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The light of the jade pendant glimmered!

The warm yet bright ball of light lay quietly in Lin Qiyes palm.

Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

He slowly brought the jade pendant to the Platinum Practitioner, Zhao Li.

It seemed like he was asking Zhao Li to look at it with open eyes.

Zhao Lis expression suddenly changed.

In a short second, the vigilance and defense on his face were melted away by the light.

At this moment, Zhao Li appeared to be momentarily absent-minded.

He carefully examined the jade pendant, and it could even be said that he was inspecting it repeatedly.

Three seconds later, Zhao Li was shocked.

“You… You have Captain Wens jade pendant”

As a Platinum Practitioner of the Ideal Island, how could he not know what this was

Star Citys Ideal Island, one of the three great captains, Captain Wen Shuhongs jade pendant!

It was a keepsake.

Seeing the jade pendant was equivalent to seeing Captain Wen.

Moreover, the jade pendant would usually be kept by his lieutenant.

Captain Wen Shuhong had never found a suitable lieutenant.

Hence, he had yet to hand his jade pendant to anyone.

But now, the jade pendant had appeared in the hands of the young man in front of him.

It meant that he was not only the lieutenant but also Captain Wens trusted aide!

This man being Wen Shuhongs trusted aide was enough to put him in the group of the most powerful people in Star City!

Oh, God!

Zhao Li looked at Lin Qiye with admiration and respect.

He must be a genius to become Captain Wens trusted aide.

In the future, the young man in front of him might be the fourth captain in Star City.

Zhao Li thought to himself, took a deep breath, and bowed respectfully.

“May I know your name”

“My surname is Lin.”

“Lieutenant Lin, do you have any instructions for me I will take care of it for you!”

Lieutenant Lin

Chen Fan, Jiang Nian, and Jiang Qingxue were all confused.

Theyve been asking around about Ideal Island.

The highest position on Ideal Island was the director, followed by three captains.

And the lieutenant was second only to the captains!

However, this Platinum Practitioner called Lin Qiye lieutenant.

What the hell is going on

The three of them dont understand.

Didnt Lin Qiye just come to Star City

Just yesterday, he was exterminating the Temple Demon!

How did he become a lieutenant of Ideal Island in an instant

How did he have a position second only to a Diamond Practitioner

The three of them turned to look at Lin Qiye.

Their gazes were puzzled, and they seemed to be waiting for Lin Qiye to explain.

Lin Qiye was equally confused.

“Why did you call me lieutenant”

“Lieutenant Lin, do you not know This pendant is Captain Wens keepsake.

He gave it to you, which meant he treated you as a trusted aide and made you a lieutenant!”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

That fellow didnt tell him anything.

Lin Qiye, who didnt know anything, could only nod slightly.


“Ill go in and look for Captain Wen.”

“Alright, Lieutenant Lin.

You can pass as you wish.”

Lin Qiye asked, “The three friends behind me…”

Zhao Li waved his hand.

“No problem at all! Zhao Xiong, bring Lieutenant Lin to the office building to look for Captain Wen.”

The Gold Practitioner, Zhao Xiong, walked out of the queue.

His face was full of respect.

“Lieutenant Lin, please follow me.”

Seeing the three Platinum Practitioners and thirty Gold Practitioners flattering Lin Qiye, Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

He walked up to Lin Qiye.

“Damn, Brother Ye, why are you always so impressive You just came to Star City, and you are already the lieutenant of the ideal island.

Doesnt that mean I can have fun with you in the future

“I have investigated the situation.

Captain Wen is an extremely young Diamond Practitioner!

“Moreover, Ideal Island is distributed in many prosperous cities.

Even the famous clans have to be polite to them.

Now that Brother Ye has become the lieutenant, doesnt that mean you have soared to the sky”

Chen Fan gave him a thumbs up.

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Any position is just an empty title.

“Dont be blinded by a title.

Strength is the foundation of our survival.

Come on.

Work hard to become a flawless Diamond Practitioner.”

Lin Qiye was expressionless.

He did not pursue a position, nor did he have any special feelings.

He only had an obsession with strength.

If a Diamond Level Painted-skin Demon were to attack Lin Qiye, it would not spare him just because he was a lieutenant in Ideal Island!

Lin Qiyes identity could not save him from death.

However, if he became a Diamond Practitioner, he could launch a counter-attack.

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not care.

He followed Zhao Li to the office building.

Because of Lin Qiyes identity, Zhao Li only reported it to the front desk and then led Lin Qiye to the top floor.

Captain Wen was looking at the map on the wall with his hands behind his back.

The map showed Star City and the small cities nearby.

“Captain Wen, Lieutenant Lin Qiye is here.”

“Oh He is back already”

Wen Shuhong turned around, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“They are your friends”

Wen Shuhong looked at Chen Fan, Jiang Nian, and Jiang Qingxue.

He stared at Jiang Nian and Jiang Qingxue for a while.

Lin Qiye introduced them one by one.

“Chen Fan, my childhood friend, a Gold Practitioner.”

“Jiang Nian, my genius friend, a Platinum Practitioner.”

“Jiang Qingxue, a Gold Practitioner.”

“Little Qiyes friends are all the best of the best.

You brought them to join Ideal Island, right”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“I hope they can pass the assessment quickly.

Otherwise, my friends will waste a month.

“Captain Wen, do you have any methods to let them join Ideal Island as soon as possible”


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