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“People like me are destined to live a long life.”

Hearing that, Chen Fan was shocked.

“Brother Ye, you were attacked by a Diamond Level demon”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Yes, I was unlucky.

It must be because I killed the Temple Demon.

It came after me this morning.

Luckily, someone stopped it for me.”

Lin Qiye casually said a few words, but Chen Fans forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Even Jiang Qingxues beautiful eyes flickered with fear.

“How could you survive the pursuit of a Diamond Level demon You sure are tough.”

Jiang Nian looked Lin Qiye up and down with her beautiful eyes.

She looked like a curious baby.

“Little Qiye, you… You became a Platinum Practitioner”

“What! Brother Ye, you…”

Chen Fan stared at Lin Qiye in shock.

He was trying to figure out what was happening.

Lin Qiye had nothing to hide from Chen Fan, so he revealed his cultivation.

Chen Fans heart skipped a beat.

At this moment, he could feel a towering pressure on Lin Qiyes body, making it hard for him to breathe.

This kind of pressure exceeded that of a Platinum Practitioner.

It was suffocating!

Chen Fan was shocked.

“Brother Ye, you are destined to rule! It has only been a day, and you have already become a Platinum Practitioner!”

Chen Fan punched Lin Qiyes shoulder.

He was happy for Lin Qiye, and he was even more amazed.

As for Jiang Qingxue, her lips parted slightly, and surprise flashed across her eyes.

“Your cultivation is growing too fast.”

“Youre only five days past 14 years old, arent you Its not a good thing to go from a newbie to a Platinum Practitioner in five days.”

Jiang Qingxue shook her head slightly.

Jiang Nian nodded her chin lightly.

“Thats right.

It cant be too fast.

“Normally, the geniuses from large families would simulate the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Spacetime hundreds of times.

They would gain countless experiences from the simulations and become familiar with all kinds of sudden situations.

“In this way, in the subsequent dangerous moments, they would be able to deal with the challenging problems encountered by Practitioners.

“As far as I know, every genius would simulate in the Spacetime hundreds of times no matter how heaven-defying they are.

“Although it wouldnt increase their strength, they have pulled apart the gap between them and the average genius.

After all, you would need more experience and foundation at the later stages.

“Perhaps they might encounter a sudden situation they bumped into in a previous simulation.

If it happened again, they could solve it easily.”

Jiang Nian explained this to Lin Qiye in detail.

“I suggest you stay on Platinum Level for a few months and perform dozens or even hundreds of simulations! Otherwise, its easy for you to die.

“Your current situation is dangerous!”

Jiang Nians face was full of sincerity.

The reason why the geniuses of famous clans far surpassed the unaffiliated cultivators was that their horizons were completely different.

They knew what to do and could polish their talents to the maximum.

As for Lin Qiye, his view of the big picture was not wide enough.

He was only focused on increasing his strength and forgot to accumulate experience.

Increasing his strength too quickly would lose him some experience.

In the end, his foundation would become unstable.

He might even die!

For Lin Qiyes sake, Jiang Nian tried her best to persuade him.

Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

He knew Jiang Nian was doing it for his own good.

She was afraid that his foundation would become unstable, that he would lose experience and die while simulating.

However, Lin Qiye was not an ordinary genius.

Not only was he a super genius, but he was also a walking cheat skill.

Hence, Lin Qiyes heart did not waver at all.

“Rest assured.

I dont need to worry.”

Seeing Lin Qiye not care, Jiang Nians eyes were filled with grievance.

“I was kind enough to remind you.

Why dont you believe me Hmph!”

At the side, Jiang Qingxue, who looked indifferent, could not help but interject.

“What my sister said makes sense.

I have simulated through the Golden Spacetime 78 times, but I still feel it is not enough.

“The higher the level of the Spacetime, the more complicated and treacherous it is.

Its filled with life-and-death dangers, especially for geniuses.

The dangers are terrifying and impossible to guard against.

“Thats why I need to simulate through every Spacetime dozens or hundreds of times to obtain the corresponding memories and foundations.

