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“All the Practitioners from the Li City Academy faction are willing to submit to Lieutenant Lin.

We will go through fire and water for him no matter what!”

Song Shus voice fell as the thousands of Silver Practitioners and Gold Practitioners behind him bowed.

Their shouts condensed into a rope, treating Lin Qiye as their leader.

They had witnessed Lin Qiyes strength.

Back then, the neck-twisting demon had killed thousands of Practitioners and more than a dozen Golde Practitioners.

Lin Qiye had found a way to deal with it, controlling the neck-twisting demon and allowing the group of people to escape safely.

This morning, Lin Qiye had even severely injured the Diamond Level demon.

Although it was a sneak attack from behind, its lethality was enough to shock them.

Without a doubt, Lin Qiyes potential was extraordinary.

If they followed Lin Qiye, they would have a bright future.

Hence, the group of Practitioners was exceptionally sincere.

At this moment, Wen Shuhong raised his eyebrows in astonishment.

“Kid, youre really something.

You have such a high degree of cohesion.

“This degree of cohesion cannot be underestimated.”

Wen Shuhong clicked his tongue in amazement.

Lin Qiye was also a little surprised.

However, he calmed down shortly after.

“That works too.

In that case, let Song Shu take care of the giant hanging island like he took care of the Academy faction.

“In a few days, I will pass my request to you.

You will help me run it.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

Song Shu was an outstanding management talent.

Under his management, the Academy faction in Li City had become increasingly prosperous.

It would be a good thing to have him on his side now.

“Thank you for your trust, Lieutenant Lin.”

Song Shu was overjoyed.

His tone was steady, but there was a hint of mirth in it.

He knows that if he did not meet a benefactor, his life might have ended at the Third Level of Embodier Realm, the late stage of the Platinum Level.

But now, he has met Lin Qiye!

Li Citys greatest genius of all time!

In four days, he was able to kill Li You.

Not to mention his terrifying talent, he also possessed the accurate insight and analytical ability.

In a short time, he could find a way to deal with the neck-twisting demon.

He even had the ability to injure a Diamond Level demon severely.

If Song Shu wholeheartedly assisted Lin Qiye, perhaps Lin Qiye would reward him with an opportunity in the future, allowing him to break through to the Diamond Practitioner!

As he thought of this, Song Shus blood boiled.

Seeing Lin Qiye had gathered a group of Practitioners, Wen Shuhong nodded with a smile.

“Since thats the case, you guys can start building the floating island.”

As he spoke, Wen Shuhong placed a huge and bald floating island in the sky.

The floating island was not far from Jiang Qingxues floating island.

They could fly there in five minutes.

They could definitely help each other!

When they saw the giant floating island, the Academy Practitionersheaved a sigh of relief.

“I never thought we would have our backer just like that!”

“He is very stable!”

The Practitioners looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

“Lets go and build the floating island.

It will be our home from now on!” Song Shu shouted.

The Practitioners swarmed in one after another andstarted to build the floating island in a frenzy.

Soon, Jiang Qingxues floating island had a new meadow, flower beds, lakes, and vegetation.

It became even more beautiful.

Villas also stood tall in the giant floating islands residential area.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

He was satisfied with this scene.

“After the civilian area is built, we will recruit and train scientific research geniuses from the Star City!

“However, I can leave all of this to Song Shu.

“Next, I will look at the Extreme Flame Ring Saber Qi Baishi forged for me…”

Lin Qiye was filled with hope.

After bidding farewell to Wen Shuhong, Chen Fan, Jiang Nian, Jiang Qingxue, and Song Shu, he turned around and headed toward the floating island of the Science and Technology Association.


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