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Wen Shuhong sighed.

“Anyway, Im more pessimistic.”

While the two were talking, Qi Baishi locked the refining rooms door tightly.

Then, she held the long saber and trembled with joy.

“Ive waited so long for you! What a precious power of faith! What I need is faith!”

The girl was so excited that her emotions surged.

After calming down for a long time, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Holding the saber, she walked to the refining table with care.

In the furnace, blue flames flickered.

Qi Baishi pushed down the button, and the flames surged violently.

The blue flames flickered in the girls eyes.

At this moment, the girl was in a daze.

“I wont fail again.

I have a feeling that I wont fail again! Ill definitely open my path at forging!”

Lin Qiyes face appeared in the girls mind, and she remembered his trust in her.

A warm current surged from the girls heart.

“Even if I must do everything in my power, I wont let down Brother Qiyes trust in me!

“He and I have only known each other for less than half an hour, yet he trusts me unconditionally.

I cant destroy his weapon.”

The girl took a deep breath and carefully placed the long saber into the flames.

The raging flames quickly scorched the long saber red.

The killing intent, karma, and power of faith in the long saber were forged in the flames and emerged from the depths.

The joy on the girls face became more intense.

Not long after.

She took out the long saber and placed it on the forging table.

Then, Qi Baishi took out a dagger and slashed her palm!

Fresh blood rolled down and sprinkled on the blade of the Extreme Flame Ring Saber.

“I know that you are hiding in my body.

I know… I beg you.

Please help me.

I must forge this weapon!

“Ill use my blood to water it!”

The girl prayed in her heart.

Fresh blood poured out and sprinkled on the blade of the long saber.

In the beginning, the blood was only dark red in color.

However, it seemed that the girls faith and prayer had an effect.

The blood started to become viscous.

It turned to gold, purple, red, and white.

That wasnt blood.

It was the Soul Essence of all the weapons she had absorbed before her talent formed.

At this moment, sensing the girls indomitable spirit and recklessness, her talent gradually took shape.

The Soul Essence also began to flow out.

The Extreme Flame Ring Saber cheered and jumped with joy as it madly absorbed the Soul Essence.

The body of the blade hummed and trembled.

The purple, golden, white, and red soul essence transformed into a pocket-sized dragon, combining with the power of karma, killing intent, and faith.

However, they were not compatible with each other.

The girl took a deep breath.

She took out some medicinal powder and blew it onto her hand with a bamboo pipe.

The wound quickly healed, but she still felt a little dizzy.

After all, she had lost too much blood.

However, she wasnt afraid at all.

She immediately grabbed the giant hammer and began to strike rhythmically.

Her movements were fluid without a single flaw.

Moreover, she had a unique rhythm that made people gasp in admiration.

Furthermore, every time she struck, the purple, golden, red, and white dragons would be inlaid with a portion of the blade and fused with it.

At the same time, the light on her chest would become brighter with every strike.

With a hundred or a thousand strikes, the light glowed warmer and brighter.

As it flowed through Qi Baishis body, her strength increased greatly, and she fell into a unique state.

Without a doubt, she wasnt only forging Lin Qiyes weapon.

She was also forging her talent.

She didnt know how many times she had repeated her movements.

Maybe it was ten thousand times.

Maybe it was a hundred thousand times.

Qi Baishi was covered in sweat, and her clothes were wet.

It hung to her body uncomfortably.

She took off her coat, leaving only her thin inner clothes, revealing her fair shoulders, waist, and arms.

Her arms had elegant muscles.

Her waist and abdomen had distinct waistlines.

The muscles were not bulging but elegant and beautiful to the extreme.

Of course, the most eye-catching part was her breasts, which formed a sharp contrast with her slim waist.

She had a huge bosom.

Any male who saw her figure would probably feel their blood pumping uncontrollably.

Of course, at this moment, she was alone in the room.

She was sweating profusely and forging without any care for herself.


A drop of sweat fell onto the forging table and instantly evaporated.

The temperature was so high that it could only be achieved after being tempered tens of thousands of times!

The evaporating mist enveloped Qi Baishis pale face due to excessive blood loss.

However, her eyes shone with determination.

She will forge a divine weapon for Lin Qiye!

To repay Lin Qiyes trust, she was willing to give her blood, sweat, and everything.




The iron hammer smashed.

Qi Baishi became more and more exhausted.

She had used up all the strength in her body.

However, she still gritted her teeth and gave it her all to temper the blade.

In Qi Baishis heart, fusing all the Soul Essences was only the first step.

She still had to forge the Soul Essences into the shape she wanted, allowing them to be distributed layer by layer, forming a special Dao pattern to better absorb the power of karma and faith.

With that, Brother Qiyes saber would exceed 90% of diamond-tier weapons!

She clenched her teeth as traces of blood seeped out from her mouth!

With this thought in mind, Qi Baishi went all out.

Even if blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth, she would not hesitate.

Her spiritual energy, physical strength, and soul wrapped around the giant hammer.

Then, they fused into the long blade, giving it a soul.

In the end, with every strike of the hammer, Qi Baishis aura would drop a little.

The long blade would emit a pleasant buzz, and its light would shine a little brighter.

Without a doubt, the young girl was forging with her life.

Her face was getting paler.

Her physical strength had long been exhausted, and her spiritual energy was depleted.

At this stage, every swing caused her body to feel a piercing pain, and her soul felt like it was about to split apart.

It was as if tens of millions of needles pierced through her body!

Qi Baishis physical body, soul, and mental fatigue were constantly tormenting her!

It was as if it was trying to stop her process.

Such terrifying torture would even make a Diamond weaponsmith surrender.

However, Qi Baishi bit her red lips and persevered.

“I cant give up.

I cant fail.

There wont be a second person in the world who trusts me unconditionally like Brother Qiye.

“I cant fail!”

The young lady bit her lips, and blood spurted out.

Although she was exhausted, and her spiritual energy had run out, she resolutely began to burn her vitality.

She used her life to complete the last step!

The iron hammer struck the saber madly while it sang happily and shone like the sun with each strike.

However, the girls breath became weaker.

She is like a moth to the fire, knowing that she may die, but persevered without hesitation!

After an unknown amount of time, she spat out a mouthful of blood and suddenly fell to the ground.

She fainted.


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