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Lin Qiye did not beat around the bush.

He went straight to the point and asked.

Wen Shuhong nodded slightly.

“All of you are young geniuses.

You can increase Ideal Islands strength by joining us.

Come, Ill help you guys deal with it.”

Wen Shuhong waved his hand.

As a captain, it was easy for him to recruit new members through his channels, especially when Chen Fan, Jiang Nian, and Jiang Qingxue were all talented people.

Why not recruit them and increase the islands combat power

Recently, more demon nests had appeared near Star City.

Ideal Island had saved tens of millions of civilians.

They had to recruit some high-end combat power to ensure their safety.

“Thank you, Captain Wen!”

“No need to thank me.”

Wen Shuhong did not mind at all.

“Alright, Zhao Li, go do your thing.

Ill bring Lin Qiye and his friends around!”

Wen Shuhong waved his hand.

“Where do you want to live If you are a vice-captain, you would be assigned your own floating island with complete facilities.

However, there are four civilian areas on the island and dozens of high-rise buildings.

I wonder if you can endure it”

Upon hearing that, a thought flashed through Lin Qiyes mind, and he thought of his floating island.

“Well use our own floating island.

How about it”

Jiang Qingxue also spoke.

“I have my floating island as well.

Ive already gotten used to living there.

It would be great if I could continue living there.”

Wen Shuhong looked at Lin Qiye and the rest.

He smiled faintly.

“Whats the size of your island”

Lin Qiye replied, “Mine is a small floating island.”

Jiang Qingxue said, “Mine is a medium-sized floating island.”

Wen Shuhong shook his head.

“The floating island we would give you is a giant floating island that can accommodate 200,000 people.

With the tall buildings, it can accommodate two million people.”

“Ideal Island hopes every Platinum Practitioner can protect a giant floating island.”

“Of course, youre new here and dont have any subordinates.

You can live on your own floating island.

After all, you need at least 20 Gold Practitioners to assist you in supporting a giant floating island.”

As they spoke, Wen Shuhong pointed at a space in a gold-level area and asked Jiang Qingxue and Lin Qiye to set up their floating island.

“Do it over there.

Its not far from my floating island.

Ill know if theres anything.”

Jiang Qingxue nodded.

“Lin Qiye, dont set up your floating island.

Stay on mine.

The island needs Practitioners to maintain it.

Were alone now, so we should take care of each other.”

Jiang Qingxue said so.

Without a doubt, Jiang Qingxue had a lot more trust in Lin Qiye after facing a life-and-death crisis together.

Hence, Lin Qiye gave up on placing his floating island.

Jiang Qingxue threw her floating island out.

A medium-sized island soared in the wind and floated in the sky.

The recovered floating island had only empty buildings, soil, and rocks left.

The meadow, sea of flowers, lake, and vegetation had all disappeared.

However, it wouldnt take long to recover.

“A medium-sized island can accommodate 100,000 people.

No matter what, it can help some civilians.”

Wen Shuhong was optimistic.

Suddenly, he changed the topic.

“Little Qiye, if you are willing, help build a giant floating island and protect two million civilians!”

Lin Qiye thought for a while.

“I would like to, but Im not good at management.

“I dont have a single Practitioner under me that I can use.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

To be honest, he could indeed try to nurture scientific talents.

It was a method to cultivate, but genetic technology was also a path.

If he could find a second Qin Xingtong, what heaven-defying technology would he create What kind of godly power boost would he enjoy

Lin Qiye didnt dare to imagine!

All in all, it was a direction worth investing in.

Even if it cost a million or ten million movement points, he wouldnt hesitate.

Seeing that Lin Qiye had the intention, Wen Shuhong smiled in relief.

“Not bad.

You really have a pure heart.

However, dont sweat it.

After all, a giant floating island needs hundreds and thousands of Practitioners to maintain its operation.

For example, the handling of affairs, the guards, the Night Watch, and the resource allocation department.

“Youve just arrived at Star City, and your reputation doesnt show.

I reckon there wont be many Practitioners who will seek refuge with you.

Theyll all wait and observe for a few months.

Therefore, you dont have the conditions to open the island even if you want to.”

Lin Qiye nodded.


However, just as Lin Qiye was about to give up, Zhao Li led Song Shu, 30 Gold Practitioners, and 1,000 Silver Practitioners as they walked over from afar behind him.

“Lieutenant Lin.

I heard them discussing you on the way, so I asked them.

“I found out that they know you and want to seek refuge with you, so I brought them here.”

As they spoke, Zhao Li waved at Song Shu.

Song Shu walked to Lin Qiye in three steps and looked at him in amazement.

He had never expected this.

In a few days, Lin Qiye had grown from a newbie to the lieutenant of one of Star Citys four major forces, Ideal Island, at the speed of light!

His change in identity was too surreal.

Song Shu felt as if he was in a dream.

However, reality told him Lin Qiye had indeed become a big shot.

Song Shus lips curled into a smile.

“Lieutenant Lin!”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Just call me Lin Qiye.”

“Lieutenant Lin, weve also joined Ideal Island, but we havent distributed our factions yet.

We heard youve become Captain Wens trusted aide, so we came to join you.”


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