I need to see all kinds of geniuses and civilizations.

For example, some people could extinguish your fate, and some people have strange root bones.

“Some civilizations were good at refining pills; some were good at refining puppets; some were good at arrays; some were good at controlling beasts, and some were good at poisoning.

You have to go through these to have the corresponding experience.

“Otherwise, its very likely that you will die if you went in unprepared!”

Jiang Nian looked at Jiang Qingxue in surprise.

“Hehe, Sister is right.

Little Qiye, did you hear that Dont be too anxious.

I dont want a genius like you to die.” She blinked.

Lin Qiye nodded.

“I understand.”

However, heonly agreed on the surface.

In reality, Lin Qiye smiled lightly in his heart.

“What can compare to my SSS-grade talent Or rather, what can compare to my SSS-grade divine ability”

He could destroy everything!

Lin Qiye cracked a smile.

“By the way, have you guys thought about joining any force

“In Star City, its hard to survive without joining a force.”

Lin Qiye threw a question at Chen Fan.

Chen Fan, Jiang Qingxue, and Jiang Nian all frowned.

“Brother Ye, you might not know this, but there are four forces in Star City.

“We asked around and found that only Ideal Island was slightly more normal.

But to join them, you need to work for a month and take a character assessment.

Is this a joke

“We can simulate at least a dozen times a month.

Wouldnt it be a waste of time if we went to work”

Chen Fan gritted his teeth.

The rules of Ideal Island made his scalp tingle.

At the side, Jiang Nian rested her chin on her hands, feeling helpless.

“Indeed, the organization and rules of an established force are strict.

It involves the distribution of benefits.

They wont let people in easily.

Gold Practitioners arent good enough, and Platinum Practitioners are even worse.

Only a Diamond Practitioner is qualified.”

Jiang Nian shook her head.

Human nature was evil, and those who would benefit wouldnt give up the cake in their mouth.

Their only chance was to join Ideal Island.

However, Ideal Islands work request and character assessment were also weird.

Jiang Nian heaved a sigh of relief.

She saw that everyone was frowning.

Lin Qiye smiled brightly.

“In the Star City, only Ideal Island is suitable for us to join.

“Lets go.

Well go to Ideal Island! You can join directly under me.

Theres no need for an assessment.”

Hearing that, everyone was skeptical.

“Why Brother Ye, do you have any plans”

Jiang Nian was slightly surprised.

“Weve found a few people in charge of Ideal Island.

Their statements are surprisingly consistent, and theres not the slightest possibility of compromise.

Little Qiye, where did you get your confidence from

“Do you know the higher-ups of the island”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Come with me.

I have a plan.”

“What is it, Brother Ye”

Lin Qiye smiled and said nothing.

He turned around and left the hotel.

Jiang Qingxue and Jiang Nian looked at each other in dismay.

“Little Qiye can even deal with the Temple Demon.

Maybe he can come up with a solution this time.

Lets follow him.”

Jiang Nian is confident in Lin Qiye.

As for Chen Fan, he had been following Lin Qiye for a long time.

They strutted towards the Ideal Island.

Not long after, Lin Qiye came before the guards in front of the entrance to the Ideal Islands floating islands.

There are 33 of them, led by three Platinum Practitioners and assisted by 30 Gold Practitioners.

The guards wore the exclusive gold-tier armor from the Science and Technology Association.

They shone brilliantly and looked awe-inspiring.

As long as it was not a Diamond Practitioner, they could stop anyone.

Of course, a Diamond Practitioner would not be stupid enough to go against Ideal Island.

When they saw Lin Qiye arrive, a Platinum Practitioner immediately stepped forward to interrogate them.

“Who are you What are your identities What are you doing on Ideal Island If you dont have a reasonable identity, leave here immediately.”

The Platinum Practitioners tone was stern because Ideal Island had many high-rise buildings and civilians.

They couldnt let the civilians be threatened.

Therefore, they would usually chase away practitioners who didnt belong to Ideal Island.

Facing the guard, Lin Qiye did not speak.

He merely flashed out Warm Shuhongs jade pendant.


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