.

Her face was red.

However, under Lin Qiyes gaze, she put on his coat.

The coat was a little long but could cover her whole body.

“Im done…

“I remember when I was forging, I was so tired that I fainted.

Will there be any problems with the blade”

Qi Baishi was still thinking about Lin Qiyes blade.

She quickly turned around and stared at the saber.

At this moment, the long blade lay quietly on the forging table and flowed with red light.

Purple, gold, and white pocket-sized dragons coiled around the blade.

Sensing the girls gaze, the long blade hummed and trembled as if itwas greeting the girl.

Qi Baishi was enthusiastic.

“I did it! I did it!”

“I did it…”

She was overwhelmed by joy, and before long, her face was covered in tears as her shoulders shook.


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